Do you use Flip4Mac to watch Windows Media Content through QuickTime?

Flip4Mac is not currently compatible with CNN Video's live streams, though Mac users can easily access all of CNN Video’s content by using the Firefox browser, or by disabling the Safari Internet plug-in as detailed below. CNN Video is investigating the issue and will keep this section updated with any developments in Flip4Mac compatibility.

If you have attempted to access CNN Video’s live streams with a Flip4Mac enabled Safari browser, you may have received will be receive the alert “Flip4Mac WMV cannot play this movie.” The alert box gives you the option to “Disable” Flip4Mac in order to view the live streams.

1a. Clicking ‘Disable’ on the alert screen will take you to the Flip4Mac system preferences screen.
See 2. below.
1b. If you don’t receive the alert, you will need to disable the Flip4Mac internet plug-in in Safari manually.

Open “System Preferences” from the dock or by typing “system preferences'” into Spotlight.

Once opened, click on Flip4Mac WMV, located under the category “Other.”
2. Select the “Plug-In” tab (if not already selected) and uncheck the box marked '”Use Flip4Mac WMV Internet plug-in.”
3. You will then be prompted to quit and re-launch any open browsers for changes to take effect.
4. Once your browser has re-launched, you may access content with the Safari browser.