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How the 'summer of Trump' impacts the 2016 money race

By John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent
The fallout from House Speaker John Boehner's abrupt resignation, the impact of the summer fund-raising challenge on the 2016 field and Donald Trump's big week ahead -- those stories filled our Sunday trip around the "Inside Politics" table.
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2016 money crunch

Where Hillary is getting her campaign cash & how the summer of Trump has impacted the 2016 fundraising race.
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A right-wing test

A big test for the House Freedom Caucus in the upcoming GOP leadership elections --can they pass it?
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Carson's dash for cash

King shares with viewers his personal notebook thoughts, on Ben Carson expecting big fund raising quarter and Ted Cruz's win value voters
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"Inside Politics" forecast

Trump's second act, the GOP leadership fight and Carson's dash for cash are just some of the future headlines in the "Inside Politics" forecast.


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    Boehner steps down-- a victory for the right?; Trump's attack strategy; Rubio & Fiorina's rise; Countdown to Biden's decision day; More Clinton State Department questions.