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Bill Clinton defeats George Bush and Ross Perot for the U.S. presidency. Los Angeles riots after four police officers are acquitted in the Rodney King beating case. Britain's fairy-tale marriage has an unhappy ending, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles split, and medicine tries for a breakthrough, transplanting a baboon's liver into a human.

  • Breast implants
  • Cold War declared over
  • King verdict
  • Los Angeles riots
  • Tailhook scandal
  • Baboon liver transplant
  • Hurricane Andrew
  • Perot announcement
  • Di and Charles split

  • Breast implants under criticism -- January 6, 1992

    Citing health concerns, the Food and Drug Administration asks for a halt in the use of silicone breast implants. Days later, reports surface that Dow Corning Corp., the leading maker of the implants, had ignored the advice of its scientists to test the product more thoroughly.

    CNN coverage:
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    Cold War declared over -- February 1, 1992

    During a meeting at Camp David, U.S. President Bush and Russian President Yeltsin sign a joint declaration pledging both leaders to the removal of "any remnants of Cold War hostility." The joint declaration states: "From now on, the relationship will be characterized by friendship and partnership founded on mutual trust and respect and a common commitment to democracy and economic freedom."

    Bush and Yeltsin address the public:
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    King beating verdict -- April 29, 1992

    An all-white jury in suburban Simi Valley, California, acquits four white Los Angeles police officers on all but one charge stemming from a March 1991 beating of black motorist Rodney King. The beating, videotaped by a nearby resident, is broadcast around the world, provoking widespread outrage at police brutality.

    The verdict is read:
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    Los Angeles riots -- April 29, 1992

    Hours after a suburban Los Angeles jury acquits four Los Angeles police officers on trial for beating black motorist Rodney G. King, looting and mayhem break out across South Central Los Angeles. As the sun sets, attacks become increasingly violent, and more than 100 arson fires engulf much of the area. By dawn, about a dozen people are reported killed in the rioting.

    Street scenes:
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