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Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a young, unrepentent Israeli. Kobe, Japan reeled from a massive earthquake, and in Africa an Ebola outbreak claimed some 50 lives. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murder, and generations mourned Grateful Dead musician Jerry Garcia.

  • Susan Smith
  • Japan quake
  • Internet decency
  • Tokyo gas attack
  • OKC bombing
  • Ebola virus
  • Jerry Garcia dies
  • Shannon Faulkner
  • Simpson acquitted
  • Million Man March
  • Rabin slain

  • Tokyo gas attack -- March 20, 1995

    A deadly nerve-gas attack paralyzes Tokyo's subway system during the morning rush hour. The death toll is estimated at 10, with 5,000 injured. Days later, police raid the offices of Aum Shinrikyo, a sect that is eventually linked to a series of gas attacks in Japan.

    (TV Asahi)
    CNN coverage:
    1M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 3.1M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Crews fight to neutralize the gas:
    1.2M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 2.4M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    Oklahoma City federal building destroyed in blast -- April 19, 1995

    A massive car bomb explodes outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, ripping away the north face of the nine-story structure. One hundred and sixty-eight people are killed, including several children in the building's second-floor day care center. The bomb, made of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, leaves a crater 20 feet wide and eight feet deep.

    (Courtesy KFOR)
    The bombing scene:
    1.1M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 2.1M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    Ebola virus strikes Zaire -- May 11, 1995

    Scientists confirm that Ebola, one of the world's deadliest viruses, has broken out in Zaire. The outbreak, in the city of Kikwit, kills about 50, including three Italian nuns who had cared for victims.

    Mourning the dead:
    1.1M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 3.8M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Manhunt for the infected:
    1.4M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 2.9M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Bodies put to rest:
    1.4M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 4.3M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    Jerry Garcia dies -- August 9, 1995

    Jerry Garcia, guitarist and co-founder of the rock band Grateful Dead, dies at a drug treatment center in Forest Knolls, California. "The Dead," as the San Francisco-based band was known, were associated with the psychedelic rock of the 1960s, featuring country-, jazz- and blues-inspired guitar lines and optimistic lyrics. An icon of the hippie movement, he had a history of heroin addiction.

    Vigils around the country:
    1.5M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 3M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    Shannon Faulkner becomes Citadel's first female cadet -- August 12, 1995

    Shannon Faulkner, who had sued on the basis that single-sex education at a state-funded school is discriminatory and unconstitutional, is admitted to the Citadel, a military academy in South Carolina. A judge ordered the Citadel to admit Faulkner after an alternative program couldn't be evaluated by the first of the school year. Five days after joining the cadet program on August 12, Faulkner withdrew from the school blaming fatigue from the legal battle and a sense of isolation.

    Faulkner gets in:
    2.7M QuickTime Movie (320x240) 832K QuickTime Movie (160x120)

    Faulkner leaves the Citadel:
    4.9M QuickTime Movie (320x240) 1.8M QuickTime Movie (160x120)

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