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Did Mary Magdalene help fund Jesus?

By Michael McKinley and David Gibson, special to CNN
"Sell all that you own and distribute the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me," Jesus tells the rich man in one of his best-known parables.

Mary Magdalene Q&A

Mark Goodacre, Special to CNN
Finding Jesus adviser and on-camera expert Mark Goodacre answers your #FindingJesus questions.

Mary Magdalene's relationship with Jesus

By Joel S. Baden and Candida R. Moss, special to CNN
Could ancient texts preserved in the sands of Egypt shed light on the nature of Mary's relationship with Jesus?
Adam Bond portrays Jesus in the CNN Original Series 'Finding Jesus'

What's 'true' about Jesus' cross?

By Michael McKinley, special to CNN
In July of 2013, the oldest of Jesus relics stories rose again when Turkish archaeologists discovered a stone chest in a 1,350-year-old church that appeared to contain a piece of Jesus' cross.
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Your 'true cross' questions answered

By Candida Moss, Special to CNN
Viewers were invited during the show to tweet and post their questions on the "Finding Jesus" Facebook page. Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers to them.
"Finding Jesus" investigates if Jesus had any siblings.

Did Jesus really have a brother?

By Michael McKinley, Special to CNN
The world was captivated by the biggest archaeological discovery ever made relating to Jesus: a 2,000 year-old ossuary -- or bone box -- bearing the tantalizing inscription in Aramaic: "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."
Washington, UNITED STATES:  CAPTION CORRECTION - REPLACING CAPTION A panel, part of the the exhibit of the Gospel of Judas, is on display at the National Geographic headquarters 06 April, 2006 in Washington, DC. The National Geographic unveiled the ancient manuscript dating from the third or fourth century, containing the only known surviving copy of the Gospel of Judas. The newly discovered gospel portrays Judas as acting at Jesus' request when he hands Jesus over to the authorities. The exhibit opens to the public 07 April. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER  (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Judas: Fallen angel or favored disciple?

Craig Gross, special to CNN
I heard a news clip promoting my recent speaking engagement at a church, and they mentioned that I deal with some of "the greatest sinners of all time."
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A look at the 'Last Supper'

Exploring Jesus' "Last Supper," a meal that carried an intense sense of "foreboding" "Finding Jesus," Sundays at 9p ET/PT on CNN.