Monday, October 22, 2007
The organizers of "I Am Worth the Wait"
We hear about sex all the time -- sex scandals, sex tapes, sexual marketing. The young organizers of I Am Worth the Wait don't want to hear about it anymore. And they certainly don't want to hear how cool it is.

This group is trying to make its own definition of cool: declaring abstinence until marriage, but not living in a convent in the meantime. Rather, the organization puts together events and outreach programs in the Northeast that are full of young people, from event hosts to the models of their clothing line to entertainment.

The goal of the group is to bring together teens and 20-somethings of all races, religions and backgrounds to talk about something other than sex.

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I think that anyone who loves another person is worth the wait. However, it is not about how fast you have intercourse, or how much time you spend waiting on it, but it is about showing your ultimate love through marriage. Also, it is about being on the accurate time of God. There is a such thing as moving to fast. However, there is also a thing called moving to slow. To conquer this delima, trust and wait on God, then you will always be on time.
I want to congratulate your efforts in not just promoting abstinence but also to supply and support fun and enriching activities that will lead to meaningful personal and relationship development. Without knowing about your organization or shirt I pursued this path and am now happily married and grateful to those that introduced this idea to me when I was younger.
A question I had about your organization is if you promote full abstinence of any sexual interaction before marriage or if your focus is only on a somewhat newly evolving understanding of abstinence to apply to vaginal intercourse only.
From my own personal history in high school, even the kids cliaming they were virgins weren't virgins. Do you honestly think that even your own members are going to wait for marriage?

Why is it marriage you're waiting for and not just adulthood when you can make better decisions?

Since gay marriage isn't legal, do you think that gay youth should just not ever have sex?

Do you think that your approach is to blame for the rise in STDs among youths?
I think it's GREAT to see young people focusing on something other than what the world wants them to see & hear. We often get so caught up in what the worlds wants that we lose our own identity! I'm only 25 years old & I wish that I knew then what I know now! But it's never too late for a second chance. I pray that you all keep doing what you're doing & continue to will be worth it!!! We need to get your group here in NC!!!!!
Awesome! We need more groups like this.
Now that's KOOOOL! I am a 30 yr old single parent of 2 that had stopped watching and reading the news because it is sooo depressing. All the sex scandals from pedophiles to murder and it was just plain depressing. But to finally hear some Good news, young people who know their worth is inspiring. I wish I had a group like this when I was your age, it took me a lot longer to realize my worth. Keep up the Good work. God has something great in store for you all! God's peace and God's love to you all!
This is GREAT!!! I will be telling my step daughter about this group and their encouraging message!
i love that people are discovering that this organization is about more than sex. deciding to wait for marriage before becoming intimate doesn't mean you put your life on hold. if anything, these youth are passionate about their beliefs and convictions whether religious, family-based or health-conscious. they make great activist and community organizers. they also make great role models in their communities.
Only in one out of 50 states, gays and lesbians are entitled to the privilege of marriage. How do gay and lesbian young adults then engage in a sexual relationship if their right to marriage is widely banned? What solution does your group have for this dilemma regarding young gays and lesbians focused on abstinence?
I commend your work trying to help teens, but isn't "abstinence only" sex education becoming a thing of the past? Rather than tell teens not to have sex, we should be telling them how to do it safely because we're not going to stop them from having sex. I'm 20 years old and luckily I was taught proper prevention and have not gotten a girl pregnant or gotten an STD.
Why do groups like this always promote "abstinence until marriage." Can't they promote saving sex for love? I can't imagine marrying someone without ever having known them intimately.

And even so, to have sex or to not have sex is a personal decision and not one that an advocacy group should make for an individual.
why have you decided to wait untill marrage?
These kids aren't preaching and they're not judging people whose choices don't match theirs. They're embracing people who choose to wait until marriage. The gay issue has almost nothing to do with this; if gay teens want to have sex, they probably wouldn't be interested in joining this group. They have as much right to make that decision as the members of this group do to decide to abstain from sex. I'm shocked that anyone would look down on someone else's morals.
As a young person in today's society, what can you do to discourage the use of vulgarity in music and television. The sexual promiscuity is promoted in these two arenas with little voice for change. What message are sending to the owners and promoters of this concept.

F. Jones
I married a woman like this -- and she was.
Don't you naysayers get it. This generation has had it with the fallout of selfish sexual indulgence. Careful and measured consideration gave way to anything goes. We are drenched with pornography, sexual predators, and everyday lives ruined so we can please ourselves. How lame can we continue to be. Reminding young people they are precious and need to be treated as such ---WAY TO Go!!!!!!!
This is great. Many adults who did not have the confidence in themselves as young people to believe in themselves truly regret it. Those who had the confidence to believe that they were worth the wait do not have regrets and often go on to lead productive lives. That is what we should want for all of our youth in this country- a bright future without the baggage brought on by failed sexual relationships, STD's, abortion, children in unstable homes. People rush to say that those who preach wisdom, waiting etc. are "judgemental"- actually, they are usually peaceful and wise!!
I happen to be a Senior in high school, and someone who has been in a relationship for 4 years and i can honestly say i have never had sex. i am not religious, it was my personal choice because i believe the act of intercourse is so special. you can create life, why would someone want to just throw that away. I've got my whole life to have sex, why start now. The reason i chose marriage is because i don't know when someone becomes an adult. it is not like someone is goign to tap me on the shoulder some day and say..."welcome to adulthood".
I think it's pretty unrealistic to expect kids to wait till marriage. In fact, i don't believe half the kids in your own group are waiting till marriage. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, but it's just not gonna happen. It's a nice positive message and all, but ima preach protection to my kids not some fantacy world of abstinance. Anyway, who say's that you have to be married anyway? You just have to be a responsible adult that can take care of whatever may come of that sexual experience.
Does this group go out to the schools and speak on the matter? or where are they mking their presence known? im a graduate student who is doing work on the matter and I am very interested in the efforts you may be making, but would love for it to be all over the place!
Congratulations on a wonderful program! The world is full of fun, people, travel, nature, boating, hiking, etc. There is plenty for folks (young and old) to do.

