Is the U.S. government spying on me?

Both surveillance laws and the technology we use to communicate have changed over the decades. CNN Investigative Reporter Jose Pagliery explains the history of U.S. government surveillance and where we stand today.



  • Jose Pagliery is an investigative reporter for CNN and covers cyber spies, privacy and hackers. An expert on privacy issues and the Deep Web, Pagliery has developed a unique insight into the digital currency Bitcoin. His first book, Bitcoin: And the Future of Money, explains what it is and why it is changing the way we think about money.

    Pagliery's reporting has taken him to Mexico's drug smuggling highways, Washington State's marijuana farms and the strangest corners of the Web. His work appears across media platforms and includes on-air appearances for CNN, HLN and CNN en Español. Prior to CNNMoney, Pagliery wrote for The Miami Herald, Atlanta-Journal Constitution and South Florida's Daily Business Review. 

    Follow him on Twitter @Jose_Pagliery.