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'Justin, you have brain cancer'

By Madison Park, CNN

August 2010

While Justin received radiation shots and chemotherapy, he stayed in a lodge provided to cancer patients by the American Cancer Society.

I lost all my hair. Yes, I made the choice to shave it - but for good reason. The radiation was basically burning random spots of hair off my head and making it look pretty funny. The only way to really even it all out was to shave it.

Unlike many chemo patients, Justin doesn't feel sickened by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He complains of a strange metallic taste in his mouth.

I'm kind of dragging today. Its not the cancer, its the drugs they give me - and all the radiation. Everyday, around noon, my mouth fills up with a bland, metallic taste. Everything I eat tastes exactly the same. Eating spicy things tend to make it a lot worse! I've gotten to the point where I can't stand using metal silverware anymore. You know how funny it is to see the look on your servers' face when you ask for plastic silverware?

Justin has another MRI. He gets one every two months.

As we ALL know, back in June of this year, I found out I had brain cancer. Regardless of the average prognosis (2-5 years) for my specific type of cancer, and all of the positive variables I had on my side that extend that 5 years to quite possibly a lifetime, I immediately assumed I was going to die, soon. I immediately assumed I wouldn't even make it through treatment. I was wrong.

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