For me the things that have kept my marriage together has been a sense of belonging, partnering and wonder of the world.

You all are young, fun and have a lot to share with folks in America and across the world. Go for it and live your best life!
I am so proud of you guys and what you are standing on and for. Continue on in God's purpose and plan for your lives and in this organization.
First and foremost I would like to commend this group for standing for something that the rest of the nation/world takes so lightly. Abstinence before marriage is considered a joke by many and is severely downplayed and discouraged in much of our media and entertainment today. The other day I was sitting in class and one of my fellow peers was giving an oral presentation on STD's and how to avoid them. Sadly, the idea of total abstinence didn't even enter this persons mind. There's only one sure way to stay clean. And I give thanks to these young adults for promoting it!
“An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.”
- Aldous Huxley (English Novelist and Critic, 1894-1963)

This is great. Teaching our youth that there's more to life than sex will open new doors. Just imagine what can be accomplished by using this new found "freetime" for bigger, better and more important goals!

Afterall, sex is, most often, inevitable. it will happen someday and hopefully when the time is right. Whereas, dreams and aspirations need rigorous attention and effort to occur.

Although... demanding to wait until marriage is a bit too much. Why not ask to wait until some amazing goals have been accomplished which, in turn, proves to some extent a new level of maturity?

Just a thought.
Other people have already asked about the gay youth/adults question, so I'll skip that one, and instead ask about the growing trend of committed heterosexual couples who are together for years but decide not to legally get married for various reasons. Would you deem it appropriate for someone in that sort of situation to engage in sexual behaviour?
Abstinance is a Biblical belief, and homosexuality is clearly not biblical. Therefore, it would be impossible to find a solution for the gay and lesbian "dilema", as joseph stated earlier. There is no dilema.

People who proport abstinance are coming from a Christian point of view. A homosexual lifestyle goes against Christian values, so why would gays and lesbians care to wait until they are married to have sex when their lifestyle is one of blatant disregard for Biblical principles?
I was pregnant at the age of 15 simply because no one told me that I was worth the wait. Too many adults think that teens are just a younger version of adults and "they are gonna do what they are gonna do anyway" but the truth is they do not know what their options are unless you tell them. They do not fully understand the consequences of their actions unless you put it right there in front of them, just as this organization has done. Even if these kids are not waiting for marriage, IAWTW is giving them the understanding that they are valuable for more than sex and they are learning to honor and respect themselves. Bravo!
Abstinence 'till marriage is so NOT a thing of the past! My husband and I waited for each other, and it's great! Many of our single (20-30 something) friends are still waiting. I don't think we should act like it's impossible for young people to wait on sex. Let's set the bar high. It can be done, and it's so worth it!
I've never met a married adult who's said "gosh, I wish I had slept with more people before my spouse." It's just extra baggage in your life. Sex is an intimate relationship meant to be shared with the person to whom you give your heart and your life. I applaud this group!
I cannot believe how many people serious still feel that relgion, God and the "sanctity" of marriage is the only way to live. It's depressing and so close-minded.
If we can ask young people to say no to drugs and alcohol, why do so many say it's unrealistic to ask them to say no to sex before marriage? Don't sell our younger generations short. Give them some credit for having integrity and wanting something better than what the media portrays. It's definitely worth the wait!
What's great about this organization is that in addition to promoting abstinence, it's also encouraging men and women young and old to have a high self-esteem. A lot of people have sex left and right because they're looking for love. However sex is not the same as love.
For all those who say that people should be able to have sex just because they love one another, well if they really love one another why can't they wait until marriage? They're "so in love" and act like it's a MUST to have sex... well then since you're so "in love" why not take it to marriage? Sounds to me like they're just looking to get some.
I am excited about what Worth the Wait is doing !!!! Keep it's about time some people raised the standards of sexuality and stood up for God's way of doing things ! WAY TO GO....
Come on people, it's just sex.
It is what it is... two people, two parts, and some interaction.
There's nothing to be afraid of as long as both parties are honest and open.
It's a natural, primal instinct and who are is anyone to tell people sex is to only be had after marriage. If you think sex really involves love and intimacy and all that jazz, I'm not gonna rock your boat. However, I don't think sex is something people need to be making such a big deal of.
Come on people, get out there and have some good old casual (but safe!) sex. It's good for you.
I think it is important to have a group like this that raises the topic of sex and abstinence. Please point out verses in the bible that says sex is a sin.
It isn't premarital sex if you don't plan on getting married;)
I think this group is great because it is bringing back the importance of not having sex until marriage. Our society has lately focused on just teaching about safe sex which is taking away the sanctity of marriage and sex. God creates sex for all of us but like with everything good, it has it limits. Sex is made for a man and a woman in marriage. The problem with today’s society is that they seem to forget this and now we have problems with gay and lesbian relationships and also a high rate of STD's and women becoming pregnant outside of marriage. This group is doing a great job with making abstinence cool and showing young adults that despite what today's society is saying, it is not impossible to wait.
So, this group is discouraging kids from talking openly about sex? That's EXACTLY what we need! Denial! Then again, that's always been the conservative religious way, hasn't it?

