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A 2016 First Ladies' Club?

By Tasha Diakides, CNN
A potential First Ladies' Club, Marco Rubio's straw poll strategy, President Obama's unfiltered fourth-quarter attitude, John Bolton's role in the 2016 race, and 11 reasons why you can't count the long-shot candidates out. Those stories filled our Sunday trip around the "Inside Politics" table with guest host John Berman.
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First Ladies Club

CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson weighs in on the current First Lady and how she may be helping out a former First Lady on a presidential campaign.

The 'Inside Politics' Forecast

The 'Inside Politics' panel weighs in this week on Hillary and FLOTUS, the Iowa Straw Poll, President Obama's final two years and more.

How long can Hillary stay silent?

The 'Inside Politics' panel discusses the former Secretary of State's quiet campaign and why she may soon have to start making some noise.


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