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A federal judge supervises the breakup of a communications giant, changing forever the way Americans use telephones. The Equal Rights Amendment fails to pass after a deadline expires, and the poisoning of a batch of Tylenol pain killers kills seven people and alters the way many products are packaged in the United States.

  • AT&T broken up
  • Falklands war heats up
  • ERA falls short
  • Pan Am crash
  • Tylenol tampering scare

  • 154 killed in Pan Am crash near New Orleans -- July 9, 1982

    A Pan American World Airways jet crashes July 9 after takeoff from New Orleans, killing all 146 aboard and eight on the ground. The plane takes off in a heavy rainstorm and goes down moments later, tearing through a residential neighborhood, where it levels 13 houses. The crash is later attributed to "wind shear," a sudden shift in wind.

    The aftermath:
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    Seven dead in Tylenol tampering scare -- October 1982

    A rash of seven deaths from Chicago-area patients who had taken Extra-Strength Tylenol panicked the nation after it was discovered that a batch of the non-prescription pain-killer had been poisoned with deadly cyanide. The maker of Tylenol quickly recalled 264,000 bottles, and officials called on drug companies to provide tamper-resistent packaging.

    Press conference:
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