Personally, I'm proud to have had sex before marriage. It was a great learning experience--timed perfectly and biologically to when kids SHOULD be learning about sex. You guys put WAY too much stress on marriage, and are WAY too scared about sex. Marriage 1) doesn't mean that you're an adult, and 2) doesn't mean you're ready to have kids (emotionally, financially, etc.) And sex 1) doesn't have to result in pregnancy or an STD, and 2) gets better with experience and variety.

Being a smart and moral person doesn't mean you have to wait to have sex. Be responsible, care for the other person, and have fun. 'Nough said.
Remember, a lot of us said we'd wait until marriage, but most of us did not. Human nature and hormones are a powerful thing. I think the important thing here is to support them and their decision, but remember, abstinence is not the only choice for young people and if we push it down their throat, there is going to be a backlash. I wait until I was an adult before I had sex, and I'm glad. Not because some guy in the sky or my peers told me it was right, but because I was mature, I could make my decisions, I knew the consequences, and I could be as safe as possible.
So, good for you for being responsible young people, but remember, your view is not the only view.
Ok, So...Lets see here... Anyone who watches a good HOUR of T.V. can see that sex is used to sell everything from water to toothpaste to Doritos! C'mon, Seriously... There's got to be more out there!

I'm 23 years old, getting my Masters Degree, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, and get this....I'M A VIRGIN! (I know.. I'M A CATCH!) and here's the beauty of it all.. My HUSBAND will be the only one to know me intimately! Do I want to have sex?... (THAT'S A DUMB QUESTION) WHO DOESN'T! BUT I also want fulfillment..and for me, that means waiting until the Honeymoon...My My My!
This is a wonderful organization for people from all walks of life. I would suggest that you actually visit the site and one of the events prior to casting stones. This is a religious organization that promotes abstinence. They are very well educated adults that love each other and the Lord. It is about time that we have something positive for our children instead of teaching them it is ok to have sex as long as you protect yourself. What happened to the days when we taught our children that their bodies are their temples and they should treat it as such ? The problem is we need organizations such as I am worth the wait world wide to help our teens. This organization is available to come to your state to speak to your children, church, and any other organization that needs its help. Visit the website it is right there. I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr.Marsh and others from her organization speak and it was a pure blessing. This is a blessed organization and just to be in their presence for the short period of time I was there you could just see the love and desire to help young people. Sure parents are concerned because we can talk until we are blue in the face and our children are going to do what they want to do. However, if we keep positive influences in their lives 24/7 then at least we have a fighting chance.
I commend you on your stand to wait until marriage, but a few questions come to mind. Do you feel waiting until marriage to have sex will cause couples to get married too soon? Do you only date a person who is a virgin or abstinent? If not, do you think this causes issues while you are dating and trying to build a relationship? Do you discourage all forms of sexual activity or just intercourse? How will you handle sexual incompatibility after marriage?
I think that this group is wonderful! It is not a matter of sexuality or religion. These people are making a MATURE decision to wait. Very few people are able to just go through the act of sex and be completely unscathed by it. I too have made the decision to wait until I am married. I am closer to 30 than I am 20. It has been difficult, but I do not want some guy to think that he can get with me without having any investment in me. I AM WORTH MORE than that and so is the man I will marry. I want the man I marry to know that I have waited for him. As far as sexual incompatibility that I read about, if you've never had it then you have nothing to compare it to right. Plus for people in love sex is more than two people hookin up.
Sex is the physical and final consumation of a relationship where both partners involved experience intense pleasures that elevates them at its peak to the borderlines of the subconscious. This should only be experienced with somebody that our lives can be trusted with. And if anybody wants to prove that my life is safe with him/her, waiting for a duration of a couple of months/years is not an impssible sacrifice to make. If he/she can't wait for you, he/she is not worth your time. Weldone guys. We need to start something like this in the UK.

Thanks for your comment. This is GREAT!!! I will be telling my step daughter about this group and their encouraging message!
Sex isn't the problem. It's the attitude people take towards it that causes indiference to how many partners one has or the possibility of who-knows-what the other person might have. What about..."I'm worth the wait for our sti test results"?
How refreshing to hear legitimate arguments that support abstinance. I have experienced firsthand the disrespect between young adults - most of whom are in physical relationships.

