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Democracy rocks the Communist world, as the Berlin Wall falls, and thousands of Chinese risk their lives in Tiananmen Square protests. Nature devastates with a killer earthquake in San Francisco and Hurricane Hugo in the Caribbean and Carolina's. Manuel Noriega is put out of power in Panama after a U.S. invasion.

  • Hirohito dies
  • Exxon Valdez
  • Soccer fans crushed
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Menendez brothers
  • Hurricane Hugo
  • San Francisco quake
  • Berlin Wall dismantled
  • Noriega surrenders

  • Chinese government thwarts democracy movement -- June 3, 1989

    Tens of thousands of Chinese army troops, escorted by tanks and armored personnel carriers, storm Beijing's Tiananmen Square and crush a pro-democracy movement that had conducted demonstrations since April. The bloody military crackdown provokes a wave of anti-government sentiment throughout the capital and other Chinese cities, and is condemned by nations around the world. Casualty figures are difficult to determine, but it is estimated that at least several hundred people, and maybe as many as 5,000, die in their fight for freedom.

    One man stops tanks:
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    Violence erupts:
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    Menendez brothers kill parents -- August 20, 1989

    Lyle and Erik Menendez kill their parents in their Beverly HIlls, California, home. The brothers admit to repeatedly firing a shotgun at their parents, film executive Jose and Kitty Menendez.

    CNN coverage:
    1.2M QuickTime Movie (160x120) 2.5M QuickTime Movie (320x240)

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    Hugo rips through Carolinas -- September 21, 1989

    After wreaking havoc across numerous Caribbean Islands, Hurricane Hugo hits the U.S. mainland with winds up to 135 mph (220 kph). The storm sweeps ashore at historic Charleston, South Carolina, cutting a path of destruction across the city before heading north through the Carolinas. Hugo claims 49 lives in the United States and 22 in the Caribbean. Insurance industry analysts call it the costliest storm ever to hit the U.S. mainland with total damages exceeding $4 billion.

    The damage:
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    Report from the eye:
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