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Bill Clinton defeats George Bush and Ross Perot for the U.S. presidency. Los Angeles riots after four police officers are acquitted in the Rodney King beating case. Britain's fairy-tale marriage has an unhappy ending, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles split, and medicine tries for a breakthrough, transplanting a baboon's liver into a human.

  • Breast implants
  • Cold War declared over
  • King verdict
  • Los Angeles riots
  • Tailhook scandal
  • Baboon liver transplant
  • Hurricane Andrew
  • Perot announcement
  • Di and Charles split

  • Tailhook scandal probed -- May 1, 1992

    Amid allegations of a coverup, the Naval Investigative Service releases a report on the September 1991 convention in Las Vegas of the U.S. Navy aviators' Tailhook Association. Its conclusion: 14 female naval officers and 12 female civilians were sexually abused by a gauntlet of drunken navy pilots.

    CNN report:
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    An female officer describes the incident:
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    Baboon liver transplant -- June 28, 1992

    In an intricate 11-and-a-half hour procedure, surgeons at the University of Pittsburgh remove a liver from a baboon and implant it into a terminally ill man. He survives 71 days, then dies after a massive stroke. It was reportedly the first time a baboon liver had been given to a human.

    (Courtesy University of Pittsburgh)
    The operation:
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