• Being Moody

    CNN's Chris Moody highlights the absurd, wacky and whimsical corners of political life in the 2016 campaign and the halls of Congress.
texas luxury vacation_00000011.jpg

Luxury vacationing ...Texas-style

The Inn at Dos Brisas outside Houston offers guests private haciendas, horses and miles of trails, shotgun lessons and the only Forbes 5-Star restaurant in the state.

In St. Louis, race still divides

Meet our campaign camper drivers Drew & Al. They're both from St Louis but grew up on two different sides of the city and had very distinct experiences. The one thing they have in common is who they will be voting for in November.

In NC, undecided voters turn to police for answers

North Carolina is a key battleground state in this election. It's also a battleground for community police relations. Now, residents in Durham are joining their police department's Citizens Police Academy to get answers.
The CNN camper is making its way across America.

#MyVote, camper hits the road for the listening tour

With election day around the corner, CNN Politics is taking a trip across the country. But, we're not following the candidates, we want to hear from you, the people. Join Chris Moody and Vanessa Yurkevich as they visit places where campaigns and political reporters don't always go.

Disabled man to Trump: What is wrong with you?

Davy Crockett, a Tennessee man with multiple sclerosis, pleaded with President Obama in 2015 for help getting access to health care. He now tells how he feels about Donald Trump's comments about people with disabilities.



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