Saturday, December 22, 2007
Isha Jain
Isha Jain thinks math and science are cool.

In the fifth grade, she started a math camp. By sixth grade, Jain was breezing through college-level work and trigonometry classes. When she was in the eighth grade, she aced advanced calculus.

Her taste for science started at 9 when she created a paradigm to explain the molecular structure of candy. It sounds sweet, but also sophisticated -- teachers in the U.S. and abroad have used her methods in the classroom. Before she was old enough to buy sweets at a PG-13 movie, her candy-making findings were featured at major scientific summits.

Recently, 16-year-old Isha used both skill sets to identify what causes growth spurts. Not only did she think her findings were cool, but so did the journal "Developmental Dynamics," which published her work. The Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology went beyond just the thinking: It gave her a cool $100,000 scholarship.

Update: Watch the Live Video interview
Looks like a good scientist in making ... great work ... please keep it up!!
nice to see jain and hindu in this category
Congratulations on your achivements, Isha! The question I would like to ask is what was/is your motivation and how did it help you achieve your goals?
Isha, congratulations on your accomplishments. My question for you is, to what do you attribute your academic success. Also, have you chosen a profession?
Wow! Young Ms. Jain sounds exceptional! It's nice to hear about young people who are still excited by the sciences, and are willing to devote this degree of time and energy to their study and advancement. Congratulations on your achievements Ms. Jain! Here's looking towards a bright future filled with many more accomplishments!
Not to be Johnny Raincloud over here, but did you have any time for an actual childhood while you were being Ms. Einstein? Maybe I'm weird but, don't you have any regret about not being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of being a kid, because you know, with your brains, you'll probably be working until you're about 95. All this time was the "play time".
Good job, keep shining.
shams Ahsan
I hope cool ISHA JAIN will inspire young kids from south East Asian community most of them have given up on hard work b/cause they are fed with silver spoon.
Wish you the best and hope to see your name with another achievement
That a great work at this small age... Congrats Isha...

It's wonderful to see girls making strides in science! It's a shame that this society doesn't celebrate academic achievements the way it celebrates a winning touchdown. The ramifications of work by the scientific community, particularly young people like Isha, will have effects that reach far beyond the any sports field. We must foster their growth with encouragement and support, so keep up the good, ney, great work!
I would like to know how you think parents can nurture children's interest in math/science, and specifically those children who show exceptional skill in those areas.
Congratulations on your achievements. Did you have someone who inspired / inspires your interest in science and mathematics? Are your parents actively involved in your interest? Do you have a teacher or an advanced program at school that has provided the encouragement and support?
Congrats Isha for the achivement.. May you see greater success ahead.. I wanted to ask you- What enabled you to pursue your passion for these subjects?? This must have meant to opt to be different from the crowd..
Keep Growing and "Spurting" Isha!
Awesome!!! Wish you a great success in your future endeavors. Hope you will invent something that will help less fortunate.
Congratulations, Keep up with excellent work to help humanity.
Great job Isha. You must have made not only your parents proud, but also your fellow women and South Asian community. Keep up the good work. What inspired you to be successful and stay focused on academics?

I am so pleased for you and your family, as I know they have been a great support to you. I keep everyone here at the office posted on your achievements. Besides being exceptional in the fields of interest you have chosen, you are a genuinely nice prson as well. I wish you continued success.
Brilliant, that's the kind of role models we need to motviate young american's to science and math.

Congrats & Good Job Isha
Isha, Congrats on your achievement! This is truly wonderful - you are an inspiration other young people. Good job and good luck in your future endeavors.
Excellent job Isha! Can you please share how young kids/teens like you can stay motivated on science, especially math?
Congratulations Isha. Same Question as others asked. What Inspired you? And Don't you feel that you are missing your normal Teen Hood as you are a Scientist now.
Either way you have achieved.
Thank you for your contribution to Science. Can you tell me how I can guide my my 4 year old son in Math and Science.

Congratulations Isha!

It's a shame that this society doesn't celebrate academic achievements the way it celebrates a winning touchdown.
Well said!
Hearty Congratulations for all the hardwork and effort that you have put in to come up to this stage and a well deserved scholarship. Young kids badly need role models like ISHA these days.
My Question is that, I know that it really takes hard effort to come up to this stage so early in life and if you dont consider Math and science to be fun and enjoy it this journey would have been impossible. How did you manage your time in between school, homework,exams and this extra Maths and science and not to mention sports, family time and sleep. Did you also take some specially taining to learn other advanced subjects. Your parents might have put in a lot of effort from their side as well right?
Brilliant. Its good to see woman of color doing so well in all walks of life! Keep it up Isha
great work! Congrats and keep it up!
Congratulations Isha!!
Could you please share your advice or tips (academicaly) for other kids to be successful.

Hearty Congratulations!

May we see your name more often for greater achievements.I have one request. Could share your experiences?

That would benefit many parents who would like their children to follow your example. It also will help children who look upon distorted celebrities as their role models.
finally a breath of fresh air.

Isha, how would you pursue other girls to take interest in maths and science as most of them are Brittney spears wannabe!
it's exciting to see some young girls actually contributing to the world, besides following air head celebs like paris, kim k, and j simpson.

