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Weekly Activities:
Updated July 25, 2002
Who Am I?
Who Am I?
Answer questions to discover my identity
Know the News?
Know the News?
Test yourself: Ten questions on the week in review
Travel Snapshots
Travel Snapshots
Click for today's travel photo
Speak up
Speak up
Which plan for rebuilding the World Trade Center grounds do you like best?
graphic graphic
 'Bugs: Can't Live Without Them'
 View Michael McManus' video report on insects that aired
 on March 21.

Stories and Lesson Plans
::  Insect classification, diversity: beetles
  :: Lesson plan
::  Insect ecology: ants
  :: Lesson plan
::  Geographic distribution, habitats: Ladybugs
  :: Lesson plan
::  Human-insect interactions: Bees
  :: Lesson plan
::  Under the magnifying glass: Insects
Insect experts
::  Dr. David Furth
::  Dr. Ted Schultz
::  Dr. Natalia Vandenberg
::  Dr. Gabriela Chavarria
::  Insect quiz
::  Quick facts
::  InsectSafari: Name That Bug

::  Department of Entomology, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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