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Michelle Rozsa


Michelle Rozsa is a senior producer for CNN In America. In this role since 2001, she supervises the production of documentaries for Soledad O’Brien leading research, identifying characters for documentaries, conducting interviews and writing shows.  She has worked on Black in America 2, One Crime at a Time, Children of the Storm, The Road to Ruin, Massacre at Virginia Tech, The Noose: An American Nightmare.

She served as executive producer on 2008’s Children of the Storm, a documentary where teens from New Orleans were given cameras to film their post-Katrina lives. In 2008, Children of the Storm won a RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association) Award, New York Association of Black Journalists Award, and National Headliner Award.

Rozsa is also a producer for American Morning. She has produced for anchors Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien, as well as staff reporters Kelly Wallace, Dan Lothian, Delia Gallagher and Ali Velshi. She is the leading editorial voice and has helped shape coverage of major news events including the Iraq War, Election 2006, Bush Inauguration 2005, London Bombings, Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 Anniversaries.

Rozsa began her career at CNN as a copy editor, associate producer and writer for Headline News. She was also an executive producer for the live two-hour newscast, floating producer, copy editor and writer and a line producer for Newsday.

Rozsa graduated with high honors from University of Michigan earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in Political Science and Communications.

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