Flora Zhang is an opinion producer at CNN Digital. She has edited thousands of op-eds in a broad range of topics, including technology, culture, science, business and politics.

    She has edited Bill and Melinda Gates; Muhammad Yunus, recipient of Noble Peace Prize; Kofi Annan, former U.N. secretary general; William Bennett, former U.S. secretary of education; Matt Damon, actor and activist; Arianna Huffington, and countless other leaders and luminaries.

    Zhang also writes for CNN.com about global innovation and up-and-coming artists.

    Previously, she spent five years at The New York Times where she produced stories on the opinion and foreign desks, blogged about the 2008 Beijing Olympics, interviewed China experts, created multimedia and interactive features, and worked on digital strategy for Room for Debate. She covered stories like China's science ambition and the rivalry between Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley.

    Prior to her journalism career, she worked in nonprofit and web design, and was a bohemian artist for some years.

    She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University.

    Follow her on Twitter: @flozha