Anonymous commented that the sanctity of marriage is closed minded and depressing. Surely, they have never experienced a committed, loving marital relationship.
I just wanted to commend you on this wonderful group. I am a healthcare provider and I see many young people who have engaged in intercourse before they know what they are doing. I have seen many sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and abuse. There need to be more groups like you out there to help the young people of today.
I wish there had been more of them around when I was younger. I however am still on the younger side of most practitioners and am able to talk to my patients about the cons of early intercouse.
As a baby boomer who has watched two generations spiral out of control with drugs, money, sex-talk and sex, I have always said to my peers "I'll bet there is going to come a future generation that takes a look at this present generation and take a stand by saying we're going to do things different than they did." And they'll make both boomer and gen-X look so foolish. And now I think it's coming through. I think us boomers had really failed the following generation when the child support and alimony laws came in. And people just said If I'm going to have to pay anyway, might as well just have the kid and don't marry her. and now what do we have? 43% married in just about every demographic zone.
Worth The Wait!! Its refreshing to see beautiful women and handsome men representing such a delicate subject as sexual purity/abstinence. Sexual purity and abstinence is a choice. It's high time someone made this 'choice' look just as glamarous, intelligent and sophisticated as, so-called 'safe' sex. These young people aren't afraid to talk about 'sex', in fact they are pretty candid about discussuing sex. How can you get mad at a group that strives to empower/educate people on a 'choice' that will prevent STD's, Unwanted Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, abortion, emotional/psychological ties and the like. "" YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ROCK!!!
Though I am abstinent myself, I have a hard time with the "wait until marriage" message for the same reasons many previous posters have. What are we supposed to tell homosexuals? Abstinence for life? I applaud the overall message, but the focus on marriage is a little short-sighted IMO.
This group is made of awesome! I commend all of you for your mature, wise, responsible decision. You will be blessed for it.
I'm sorry for the person in high school who's friends lied about being virgins. Most of my friends and I really did wait until marriage to have sex.

My husband and I have great sex, a lot of it, and aren't bored. Our commitment not to have sex before marriage also helped us trust each other now that we are married. If he wouldn't have sex with me, who he dated for a long time and really liked, before marriage, I can be much more assured that he won't just have sex with other people just because "he feels like it."

Isaiah 55:8-9 says that God's ways are better than man's. A lot of people may not accept this message because they're too proud or foolish to accept that their ways may not be the best. Don't get discouraged. Keep sending the message. Some people will listen, and it encourages the rest of us.

Love and blessings.
WOW!!! Keep doing what you're doing and know that you are indeed making a difference!
This gives me restored hope for our future!! What an awesome group of young people redefining what "cool" is. I commend you all! Thank you for being such positive examples for the future generations!!
I think this group is great, and that they will succeed in staying abstinent until marriage. The main reason they will succeed is that they are actively forming the types of friendships that turn into good marriages. Based on that, the wait probably won't be very long.

The reason most people don't think it's realistic to wait until marriage is because they don't plan to get married any time soon. If you believe in marriage rather than a bunch of serial relationships, then marriage is a realistic goal. The other hard thing is trying to find someone who shares your conviction to wait. These kids are surrounded by others who share their beliefs. Since they have the same values and they are getting to know each other by having fun and forming frienships, a lot of them will find their spouses right there in the group.

I think it's beautiful.
To one of the commentor who said I have not gotten anyone pregnant or caught an STD YET because I practice safe sex....Sweetie there is an STD that can be transferred even with a condom. Some researchers say it is tranferred even faster with the use of a condom. HPV look it up. So the keyword there is YET and protected sex is not safe only SAFE"R"
I want to commend Worth the Wait for their boldness. I hope that people will soon understand that the reason for waiting until marriage to have sex isn't to prevent us from getting STD's or getting a person pregnant. We are not waiting until 'adulthood' or until we find the 'right one' either.
The purpose of waiting until marriage is to glorify GOD. The Bible tells us not to fornicate and if we our followers of Christ then we should obey His Word, plain and simple.
I completely agree with the message that this group is sending. As a matter of fact, I am not a virgin and can't say that I regret what has happened in the past, because it has made me who I am, but now I realize how I diminished the incredible plan that God has for us to be with one person. I believe that it remains sacred and special to share this with one person and I diminished the act by being with other people. I don't know about most of you, but when I have cared about people and think of them with other people it really bothers me. I believe that all those past sexual relationships can get in the way of the one between you and you're spouse.

Also,on a practical note, to address all these comments about safe sex. The truth is that abstinence is the only 100% guarantee for not getting an STD. Diseases such as HPV (there are different strains, some which show no symptoms in a male) can be caught even with a condom. HPV is a seriosu disease that can sometimes lead to cervical cancer in women.

I have had sex and truly enjoy it, but now I am ready to wait. I am worth the wait. I am hoping that God will heal me from my past and help me to remain faithful to this pledge. --Ronnie
I have a friend who works for Catholic Charities and she tells me that most of the time, these kind of groups completely fail...because kids don't even know how to define sex properly. They think it's only "intercourse" and they think that doing otuer things doesn't count. 88% of kids who pledge abstinence until marriage don't actually carry out that pledge at all.
Personally, I'm glad I didn't wait. And I'm more than a little tired of a certain segment of society trying to push the idea of sexual freedom and enjoyment under the rug. (On the other hand, I confess to being weary of the adolescent leering that passes for conversation on sex in America as well. Why does it have to be one polar extreme or the other>)

Look, it's these kids' business if they want to wait, but I see no reason to award them some sort of merit badge. The staunch avoidance of physical intimacy can be just as immature as the reckless rush for it. Except, I suppose, the former has the virtue of allowing oneself to pat oneself on the back for playing the rules of a giant invisible friend in the sky.
I think this group of young people are to be commended for standing up for principles they believe in against a world of strong sexual messages from the media and entertainment.
Everyone is worth the wait. Problem is that due to various insecurities, etc. etc., they don't realize it. Girls get duped the easiest and hit by early sex the hardest. There are LOTS of negative side effects of early sex that those school-infiltrating organizations don't want them to know. It's refreshing to see that there really are some younger Americans who can see through the lies.
I was raised Catholic, so I've had this irritating concept shoved down my throat for many, many years.

