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Trump's pastor problems

Daily Beast's Jackie Kucinich looks ahead to Trump's "slightly awkward" meeting with African-American pastors who have said they won't endorse him.

Gun Control

The 'Inside Politics' panel on Obama saying "enough is enough" on gun violence after the CO shooting as GOP candidates avoid referencing Planned Parenthood.
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Dinner with Trump and Clinton

CNN's John King reveals a political twist on Thanksgiving dinner -- voters place Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton as family members.

'Inside Politics' forecast

O'Malley's end game, Kasich takes on Trump, do early state ad buys still matter, and Trump's pastor problems in the 'Inside Politics' forecast.
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Rubio's TV blitz

Boston Globe's Matt Viser reports on Rubio's upcoming TV blitz and how his ad dollars stack up with other candidates in New Hampshire.


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    Terrorism politics including Obama's tough week, Carson's trip to meet with refugees and Trump's post-Paris rhetoric; Cruz's surge in Iowa; and Sanders' immigration plan