200 mermaids, mermen and children gathered at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in North Carolina for the world's first mer-meet up.

    Professional mermaids work their tails off

    By Madeleine Stix, CNN
    Jumping into a pool of women and men wearing fish tails is like being in an aquarium where characters from a familiar Walt Disney movie have come to life.
    Outside Dan Llewellyn's garage at the Deerlick Astronomy Village. The amateur astronomers prepare for a night of imaging the cosmos.

    Living among the stars

    By Madeleine Stix, CNN
    Chris Hetlage and Donavan Conrad were looking for a specific piece of land -- one where they could observe the night sky free of the light pollution caused by artificial light.

    How to 'lasso' a Goodyear 'blimp'

    By Thom Patterson, video by Madeleine Stix and Nick Scott, CNN
    I'm sitting in a gigantic Mack truck. Fifty feet away, a huge blimp nearly as long as a football field hovers in front of me, filling up the windshield.