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Albert Gore Jr.

Al Gore

The Democratic Party's nominee supports hiring 1 million teachers and raising the minimum wage by $1. He believes people who buy energy-efficient houses, cars and appliances deserve a tax break. »

George W. Bush

George W Bush

This candidate believes poor families need help buying houses and he wants to provide it. Sex education in schools should be limited to telling young people to just say "No," he says. »

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader

He doesn't own an automobile and thinks sports utility vehicles should comply with the same energy efficiency standards established for cars. Nader supports creating a deadline for the destruction of all nuclear weapons. »

Patrick Joseph Buchanan

Patrick Joseph Buchanan

If elected, Buchanan would push for teaching the Bible in schools and using soldiers to stop illegal immigration along the United States' southern border. The Legion of Decency he would create would monitor the entertainment industry. »

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