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The Gulf War puts Iraq back within its borders, but Saddam Hussein stays in power. Jeffrey Dahmer horrifies a nation when his grisly crimes are revealed. Basketball star Magic Johnson retires, saying he has HIV, and journalist Terry Anderson is freed after seven years as a hostage in Lebanon.

  • Gulf War begins
  • Iraq defeated
  • Rajiv Gandhi assassinated
  • Flooding in China
  • Dahmer arrested
  • KGB coup attempt
  • Magic Johnson
  • Terry Anderson freed

  • Dahmer arrested for multiple slayings and cannibalism -- July 22, 1991

    Flagged down by a handcuffed man who said he had been attacked, police raid the apartment of Jeffrey L. Dahmer in Milwaukee and discover human heads and other body parts. Days later, Dahmer confesses to multiple slayings and is later convicted in the deaths of 17 young men and boys whose bodies he mutilated and cannibalized.

    CNN coverage:
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    KGB coup attempt -- August 19, 1991

    Hard-line Communist Party leaders briefly seize power and place Soviet general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev under house arrest while he is vacationing in the Crimea. The KGB-led coup is quickly thwarted, with Russian President Boris Yeltsin denouncing it from atop a tank in Moscow as hundreds of thousands of pro-democratic Soviets demonstrate. Within days, Gorbachev is released unharmed, returns to Moscow and declares himself back in charge. By December, the Soviet Union dissolves and becomes the Commonwealth of Independent States, with Yeltsin at the helm.

    Yeltsin defeats the coup:
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    Basketball star Magic Johnson says he has AIDS -- November 7, 1991

    In a stunning announcement, Los Angeles Laker guard Earvin (Magic) Johnson says he had tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The star player says he will quit professional basketball and become a spokesman for the fight against the deadly virus.

    Magic Johnson press conference:
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    Anderson freed from Beirut -- December 4, 1991

    Terry A. Anderson's seven-year ordeal as a hostage in Lebanon ends when Shiite Muslim hostage-takers free the Associated Press correspondent. He is released along with two other Americans, a move that is widely attributed to the desire of Iran and Syria, the two nations with the most influence over the Lebanese hostage takers, to improve ties with the West.

    Anderson's arrival:
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    An emotional press conference:
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