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    Roger Ailes treatment of journalists_00021607.jpg

    Author compares Fox News to a cult

    Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman says "Roger Ailes built a cult that had a front-row seat in the White House Briefing Room," invoking Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.
    Brian Stelter

    Brian Stelter

    Brian Stelter is the host of "Reliable Sources" and the senior media correspondent for CNN Worldwide.

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    Tensions between Murdoch sons and Ailes?_00005219.jpg

    Tensions between Murdoch sons and Ailes?

    NPR's David Folkenflik tells Brian Stelter that Roger Ailes' interests may be diverging from the interests of 21st Century Fox's owners. The Murdochs are being "quieter than silence" about the internal review of the sexual harassment allegations against Ailes.

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    Clinton or Trump, who's harder to cover?_00022130.jpg

    Clinton or Trump -- who's harder to cover?

    New York Times politics editor Carolyn Ryan says Trump is accessible while Clinton is "sealed off." Steven Brill of the Yale Journalism Initiative says access can actually hurt, not help, journalism.
    Is Trump being asked the right questions?_00012523.jpg

    Is Trump being asked the right questions?

    Yes-or-no questions about Trump's business record would help inform voters about the candidate's credentials, veteran journalist and entrepreneur Steven Brill says.
    The swaying -- and staying -- power of Millennials_00012914.jpg

    Millennials consume news 'wildly differently'

    Mic's Jake Horowitz, Vox's Elizabeth Plank, and The Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein discuss why so many millennials distrust traditional media and how news is being consumed in new ways.

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    exp RS 08 30 WDBJ Boss we cant really heal_00012311.jpg

    WDBJ boss: 'We can't really' heal

    Jeff Marks, general manager of WDBJ, describes the emotional and journalistic difficulties of covering the deaths of co-workers Alison Parker and Adam Ward.
    exp RS 0726 Nick Denton Gawker meltdown_00023220.jpg

    Meltdown at Gawker Media; what now?

    In light of a story that divided the Gawker staff, Brian Stelter speaks with Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, about the future of his company.
    Former Fox Insider on O'Reilly_00020910.jpg

    Former Fox News host speaks

    The latest on O'Reilly exaggeration claims, including a response from nuns "shocked" by his alleged lies. Plus, former Fox insider Eric Burns gives his take on what he calls the Fox News "cult."
    Ferguson: There are more than two sides_00021119.jpg

    Ferguson: There are more than two sides

    CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill joins Reliable Sources to examine the media's simplistic coverage of the Ferguson protests, which is often characterized as a clear division between support for the protesters or cops.
    rs red news blue news press panic over isis_00000000.jpg

    Press panic over ISIS?

    Brian Stelter looks at the coverage of ISIS, and whether the press is letting their fear interfere with truth telling.