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Get inside their heads

December 11, 2000
Web posted at: 6:30 PM EST (2330 GMT)

"Why can't you get out of bed in the morning?"
"Why do you seem so moody?"
"What were you thinking?"

Adults often ask these questions in an effort to understand teens. Where are the answers? Many doctors say that when it comes to teens, the answers to their behavior are all in one place ... their brain.

Your Brain is a comprehensive "brain-based" learning adventure that includes activities, news articles, Web resources and an interactive brain explainer. But as any teen will tell you, no Web-based learning environment is complete without a live video and discussion event. On December 7, produced a Your Brain webcast and moderated chat event for teens and teachers to interact with brain experts. The live event investigated:

  • Teens and sleep
  • The adolescent brain
  • Making memory
  • Brain structure and function

To make the Your Brain learning adventure even more useful after the live event, will archive the video and post questions and answers from the moderated chat area about two weeks after the live event. So, whether you're an adult trying to understand your teen, a teacher trying to understand your students or a teen simply looking to understand yourself (and maybe garnish a useful excuse for sleeping late), bookmark this page and stay tuned.

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