Waiting until marriage certainly looks good on paper, but if you look a little deeper, you'll find it's not such a great idea.

One of the cornerstones of a lasting relationship is the sexual dynamic between the couple.

Certain sexual incompatibilities can be worked around, but some are dealbreakers.

You're in for either an agonizingly long life or a saddeningly short marriage when you wait until you've walked down the aisle and declared "til death do us part" to find out that you're sexually incompatible.

I applaud their effort to make a positive impact, but can't we come up with something a little more reasonable like...say...

...saving yourself for engagement?
To be honest, I'm glad I didn't wait. I'm glad I had sex before I was in a serious relationship and I think if I DID wait, I'd always wonder what I had missed. I think this whole idea that everyone is going to get married is rather out-dated and I think that people's attachment to their virginity is kinda silly.

Now that I'm 15 years married, sex is great but it's not what makes our relationship. Our relationship is about love and respect. Something that you can get with or without your virginity.

I'd never have married my wife if she was a virgin before we met. Someone like that just has too many hangups and too much baggage, thanks.

I hope my kids wait until they're ready. But I also hope they dont' live in fear of intimacy into their adult lives and I REALLY hope they don't think of sex as some sort of prize they get for waiting. Sex should be a way to express love.. not a ends in itself.
I see right wingers using valuable comment space to stamp their religious affiliation (and some even quoting scripture!) on this group's agenda and it makes me sick.

This is not about pleasing some invisible deity. The purpose of this group is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease, and other social ills that arise from promiscuity.
This is great. I bought into the idea that I had to have sex before marriage or I never would have a guy interested in me. I couldn't have been more wrong. I am now divorced and glad I listen to God in this area, no matter what the world says. Sex is a beautiful thing, immature for TV shows to joke about it all the time and stupid to see Britney shaking her butt in a video. Raunchy is not sexy.
It's about time a group of this kind consisting of young people come out and say, "let's talk about something OTHER than sex!" I applaude you young people! spread the word and spread the word some more. We need more of this message getting out there to young people all over north America! Great work, keep it up!
Awesome and excellent! Great idea, but please also push birth control and safe sex. Let's not be naive about teenagers and hormones...let's be practical. Support all kids not just the ones that agree to wait.
Sex is a natural part of human life. Yeah, our society puts too much emphasis on it, but when you come down to it, that's sort of 'what we're here to do'.

In any case, I don't see why people need to wait until marriage to have sex. You should wait until you're with someone you trust, particularly since there's a tiny chance a pregnancy could result (assuming you're being responsible), but that doesn't mean you have to be married. Marriage is a religious and societal institution, and whether it's got anything to do with sex and when you have it should be a personal choice.

Waiting is great for some people and not for others. If you respect yourself and others and live responsibly, sex will become a part of your life when the time is right.
It is good to see positive things being reported in the news. Keep it up!
Way to go Worth the Wait!!!

I was a virgin when I got married at age 21. My husband, seven and a half years my senior, was also a virgin. As a matter of fact, the first time we shared a kiss was on our wedding day in December, 2002.

I am so grateful that prior to our marriage, my husband's first goal was to protect and honor me as a woman and to honor my father, as the protector of his daughter, at the same time. We had dated with the intention of marrying right from the start of our relationship, but, had things not worked out, we could have parted ways knowing that the best of ourselves, that part that the world doesn't get to see, was safe, reserved for our future spouse.

Be encouraged!! There are men (and women) out there who's goal is to serve and protect the other physically, emotionally, and sexually. And as someone who was so blessed with a strong man of God, I'm so happy to say that neither my husband nor I settled for used goods. We got the absolute best from each other.
From what I have read so far, I think this is an absolutely wonderful group. Waiting for sex until marriage is one of the best decisions I ever made. I know that it is possible. I know many many wonderful, talented, attractive, "worth-the-wait" young people who have waited and who are the happier for it. I even know an amazing woman who was in the Miss America pageant, who had a career in television, and who was a still a virgin when she got married in her 40s. She is happier than ever. Waiting for sex does not limit you, it gives you freedom and peace of mind. My question for the group is "How can I become involved and help support your cause?" You definitely are young people who ROCK!
Why do you push the abstinence until married agenda? Do you realize most people don't get married until late 20's? Are they supposed to wait?

How about a program to "make informed decisions" instead?
I think it's great that there's a group of young people focusing on doing something positive with their lives and improving the world. However, why not try to be more inclusive for young people who have had sex (a number that is far greater than those who haven't). I think focusing on how your decisions affect other people and making smart decisions for yourself is more powerful than the old-fashioned abstinence only mentality.
Young peope who have had sex before marriage want to improve the world too, and groups like this just make them more resistant to close-minded religious groups.
Firstly, could this program increase the chances of people getting married just to have sex? I see problems in people getting married not because of their conviction that they will be together forever, but judgments just clouded by sexual arousal.

