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What is Student Bureau?

CNN Student Bureau is the official student newsgathering and reporting program for CNN, offering students an unparalleled opportunity to be published on the Student Bureau page of the CNNfyi Web site, on CNN NEWSROOM and, occasionally, on the broader CNN News Group. Building on Turner's ongoing educational commitment to CNN NEWSROOM, CNNSB takes the concept of news created for students to the next level by giving students a forum to report the news from their perspective. CNNSB puts authentic learning activities in students' hands so they understand how the events of today affect their lives and define their role in society, making them better global citizens.

Generating news by high school and college students

Participation in CNNSB is open to high schools, colleges and universities worldwide. As a high school program, CNNSB can be integrated into journalism, English or history departments as an interdisciplinary program or as a club. At the college/university level, CNNSB can work with mass communication, journalism departments and other areas interested in communicating news and information.

Educational materials support student reporters

Those designated as certified CNNSB schools receive print and multimedia materials, including CNN student reporter and production style guidelines, curriculum guides, procedures and access to CNN News source materials. The goal of CNNSB is to create the standard by which future reporters and production staff create and view news.

Applying for CNNSB

After you submit the school application, you will be notified as to the status of your school within the CNNSB application process, or a certification packet will be sent to your attention. Once certified as a CNNSB school, students and teachers will receive access to the CNNSB assignment desk, the central station for all incoming and outgoing news stories managed by CNNSB editors.

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