News Video Packages

CNN produces over 100 videos per day on a variety of topics including:

  • World News
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Environment

In addition to the English language offering, CNN also produces a number of Spanish language video packages. Prroduced daily by the CNN en Espanol team, the topics covered include:

  • World News
  • US News
  • Latin American News
  • Business
  • Technology News

All video packages are three minutes long on average, and are available in a variety of formats for delivery.

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Archive images:CNN ImageSource 

CNN ImageSource licenses archive footage for a wide range of uses - from documentaries, to television, theatrical and corporate or institutional productions.

Live breaking news:CNN Newsource 

Affiliates to CNN International Newsource have access to the latest breaking news and stories from CNN delivered by satellite and online.