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Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa's first black president. O.J. Simpson is arrested and charged with the killings of ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman. Americans mourn the deaths of former President Richard Nixon and rock star Kurt Cobain. The dark side of ice skating comes to light as Tonya Harding is linked to an attack on her Olympic teammate, Nancy Kerrigan.

  • Kerrigan attacked
  • Sarajevo market attacked
  • Cobain commits suicide
  • Nixon dies
  • Mandela victorious
  • O.J. Simpson charged with murder
  • Dahmer killed

  • Kerrigan attacked -- January 6, 1994

    Nancy Kerrigan, a favorite to win the women's U.S. Figure Skating Championship, is assaulted after she finishes a practice session in Detroit. The assailant uses a blunt object to strike the skater on the right knee, although she recovers in time to compete in the Olympics.

    (Courtesy KOIN/KING)
    Suspects arrested:
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    Sarajevo market attacked -- February 5, 1994

    A 120-millimeter mortar round fired from disputed territory in the hills northeast of Sarajevo strikes an open-air market in the city, killing 68 and wounding 200. The atrocity elicits widespread revulsion at the Bosnian Serbs, who are widely suspected of being responsible for the attack. The incident bolsters the mandate for using force to restrain Bosnian Serbs.

    WARNING: The following video is graphic in nature:

    The aftermath:
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    More scenes from the massacre:
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    Cobain commits suicide -- April 8, 1994

    Nirvana guitarist and singer Kurt Cobain dies at age 27 after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Cobain led Seattle-based rock band Nirvana to unexpected stardom in 1991 with the release of the hit album "Nevermind" and was considered a pioneer of guitar-driven "grunge" music. At the time of his death, Cobain had reportedly been struggling with drug addiction, prompted in part by an unexplained stomach ailment.

    Cobain's body is found:
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    Nixon dies -- April 27, 1994

    Former President Richard Nixon is buried after a nationally televised funeral in Yorba Linda, California -- his birthplace and site of his presidential library. He dies April 22 at age 81 in New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center four days after suffering a severe stroke. Nixon is the first ex-president to die since Lyndon Johnson in 1973.

    The ceremony:
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