Presidential job approval ratings are one of the few metrics consistently and similarly measured in nearly all major public polls. An average of recent polls can often paint a more reliable picture of how the public views the president than a single poll can. The CNN Poll of Polls tracks President Joe Biden’s average approval and disapproval ratings in national polls. It includes the most recent results on this question which meet CNN’s standards for reporting and which measure the views of all US adults. The CNN Poll of Polls does not have a margin of sampling error.

CNN Poll of Polls
Latest Biden approval rating
CNN Poll of Polls

Date Range: 11/14-11/29

*The CNN Poll of Polls averages recent polls which meet CNN’s standards for reporting and track Biden’s approval rating among adults. The latest Poll of Polls includes results from Marquette Law School (11/15-11/22), Reuters/Ipsos (11/28-11/29), Quinnipiac University (11/16-11/20), Marist College (11/14-11/16).