And secondly, one commenter said, "If we can ask young people to say no to drugs and alcohol, why do so many say it's unrealistic to ask them to say no to sex before marriage?" I think it's fine to *ask* them to say "no" to sex. But just like many kids out there who *don't* say "no" to drugs and alcohol, kids won't say "no" to sex either. So telling them isn't unrealistic, expecting them to follow the advice *is*.
All of you who actually expect young adults to wait until marriage to have sex are living in a fantasy world. Teens and 20-somethings have sex and even enjoy themselves without the the fear of going to Hell. We're all animals in the end and it's not some moral failing to have sex (nor is it heroic to wait until marriage). Get over yourselves.
I love that you guys are putting this perspective out there for people to see. There are so many different philosophies in this country about sex, and of course people are entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but I think it is really refreshing that you guys have made this option available to people who are interested. And for the dissenters, feel free to NOT join with this group. But why bother trying to discredit them with pointless cynicism by saying they are outdated? Obviously there are plenty of people who feel otherwise.
All I can say is "WOW" what a refreshing and inspiring group of young people. I pray their message continues to grow because God knows this world is desperately in need of it.
I commend I Am Worth The Wait for their boldness and encouraging true principles. I don't get how so many people are not "celebrating" their "choice" or being "tolerant" of the "differences" of these great youth. I am a 30 year old virgin, and I am so excited to be getting married in 2 months. I am so happy that I have waited for the wonderful, loving man I am marrying. I think focusing on preparing for marriage and encouraging wholesome, fun activities for young people is great. What is so wrong with this? I don't regret one minute that I didn't have sex with any of my ex-boyfriends. Focusing on marriage and being prepared for marriage and developing good friendships is far from being short-sighted. It is focusing on the long-term future for these youth. Focusing on having sex now or when you feel like it is, in reality, being very short-sighted.
Islam teaches us to wait till marriage.So this is nothing new for us. But i am glad that other people from other religion are realizing what all these MTV shows are doing to the western society. Keep up the good work. If you could do something about the programs that one sees on TV that would be great. Some of the shows are disgusting.
In the past, waiting for sex until marriage made more sense because people got married in their teens. However, more people are waiting until their late 20's, 30's, and even 40's to get married. Now, I think it is very unreasonable for people to wait until marriage to have sex.
In addition, abstinence movements set people up to have no knowledge or experience of expressing themselves sexually with a partner. Learning how to do this does not happen overnight and there is no guarantee that people will be sexually compatible even if they really love each other. Doesn't this just set the stage for sexually unsatisfying marriage and divorce?
You guys are totally AWESOME! How refreshing to see a group focus on this positive way of life for young people. I know several teenagers and young adults who have the same beliefs, but unfortunately, society does not recognize nor encourage them.

Do not let anyone tell you are out of step with reality.You are RIGHT ON!!
Wonderful! About time.
So how about more cocerage for this and other groups that want something besides what Hollywood is selling.
The focus on marriage is the right thing for our society.
It's really encouraging to see young people taking a stand. God will reward you someday for following his word. Reading all the comments, it amazed me that all the negative ones were signed anonymous. I have compfort when I pray for them that God knows there name. What an awesome God!!
Jimmie Grieshaber
Thank God for these young people who are conciensous enough to want to be involved in life and good, clean living. Sex in the proper context is wonderful! But everywhere one turns, there is sex in everything! In the middle of the afternoon on regular TV programs, there is sex. It seems that there is no more FAMILY shows anymore.
Kudos to this group!

When God created man and woman, he designed sex for marriage to create intimacy with your ONE partner, as well as in order to populate the earth. Sex outside of marriage was never God's design.

Society has created it's own definition of sex, relationships, etc. that were never part of God's original design. This is called SIN. When will we as a society ever realize that God loves us and He gave us instructions for living in the BIBLE?! These guidelines were not designed to limit us; rather they were designed to set us free!!

Any time we as people violate one of God's guidelines, there are consequences. Forget all of the sexually transmitted diseases that are possible - what about the mental and emotional issues involved with premarital/extramarital sex? That's why God gave us guidelines for that we would have the best life possible.

Aaron is right; the Bible tells us not to fornicate. Others who have addressed gay/lesbian relationships as outside of God's will are correct in calling it SIN, just as God does.

The good news is that all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory (Romans 3:23). The even better news is that God sent His one and only Son to die and rise again for that sin.
I just want to say to the organizers of "I am Worth the Wait", THANK YOU! Thank you for taking a stand against the bombardment of sex that our young kids have to deal with. My children are in elementary school, and I have already had to talk to them a lot about things they have heard at school or seen on TV, even commercials! It is harder to take a stand for what is right than just to "go with the flow", so thank you for taking a stand for what is right! What you are doing is just what our society needs to get us headed back in the right direction.
This is indeed excellatn work! Yes, its true this whole world has become full fo "sex" and one day I am afraid, it will ruin us completely. There are so many better things to do in life! and if all thre religions say the same thing about sex, that is waiting till marraige, then there must be a logic to it, and its not must be, there is. See the problems we have these days. I shall help in promotion of ur organization!
You know, I'm tired of all the naysayers here who feel the need to shoot down these young people for what they believe in. Regardless or not whether God/religion/faith/etc. comes into play or not, they are doing what they feel is the right thing. They are making a statement and they have every right to do so.

