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The Donald's sales pitch includes a private jet tour

By John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent
The new Iowa "jet set," early TV ad and fund-raising calculations, a key Obama legacy, and grumblings about what Republicans call the "Koch primary" -- those stories filled our July Fourth weekend trip around the "Inside Politics" table.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a house party in Bedford, N.H. on Tuesday, June 30.

GOP fears Latino backlash over Trump

The Inside Politics panel discuss the GOP's Latino voter strategy while Republican candidate Donald Trump triples-down on his comments about Mexicans.
IP: GOP fears Latino backlash over Trump_00030025.jpg

The Inside Politics Forecast

The "Koch" Primary, the upcoming campaign ad war and Trump's Iowa strategy are among the topics discussed this week around the Inside Politics table.
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Ad wars heat up

CNN's Sara Murray looks at the forthcoming campaign ad wars and the 2016 candidates' strategies to compete for attention.
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Losing the 'Koch' Primary

CNN's John King looks as the "Koch" primaries and those GOP candidates complaining they aren't invited to Koch events.


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