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'I am you:' American Muslims on faith -- and fear

By Jareen Imam, CNN
In a time of terrorism, suspicion and doubt have put a sharp focus on American Muslims after violent attacks rocked Paris, San Bernardino, California, and many other places around the world. With about 3 million Muslims living in the United States, many Americans want to know: Who are they? CNN interviewed some Muslim Americans who reveal how complicated it has become to practice their faith in a country they love.

Skywatch: Your guide to space

By Jareen Imam and Amanda Barnett, CNN
Mankind has long turned to the stars to tell stories, seek meaning and find answers.


    Deeper dives



    Jareen Imam is a Social Discovery producer with CNN Digital. Her responsibilities include writing, investigating and publishing trending stories. In this role, Imam has worked as an editor for CNN's Snapchat Discover Channel, covered breaking and live events for CNN's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and worked on new social platforms to curate viral content for the network.

    Since joining CNN in 2011, Imam has reported on a wide range of topics such as space exploration, scientific discoveries, race and identity issues, as well as international stories like Europe's migrant crisis, the 2015 Nepal earthquake and the Arab Spring.

    Prior to working with CNN Social, Imam was a writer and producer for the award-winning CNN iReport team, where she focused on personal storytelling, audience engagement and digital community management. Her expertise includes launching user-generated assignments, creating social media campaigns and producing social content for various off-platform channels.

    Imam also manages and edits CNN's space and science coverage, assigning writers to stories and field reporting coverage, such as the historic 2016 SpaceX rocket landing off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    Previously, Imam freelanced with the CBS documentary crime series "48 Hours," conducting field investigations and research.

    Imam received a bachelor's degree in English, creative writing and journalism from Emory University, and was recognized with honors for her achievements in the arts. During her enrollment, Imam was the managing editor of Emory's Political Review, editor of the college's satirical magazine and a staff writer for The Emory Wheel.

    In addition to her work, Imam is passionate about education and community engagement. She currently teaches an English course for adult learners through an Atlanta-based nonprofit and volunteers her time mentoring aspiring teen writers in downtown Atlanta.