Your own mileage may vary on it, but don't dismiss them just because their thoughts happen to diverge from yours. They're taking a position, something that's hard enough to do when you're a teenager and even harder in this day and age.
I like the groups emphasis on waiting for sex, but dislike the marriage component. I think the most important thing is to avoid meaningless sexual activity and try to be close to someone you love, and if the time is right, also be intimate with them. For some people, marriage will never be right, for some people, marriage isn't even allowed. The sad problem I have with groups like this one is their reliance on an institution that honestly doesn't have a lot of meaning anymore. Why wait until marriage when 50% of marriages end in divorce? Marriage doesn't equate love today, unfortunately. I feel that it's good to have some sexual experience (whether it's with one person, or more) before entering into a contract like marriage, for many women and men, sexual dissatisfaction is a sad but true fact. Knowing who you are sexually is an important (but not all-important) part of growing up.
I am a 21-year-old college girl, and I have decided to wait until marriage. I'm also not religious -- I've made this decision to serve myself, not a higher force. Anyway, the current stereotype surrounding abstinence is that only straight-laced religious fundamentalists follow it. Being on a college campus, MANY people, even some of my close friends, express the idea that abstinence is only for "losers" who can't get laid, or for religious people who have somehow been "forced" into it by God. Few seem to understand me when I say I'm waiting for someone truly right to come along. "But why? You don't believe in God..." Can a girl not make personal decisions for herself here???

I don't think Worth The Wait is trying to flaunt moral superiority, and to show how wait-until-marriage people are "better" than others. I don't think my non-virgin friends are worse or more corrupt. But I also don't want to feel like there's something wrong with ME, and with my own beliefs... which is unfortunately what I often feel given my surroundings.

The fact that Worth The Wait exists and is aiming to be a visible presence makes me feel less alone. I'm sure there are many other abstinent young adults out there in the world, but our current culture tends to glorify sex, so abstinent people remain under the radar as this weird fringe group. So I'm glad people are speaking up.
Why not talk about sex? People have sex for many positive reasons, including love. I also think that love should be unconditional and to think of someone sharing all the intimate parts of their heart, soul and mind but applying the condition and saying, 'we have to be married for me to share my body' simply doesn't make sense.

I don't see why we view sex as the ultimate intimacy when sharing our deepest thoughts and fears is acceptable?
If they're willing and able to hold out until their wedding night, more power to 'em. 50% of their marriages will still end in divorce.
I think it's wonderful that there are young people in today's society that can think for themselves and not cave into what "everyone else is doing." It's great that you have a character strength that most of society doesn't have or even recognize. This will be an asset to you in the future even beyond physical relationships. I wish you the best and I am very impressed that you guys have the courage to take a stand for something that may not be popular. KUDOS!!!!!
First, I would like to express my praise to God for this group. There needs to be more groups like this around the world to reach out to some who feel and believe that sex before marriage is "no big deal" and others who feel that they are worthless because they choose to keep their virginity.

Second, I feel sorry for those that can not see and/or refuse to see the negative effects of premarital sex. Many people believe that they should "test the waters" before making a commitment; however, once such waters have been tested, those same individuals come away unfulfilled and empty.

Finally, this year, I will be 31 and yes, I am still a virgin. I am very proud of that. There are not many women in the world that can say that. I've been rejected several times, because I refused to engage or even discuss premarital sex. My prayer is that this group will proclaim this message around the world...that true happiness comes when living God's way, because God's way is the right way.
This is such a relief. I pray that there will be even more groups like this future. My daughter is two, and I'm already stressing about when she becomes a teenager. Raising kids is difficult these days. It's nice to have some support.
America was founded on Christian values. Thank God this group is focused on the same values as shown in the Bible. God Bless America, and God Bless this young group!!!
It's offensive that the idea of not waiting for marriage to have sex somehow makes a person worth less than their sexually repressed counterparts. It's just another tithe-giving generation controlled and molded by people who think they know how others' genitalia should be used.
I am truly puzzled by those who say abstinence before marriage is not possible or feasible. I am a 30-year-old single who has never had sex. I made a commitment to abstain from premarital sex a long time ago and have stuck with it. I surrounded myself with friends making the same commitments, dated only guys who agree with and respect my decision, and focused on all the benefits of abstinence, rather than what it is that I’m missing. I don’t have to worry about pregnancy, STDs, or giving myself away to someone who doesn’t love me enough to make a life-long commitment.

And to the person who wrote that Biblical ideas of abstinence are close-minded, I would just like to point out that this statement is, in and of itself, close-minded…
Thank you for promoting a positive message. I'm a 25 year old who waited to have sex for the first time with my husband, and he waited for me. Each time we have sex now, I know that it is something special that has happened just between us. Too many teens and young adults believe that they are not worth waiting for. We need to redirect the message to value each person.

I agree that we need to teach sex ed in schools. (I was told about sex at age 9 by my conservative Christian mother and then again in school at ages 12 and 14). Our youth need to be informed, across the board, about the risks of sexual activity and how to protect themselves because most Americans will eventually have sex. Even in waiting until marriage, most people don't want to get pregnant right away and need to understand contraception. It is better for us all to get informed early, rather than having to gather the info on our own before going on the honeymoon (or sadly in some cases before having sex at a party at age 14 or whatever)!
As a fellow American, I can honestly say that I too am just sick and tired about hearing about sex ALL the time.

Let's hear about the reasons to wait and start valuing young men and women for their other gifts to the world.

