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Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa's first black president. O.J. Simpson is arrested and charged with the killings of ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman. Americans mourn the deaths of former President Richard Nixon and rock star Kurt Cobain. The dark side of ice skating comes to light as Tonya Harding is linked to an attack on her Olympic teammate, Nancy Kerrigan.

  • Kerrigan attacked
  • Sarajevo market attacked
  • Cobain commits suicide
  • Nixon dies
  • Mandela victorious
  • O.J. Simpson charged with murder
  • Dahmer killed

  • Mandela declares victory -- May 2, 1994

    Nelson Mandela claims a landslide victory for the African National Congress in South Africa's first all-race elections. The voting marks the end of a decades-long struggle to end that country's apartheid government and share power with the white minority. Mandela, who had spent 27 years in South African prisons before being released in 1990, is inaugurated May 10 as the head of a "national unity" government.

    (Courtesy SABC)
    Mandela dances a celebratory jig:
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    DeKlerk addresses the public:
    1.9M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 6.6M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Mandela: "Free at last"
    2.2M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 7.6M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Mandela: "Time to heal the wounds"
    1.6M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 5.4M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

    Mandela: "A joyous night"
    1.1M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 4.1M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    O.J. Simpson charged with murder -- June 17, 1994

    O.J. Simpson is charged with the slaying of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Instead of meeting with police, the former football star disappears from his house and police later find him in a white Ford Bronco driving along a Los Angeles area freeway. With media helicopters hovering above, Simpson is followed back to his home and arrested.

    (Courtesy KTLA)
    The chase:
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    Dahmer is killed in prison -- November 28, 1994

    Convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is beaten to death in a Wisconsin prison. Another inmate, Christopher Scarver, is suspected of bludgeoning Dahmer who died two days later after being taken off life support. Dahmer had admitted to the murder of 17 young men and boys, and in 1992 was sentenced to 16 life terms in prison.

    (Courtesy WTMJ)
    CNN coverage:
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