We do have hope.
I think you are a role model for young people. Even some of us older folks could learn something from your work. Keep it up!
Congrats, Isha.Please keep your mind clear of this distracting fame etc.focus just on your aim(s).
My question is:
How much importance do you give to educate your friends that are trailing back?
I wish not just your personal strides in the science and maths but also guiding other children actively along with you - should be the contribution to the Society from you.

Prasad Reddy
This is great and congratulations on your achievement. It goes to show that with the right kind of encouragement, coaching, and support any child can produce quality output. I had the opportunity to read your paper co-authored with the eminent Dr. Hain from Lehigh University and wish less-fortunate, equally deserving students who show potential could earn similar rewards and have access to talented mentors to provide similar guidance.
Congratulations to you and your family. The world is luckier to have a kid like you and hope you will have your own marked contribution to the world.

With best wishes
..Anil Tati
Congrads Isha. You seem to have a bright future ahead of you. Reading your story is an inspiration to me. We need to hear more stories about bright young students like you. Do you know what college you want to go to and what you want to study?
Impressive! You have a great gift and the best of all this is that you use it! Good for you, girl!
Hi Isha, congratulations on your achievements. My question for you is "Who do you attribute your success to?What part did your parents play in your success OR IS IT JUST YOUR HARD WORK?
Two things:

1> Her dad being a professor, that too of South East Asian origin, has pushed her in the direction of cutting edge research at a young age, which has as much to do with that impetus as it does with Isha's own brilliance. Hope you guys know that Isha's community is obsessed with educational achievement, and hopefully, they wont take away her originality in pushing her hard.

2> The kid has not had a childhood. What happened to enjoying summers with cousins, laying under the table and dreaming .. etc. I hope she doesn't grow old to regret what her parents are doing to her now.
To Johnny Raincloud who asked if Isha missed your kind of childhood are you talking about? Let me guess, dressing like Britney and buying cell phones/iPods? There's no more childhood man...get a life! ISHA, Congrats! Keep up the good work!
Amazing! I knew you when you were just a little tot, now look at what you've accomplished!! Keep it up, best of luck for a successful future!
Rawdge :

Kids find many different things fun... if she's doing calculus in 8th grade... Brats, barbies and things other people her age may have bored her to tears.

Some people find all this stuff fun and exciting. Einstein did not complain about being a genuis... and niether did Mozart... They enjoyed being genuis's...

Congrats to this young lady for finding fun in the useful....
I find it interesting people would ask if you had time to be a kid. Being a kid is about discovery, learning, and having fun doing it. Ms. Jain, I just want to say how refreshing it is to see someone having fun with what you are doing. This, along with your hobbies, *is* your brand of fun. Keep having fun. I am just having fun reading about you. :)
Congratulations. Way to go. I totally disagree with the comment about Isha missing her childhood etc ... I believe education and learning is very much a part of the play and fun life that a kid has. It's how you look at it, different people have different talents and interests and we should encourage and respect Isha's achievement here. She could not have achieved this without self interest and motivation...
Now there's someone who should run for president.
Excellent ! It is heartening to see a girl winning a math/science scholarship. The popular culture in America seems to drive young people, especially women, away from taking up careers in math and science (observe the declining enrollments of Americans in those fields in colleges around the country). Though I'm afraid her achievement will probably not change that trend.
Isha has some outstanding accomplishments. Many students find math and science to be boring and not at all fascinating. It's wonderful to see a young lady who understands the beauty of math and science and their relationship to one another. I hope to see her name attributed to other brilliant research in the future!
Isha I feel priviledged to know you.
Good work, Isha! What were your main influences? Did any recent science-related summer programs have anything to do with your success and joy in life?
Hey Isha, your accomplishments are truly outstanding, but I was just wondering... Do you ever feel like the whole "science geek thing" is just a cover? Or is that the real you? I'm just curious, as a normal teenager. Thanks!
Congratulation on this great achievement!! Also good luck for your bright future.

Congrats on all current and the best to you for all future achievements. Why do you think that young people of Asian Indian ancestry excel in math, science, engineering, etc., the "hard disciplines?"
yay for minority women in science. there aren't enough of us.
How said that we sell our children so short that we think this is missing a childhood! This is simply the case of a child who sees so much more of the world, whose mind looks out into the world and sees possibilities beyond an average child. Too bad the envious few who fail to encourage their children, who plop them in front of the TV instead of reading to them, who are content to have them idolize Brittany Spears rather than learn and grow from this vast world around us would find fault in a marvelous child like this. She hasn't missed out, she just finds joys and wonderment in so much more because her parents taught her to explore the endless possibilities of knowledge and learning, not TV and videogames. I'm sure she has friends, and enjoys her lazy moments-- those things can co-exist, with what she says herself, she finds "cool."
I agree with everyone saying that everyone has their own brand of fun and this is obviously Ishna Jain's. I don't know her, but what a gal! She reminds me of a brilliant ball of light shooting so high and beautifully that no one can pull her down-and that's just from reading about her. :) I truly wish you the best Ms. Jain. No matter what any of us say though, I think you should just do what you love and everything else will follow. :)
Wish you all the best and keep doing what makes you feel happy !!
You have made your Indian- American community proud, which is so much a part of the diverse community that forms "America" !!

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