Chad Madden is receiving treatment in Atlanta after a March accident caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down.

Wildfire victims face second tragedy

Emily Smith, CNN
Chad Madden was paralyzed in a March skydiving accident. His parents lost their Idaho home in a wildfire in June. They haven't lost their faith.
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Burundian refugees grow more than veggies

Emily Smith, CNN
Fifteen women from war-torn Burundi are now farming a piece of land in an unlikely location - Atlanta. It's part of the Global Growers project to help refugees.
Few foodstuffs represent the South quite like perfectly fried chicken. Unfortunately, its deliciousness has been corrupted to "elevate" the dish in fancy restaurants, the handbook editors say. They recommend sticking to the basics -- brine the chicken overnight, use minimal buttermilk and flour and fry in a neutral oil.

The new essentials of Southern living

Emily Smith, CNN
Know how to wrestle an alligator? Devil an egg? Say a proper goodbye? Maybe the new "Southerner's Handbook" by Garden and Gun can help.
Chane Stapleberg, of Pretoria, South Africa, found this bunny after #Rabbit4Nic went viral in her country.

Social media users rally to find a #Rabbit4Nic

Emily Smith, CNN
9-year-old Nic recently had his thyroid and some lymph nodes removed after a lump was found in his throat and cancer was suspected. By his side throughout the ordeal has been his stuffed rabbit. The last step in Nic's recovery is radiated iodide treatment, and he's taking the rabbit with him. Unfortunately, it has to be destroyed.