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    Democracy demands media literacy

    Brian Stelter challenges media and tech companies to invest in media literacy; news consumers deserve to better understand how journalists do their job.
    Brian Stelter

    Brian Stelter

    Brian Stelter is the host of "Reliable Sources" and the senior media correspondent for CNN Worldwide.


Final stretch of the campaign 

    Sorting the facts about a 'rigged' election_00021125.jpg

    How to cover "rigged election" claims

    Ari Berman, author of "Give Us The Ballot," says voter fraud is a "small problem" while voter suppression is a "much bigger problem." He has recommendations for reporters covering the election.
    The ethical lines of political contributors _00021220.jpg

    Controversies involving two CNN commentators

    Donna Brazile has resigned from CNN following an email scandal. Corey Lewandowski has been criticized for his ties to the Trump campaign. The "Reliable Sources" panel analyzes both cases.
    RS Fake News _00005402.jpg

    Fake news sites designed to trick you

    Fake news has become a plague on social media networks like Facebook. Brian Stelter explains why everyone needs a new rule for the web: "Triple check before you share."
    Dan Rather: "The election is not over" _00002329.jpg

    Dan Rather: "The election is not over"

    Talk of a Democratic sweep in November is premature, Dan Rather says. He says he's reminded of the old saying, "Don't taunt the alligator until after you cross the creek."
    Rumors swirling about Trump TV_00000000.jpg

    Rumors swirling about Trump TV

    Jane Hall and MZ Hemingway discuss the prospect of a "Trump TV" network after the election. Hall wonders what it might mean for Fox News.
    Journalists managing election year stress_00005416.jpg

    Journalists managing election year stress

    "While people should stay informed, the antidote" to election year stress is "not be having it 24/7 in front of your face," says Dr. Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist and host of the podcast "The Power of Different."
    Trust in media: what do voters think?_00040207.jpg

    Trust in media: what do voters think?

    With trust in media hitting record lows, Brian Stelter convenes a focus group of Nevada voters to ask what can be done to improve confidence in the fourth estate.
    Crowds turning against reporters at Trump rallies_00002508.jpg

    Trump rallygoers turning against reporters

    Timothy O'Brien and Michael D'Antonio express concern about the vitriol directed at Trump beat reporters during the candidate's rallies. D'Antonio is worried that someone will get hurt.
    Surprises in store at final debate?_00002501.jpg

    Surprises in store at final debate?

    Trump biographers Timothy O'Brien, Michael D'Antonio and Brad Thomas preview Wednesday's third and final debate, to be moderated by Fox's Chris Wallace.
    What to expect from presidential town hall?_00005321.jpg

    How the media will judge the second debate

    Angela Rye, Matt Lewis, Hilary Rosen, and Kayleigh McEnany discuss the potential media "narratives" about Sunday's debate. Rosen emphasizes judging "substance" over "style."
    Covering Trump's history of sexual impropriety_00024812.jpg

    The AP's 'Apprentice' investigation

    Garance Burke interviewed 20 people who used to work on "The Apprentice." They told her that Donald Trump used "sexist language that they felt was really uncomfortable."
    Does Trump shatter presidential norms?_00082306.jpg

    What to bleep, what to air?

    TV channels normally shield viewers from offensive words. But not this time. A panel of CNN political commentators discuss the coverage of the "Access Hollywood" Trump ape.
    Trump's 'twisted relationship with the media'_00034329.jpg

    Trump's long week of whoppers

    The Daily Beast editor in chief John Avlon says Trump is exploiting the public's growing distrust of the media in order to "diminish truth itself."
    How the NYT got hold of Trump's tax records_00011926.jpg

    How the NYT obtained Trump tax records

    New York Times reporter Susanne Craig received a letter with records of Donald Trump's 1995 tax filings. She tells Brian Stelter about verifying the records and suggests The Times might have more.
    Is the NYT's expose on Trump reporting or editorializing?_00005028.jpg

    Politically motivated reporting by NYT?

    Newsbusters executive editor Tim Graham blasts the NYT's story on Trump taxes as "partisan spin," while Daily Beast editor in chief John Avlon says the story is necessary and nonpartisan.
    Reviewing SNL's debate sketch_00025210.jpg

    Media critics talk Trump, "SNL," Hannity, Fox

    Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik and Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan talk with Brian Stelter about Trump's press shyness, Sean Hannity's role and much more.
    Major papers say Trump lies more_00012305.jpg

    Major papers say Trump lies more

    The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Politico have all concluded that Trump is uniquely fact-challenged. The panel reacts.
    Trust in media hits historic low_00104713.jpg

    Trust in media hits historic low

    Lynn Sweet, S.E. Cupp, and David Fahrenthold talk about why so many Americans distrust the media and what can be done to turn the numbers around.
     Trump not so accessible anymore_00000000.jpg

    Trump not so accessible anymore

    Donald Trump's reputation as an accessible figure to reporters is becoming dated. Brian Stelter says Trump is seeking friendly interviewers and avoiding press conference settings.
    Gary Johnson vows to fight on_00041820.jpg

    Gary Johnson vows to fight on

    Brian Stelter asks Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson what's next, now that Johnson has failed to meet the threshold for the first presidential debate.
    Media grading Trump on a curve?_00055720.jpg

    Media grading Trump on a curve?

    Soledad O'Brien, Jacob Weisberg and Mark Leibovich compare coverage of Trump and Clinton. Is the press "normalizing" Trump? What are the perils of "he said, she said" treatment?
    Does social anxiety drive the rural vote?_00000000.jpg

    "Social anxiety" motivates Trump supporters

    "Hillbilly Elegy" author J.D. Vance says "social anxiety," including a complex mix of issues, fuels support for Donald Trump. He calls for more "nuance" in campaign coverage.
    Why it's risky to cherry-pick polls_00034001.jpg

    Why it's risky to cherry-pick polls

    Rigged polls? Hidden support for Trump? Slanted samples of voters? 538 founder Nate Silver cuts through the noise and explains how to interpret polling data.