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A federal judge supervises the breakup of a communications giant, changing forever the way Americans use telephones. The Equal Rights Amendment fails to pass after a deadline expires, and the poisoning of a batch of Tylenol pain killers kills seven people and alters the way many products are packaged in the United States.

  • AT&T broken up
  • Falklands war heats up
  • ERA falls short
  • Pan Am crash
  • Tylenol tampering scare

  • AT&T broken up -- January 8, 1982

    Ending a landmark anti-trust fight, AT&T and the U.S. Justice Department agreed August 11 to a proposal to break up the communications giant. U.S. Judge Harold H. Greene accepted the basic settlement but made several modifications, including a measure to keep AT&T out of the electronic publishing business.

    AT&T divested:
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    Falklands war heats up -- May 1982

    Fighting escalates in the disputed South Atlantic islands as British bombers strafe Argentine bases near Stanley and Goose Green, prompting aerial dog fights between the two air forces. A British submarine May 2 torpedoes and sinks the Argentine cruiser "General Belgrano," with a crew of 1,048; 800 are rescued. Two days later, an Argentine aircraft fires a French-made Exocet missile and destroys the "Sheffield," a British destroyer, killing about 20 of the 290-person crew.

    How it started:
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    Argentine troops on the move:
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    Jets bomb Argentine positions:
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    First battle video released:
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    Argentina's strategy:
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    ERA falls short -- June 30, 1982

    The proposed federal Equal Right Amendment is defeated June 30 when a midnight ratification deadline passes. The amendment had won the support of 35 state legislatures, three short of the 38 required for ratification. The amendment, which was written to prohibit discrimination by sex, would have become the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    ERA rally:
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