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A message to CNN viewers

CNN is presenting this testimony in its entirety because of the gravity of the crisis involving the presidency -- and because, through its actions, the Congress is asking you, the public, to judge this material for yourselves.

It is our understanding that some of this testimony is sexually explicit and may be inappropriate for children and offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Given the constitutional process that is under way, we feel it is our journalistic responsibility to bring this material to you. We also feel it is our responsibility to caution you about its contents.

Documents from Independent Counsel Ken Starr*
Released 9/21/98


Documents released 10/2/98


Redaction Report

Volume II: Appendix

Volume III: Document Supplement, Part A, William J. Clinton Statement

Volume IV: Document Supplement, Part B, Monica S. Lewinsky Statement

Volume V: Document Supplement, Part C, Documents Cited in Referral: Tabs 1-46

Volume VI: Document Supplement, Part D, Documents Cited in Referral: Tabs 47-83, Bates Numbers 812-968

Volume VII: Document Supplement, Part E, Documents Cited in Referral: Bates Numbers 1000-V006

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