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Out There: Missions to Space
bulletMake room for the space tourists

bulletSpace shuttles blaze path into future

bulletResearchers study 'weightlessness' effects in space

bulletStakes high for new Mars orbiter

bulletSpace resources and lesson plans from our educational partners

bulletNASA: Additional information for teachers and students

bulletPop quiz!

bulletView scenes from NASA'S mission STS-100 as it travels to the International Space Station

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bulletStorm!: Extreme Weather

bulletChasing the Dream: Exploring Black History

bulletYour Brain: Get Inside the Teen Mind


Space links from our educational partners

April 6, 2001
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From Riverdeep:

Students can explore forces and the laws that govern forces.

By using Circular orbits, students can explore how increasing orbital distance affects the velocity required to keep a satellite on a circular orbit.

With Data for the Earth, students put satellites in circular orbits around the Earth and record revolution times for various radii.

Students can investigate Kepler's Second Law.

Using Orbiting Jupiter , students manipulate a planet's mass to set the moons in proper orbits and determine the mass of Jupiter.

Logal Express is needed to launch the above simulations. Receive a free trial subscription.

Fungus is everywhere! Even in space.

Where in the solar system is water?


Use math to determine the size of earth and other planets

Use the ocean to predict the nighttime sky

What do we know about planets in other star systems?

Measuring astronomical distances

From Harcourt

Online Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology

Harcourt School's View from Space

Harcourt School's Hubble Scrapbook

New Moons for Uranus

Harcourt School stargazers - Match the shapes with the star patterns of constellations.

Read a solar eclipse science journal

Watch a simulation of the phases of the moon

Color at light speed worksheet

Harness sun power with the Photon Drive experiment.

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· From 'acoustics' to 'zoology,' explore our online Dictionary of Science and Technology
· Learn about the U.S. with our online atlas
· Understand the phases of the moon
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