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Trump brand declining?

Brian Todd reports on the hit Trump's brand seems to have taken during campaign. Hotel, casino bookings are off, at least by anecdotal evidence.
A local NC GOP office was firebombed. Is violence part of the tenor of the race now?

GOP field office firebombed

After a Hillsborough, North Carolina, GOP office was firebombed and an adjacent building vandalized, law enforcement experts are calling on both presidential candidates to appeal for calm among their supporters. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
Donald Trump rally

Donald Trump: Clinton 'has to go to jail'

Donald Trump said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton "has to go to jail" because of the scandal over her email server, comments that mark a major departure from the American political tradition.
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Are there more Trump tapes?

Trump has a lifetime of media exposure in which he often played up his playboy image. Are there more tapes out there, of Trump speaking indelicately?
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Russia denies drugging US diplomats

A new report claims two US diplomats were drugged while in St. Petersburg, Russia. CNN's Brian Todd reports that this isn't the first time that the US has accused Russia of harassing diplomats.