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TWA and ValuJet each suffer massive plane crashes, killing all on board. Israel narrowly picks Benjamin Netanyahu as its new prime minister. Federal officials arrest the man they say is the Unabomber. A bomb in Atlanta's Olympic Park mars the Games and Richard Jewell's name.

  • Du Pont kills Olympic wrestler
  • George Burns dies
  • Dunblane massacre
  • Menendez conviction
  • Mir/Atlantis docking
  • Unabomber suspect
  • ValuJet crash
  • Netanyahu elected
  • Saudi blast
  • TWA crash
  • Olympic park bombing
  • Bosnian elections
  • Simpson civil trial
  • Jewell cleared
  • Peru standoff begins
  • JonBenet Ramsey slain

  • ValuJet 592 crashes -- May 11, 1996

    A ValuJet Airlines DC-9 crashes into the Everglades west of Miami, killing all 110 aboard. ValuJet Flight 592 is en route from Miami to Atlanta when it goes down 13 minutes after takeoff. Officials focus their investigation on improper storage of 50 or 60 oxygen generators in the plane's cargo hold.

    (Courtesy WSVN)
    CNN coverage:
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    Crash animation:
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    Eyewitness report:
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    Rescuers search for survivors:
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    Netanyahu elected -- May 29, 1996

    Israeli voters elect Benjamin Netanyahu, member of the right-wing Likud bloc, as prime minister by a slim margin of about 30,000 votes. He defeats incumbent and Labor Party candidate Shimon Peres in an election that signals the electorate's concern for personal security over peace.

    Voting numbers announced:
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    Netanyahu emerges victorious:
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    Saudi blast -- June 25, 1996

    A powerful truck bomb explodes on the perimeter of a U.S. military complex near Dahrahn, in eastern Saudi Arabia. Nineteen U.S. Air Force personnel are killed, and several hundred are wounded in the deadliest attack against the American military since a 1983 suicide attack on the Marine headquarters in Beruit.

    Scenes from the blast:
    1.9M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 6.3M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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