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Personalize your page experience today and receive breaking news in your e-mail inbox and on your cell phone, get your hometown weather on the home page and set your news edition to your world region. Click below for each preference.

Personalize your weather
You can now have your five-day forecast waiting for you when you arrive on or each morning.

Click here to enter your city name or U.S. Zip Code or to a select location from a list:
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Receive e-mail alerts
Get news updates every morning by e-mail. CNN will send a complete news summary of the latest headlines to your e-mail address. Click here for specific topics.

Would you like those news alerts to go? Get updates on mobile phone, pager or palm pilot. CNN will send a complete news summary of the latest headlines to your e-mail address. Click here.
Set your news edition brings you a global perspective on the top stories as well as regional news direct from International. Receive all the breaking news, context, analysis, multimedia and interactivity you already expect from U.S., plus news from, about and directed toward an Asian or European audience.

 International Edition
Make your home page
Now that you've got your weather, e-mail and editions set make your home page, which means will be the first Web page you see when you open up your Web browser. It could only take one simple step. Click on the link below and either will automatically be set as your home page or you will get simple instructions specific for your platform or browser.

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