Remembering Bobby Fischer

American Bobby Fischer, one of the most brilliant chess masters in history, has died. The eccentric genius was renowned for his Cold War defeat of Russian chess champ Boris Spassky in 1972, his two-decade retreat from chess, and his trip to Yugoslavia in 1992 in defiance of U.S. sanctions for a rematch with Spassky. He beat him again, won $3.5 million, and vanished from the scene once more. Fischer spent his later life denouncing the U.S. He renounced his citizenship and moved to Iceland, where he died.

Do you remember Bobby Fischer? Were you thrilled by his chessboard skills, appalled by his politics, or both? How did his actions, as a chess player and a U.S. citizen, strike you?

Send your photos and memories of the late Bobby Fischer, along with your condolences, to Tell us what Bobby Fischer meant to you.

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