Episode 1: 'Hope' 

    'Hope' trailer

    Hope and her family and friends were preparing for her funeral when they discover a shocking secret.

Episode 2: 'Strange Case of Dr. Gilmer' 

Episode 3: 'Into Madness' 

    'Into Madness' trailer

    Two girls began having strange physical symptoms... then their personalities changed. What could this mysterious illness be?

Episode 4: 'Disease Detectives' 

Episode 5: 'Family Curse' 

    'Family Curse' trailer

    Three families suffer from a mysterious illness that causes an insomnia so extreme that it eventually causes death.

Episode 6: 'Angel of Death' 

    'Angel of Death' trailer

    When several patients die mysteriously at hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorities begin to investigate. 'Something's Killing Me' airs Sunday, September 24 at 9PM ET/PT on HLN.

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