She swims with sharks before breakfast

    Kim Chambers is one of the world's best marathon swimmers and is the sixth person to complete the "Oceans Seven," the ultimate open water swimming challenge.

    Smartest bike in the world?

    Bicycle company Specialized dreamed up a concept bike that runs off of solar power, interacts with your smart phone, has turn signals and a trunk.

    Will lab-grown organs cure cancer?

    Scientists have figured out how to grow organs from skin cells. CNN's Rachel Crane explores a lab that is using this technique to revolutionize cancer treatments.

    Internet for everyone, everywhere

    There's a global race to bring Internet to every corner of the planet. Companies are ditching traditional cables for satellites orbiting the earth.
    orig pioneers epibone human bones from fat_00005404.jpg

    Growing human bones from fat

    Bone transplants are one of the most common procedures, but we only have so much bone in our bodies to harvest. A lab in New York has a solution: Grow bones from fat cells.