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Disney unveiled its plans for "The Frog Princess" at a shareholders meeting in New Orleans.
Disney's new princess

Once upon a time, nearly all fairytale movie princesses had three things in common: a tiara, a sparkly cap-sleeve dress and porcelain white skin. In recent years, the Walt Disney Co., the studio that brought Snow White and Cinderella to life, has presented a more diverse array of animated leading ladies. And this week they announced one more: Princess Maddy, the studio's first black princess, is expected to make her debut in a 2009 hand-drawn animated feature called "The Frog Princess."

What do you think about Disney's newest princess? Is it important for princess-loving little girls to have icons who look like them?

Let us know what you think, and use the "file upload" section below to send a photo of your own little princess-loving princess in all her finery. (Need help? Check the Toolkit.)

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