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The sun continues to set on Britain's once-mighty empire as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher signs an agreement to transfer Hong Kong to China, effective in 1997. The 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles suffer when the Soviet Union and several East Bloc countries boycot the event, citing security concerns. Soul singer Marvin Gaye is killed in a dispute with his father.

  • Syrian officials release U.S. flyer
  • Marvin Gaye killed
  • Soviets boycott Olympics
  • Indian army attacks Sikh Golden Temple
  • Hong Kong transfer
  • Indira Ghandi assassinated
  • Subway vigilante

  • Britain and China agree to Hong Kong transfer -- September 26, 1984

    Great Britain and China sign an agreement on the future of Hong Kong. On July 1, 1997, when Britain's lease over the colony expires, it will revert to Chinese rule. Hong Kong is to be a special administrative zone with "a high degree of autonomy except in foreign and defense affairs," with a capitalist system until at least 2047.

    The signing:
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    Indira Ghandi assassinated -- October 31, 1984

    Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, the dominant figure in Indian politics for over two decades, was assassinated by Sikh separatists. The assassins were two members of her own bodyguard who riddled her body with gunfire as she walked from her home to her office. Other guards killed one assassin and wounded the other. Resolutely pursuing her goal of a united India, Ghandi had ordered the attack on the Sikh's Golden Temple in Punjab, a center for Sikh separatist activities. Her assassination was Sikh retaliation for that attack.

    CNN coverage of the assassination:
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    Subway vigilante opens fire -- December 22, 1984

    Straphanger Bernhard Goetz shoots four youths on a New York City subway train. He claims they threatened him with screwdrivers and demanded $5. One of the youths was paralyzed from the waist down.

    "Subway vigilante":
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