Turkey chaos a crisis for U.S., NATO

CNN's Barbara Starr says that a coup in Turkey would be a diplomatic crisis for U.S. and NATO because Turkey is home to a military base used to stage airstrikes against ISIS and Turkey has received military support from the U.S.
Police officers and rescued workers stand near a van that ploughed into a crowd leaving a fireworks display in the French Riviera town of Nice on July 14, 2016.

Nice truck photo shows bullet holes

A Getty Images photo of the truck that hit a crowd of pedestrians in Nice, France, killing dozens of people shows that it is riddled with bullet holes.
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 03:  Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump stands near his wife Melania Trump as he speaks to supporters and the media at Trump Tower in Manhattan following his victory in the Indiana primary on May 03, 2016 in New York City. Trump beat rival Ted Cruz decisively in a contest that many analysts believe was the last chance for any other Republican candidate to catch Trump in the delegate count.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Donald Trump declines NAACP invite

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks says the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump declined an invite to speak at the NAACP Annual Convention in Ohio.

Trump supporter blames media for Twitter controversy

Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes defends Donald Trump's now deleted tweet that many say contained anti-semitic imagery saying it's another case of the media inventing a controversy to distract the public from Hillary Clinton's problems.
was orlando shooter omar matten gay todd dnt tsr_00020715.jpg

Was the Orlando shooter gay?

The FBI is now investigating whether Omar Mateen was gay after several people have given information saying they had communicated with Mateen through dating apps. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
syria ceasefire dnt starr tsr_00014725.jpg

ISIS not a part of Syrian truce

Doubts remain over whether a ceasefire can be achieved in Syria, as ISIS remains outside the negotiations and Russia continues bombing civilians and moderate opposition forces. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.