I think this group is a breath of fresh air no matter your religious beliefs about sex.
Many seem to miss the point that the group is for people who meet and have discussions that do not involve sex. The group could discuss sports, politics, religions, or environmental issues. Because the other participants are like minded [no sex talk] the discussions can be honest and maybe even end in disagreement, but in the end the speakers can rest assured that there is not ulterior motive. These type of discussions are healthy and have been missing from my generation.
There's nothing remarkable about waiting until marriage to have sex. Those who choose to do this are doing it because they want to. They aren't making any sacrifice. Quit pretending that they are.
And yet, they're talking about sex, in a way that appears to be evidence of their preoccupation with it. Lets teach our children to get comfortable with it, as a physical manifestation of one's spiritual connection to a beloved other, and to discard the man-made, obsolete, and invalid Judeo-Christian ethic on the issue.
I can't believe these courageous young people would be attacked by individuals who either have no desire to control themselves, or who lack the ability. With all of the teacher-student sex, pedophile, and sexual misconduct in society it is refreshing to see people taking a stand to make a difference. Shame on you people who project your own lack of ability/will to control your own sexual desires onto those who are attempting to fight against all of the pressures that are created by a sex-crazed culture.
Good for them. Just dont make too big a stink about it.
Why live life on other people's standards. Do what you believe is right and be happy about it.

I personally am tired of seeing so many groups promoting 'wait till marriage'.

But hey, if a group of people want to get together and make the same personal decisions, have fun.

I'm living my life how I want to.
Has "I Am Worth the Wait" been introduced into high schools and if so what was the first step; whom do you contact? Is there a guide line for selecting personality types as leaders in this endeavor?
This group is hilarious. I'm hoping the irony is intentional. Lets start a group on the premise of not talking about sex so that we can engage national conversation (intercourse, if you will) on sex.

I'm betting they're serious though, which is very sad. Since sex is a natural thing and people (even sincere Christians) fall short at times, thwarting conversations about sex is plain mean. I know in my religious upbringing, abstenance only education left me with the notion that "condoms are NOT 100% effective so you should not have sex!" So when I "messed up" I messed up doubley, since in my naivete I thought, why use a condom if they're not even effective? Well, that can turn one moral mistake (having sex) into one of profound consequences.

I resent the lack of communication and education received growing up. Now that I am knowledgable on sex, I have actually decided to abstain till marriage (for health and not moral reasons).
Wow, welcome to 1950! Perhaps these kids should go back and read the Kinsey report, which would tell them that the vast majority of Americans didn't wait until marriage generations ago, and they obviously don't today. Waiting until you are mature enough to make a responsible decision is a worthy and important goal; waiting for marriage just doesn't make sense in a society where the average age of first marriage is now over 26 but people become physically mature by 11-12 due to modern diets. Does it really make sense to tell young people to wait 13 years before having sex? Is it at all realistic? Is it even rational to link having sex with "failure" on such a pledge, since we know the majority of kids who take such pledges end up breaking them? Is it healthy to connect sex and guilt so directly during the formative years?

I don't think so, and would discourage my daughters from taking such a pledge if they asked.
This begs the question, how do you know?

History is filled with people who waited for many things.

Some saved all their life, for a financially secure retirement, only not to live to experience it.

Billions have endured hardship and misery in their life, waiting for their heavenly reward. Their jury is still out on how that's coming along.

It could be so good no one wants to come back and tell us, or they could all be just dead. No one really knows.

Waiting, anticipating is laudable, if your goal is to get to another point in your life before you experience something before you begin a new lifestyle.

But, there is always a downside risk to waiting too.

The part about "don't want to hear about sex" seems juxtaposed with the philosophy as it implys that there is something inherently bad, evil or too irresistable for them.

It seems to imply that sex, a biological imperative, is an evil construct, that the human urge to attempt procreation or sex for sex's sake is not fit for conversation.

There's 6 Billion people, and lots of opinions, you just got mine.
These are the same people who end up divorced 3 years later. waiting = lame.
Why is it that every 20 years or so this country goes from one moral extreme to the other? Putting too much emphasis on sex or abstinence is really due to the fact that young people are constricted by both comercialism and religion.
Having sex or not should be a personal decision not one for the "groups" to make. And as for those that married as virgins-how naive can you be?!! To deny your more primal needs is really to live your whole life in denial.
What a breath of fresh air! To actually communicate to young people that they do have the ability to practice self control in this sex saturated society will be such an encouragment for so many youg adults. I too am tired of having images paraded everywhere from the grocery store, to the tv and on and on...Let's raise the bar and begin to respect each other by respecting the God who designed sex for marriage and not as a sport!
I think this group is wonderful. these are the type of people my daughter can look up too as role models when she is older. Hooray to you!!
The slogan "I am worth the wait" would make sense if someone was leaving the country for a year. Using it to promote abstinence implies that sex is the only thing of value someone has to offer.
I am so happy there are people in the world still willing to stand for absitnence until marriage. I applaud you. You are worth the wait. Just always please REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR!
I have respect for any person, or group of people, who choose to identify their beliefs and are willing to consistently live by them.

However, while some people are undoubtedly able to relate, I feel there is too profund a sense of disconnection. Growing up in the late 90's and 2000's, sex has been a prevalent subject matter in all sorts of conversations. "Track records", experiences, tips and comparisons... Yet, in the multitude of public schools I have attended, sex was never revered to be something distinctly "cool".

Amongst the boys I grew up with, sex was as talked about as sports, movies and music. More so at times. In high school, things changed. Sex was THERE, you know? It was no longer just a conversation piece. It was everywhere: girls selling their bodies to pay for a cocaine addiction; friends confronting inner-demons while waiting for an abortion; a plethora of failing relationships, cheating lovers, early pregnancies and subsequent marriages to people they may never connect with...

The "cool" factor may be associated with WHY our generation was swimming sex. Is that what they refer to? Because when talking to all of my old friends, ex-girlfriends, family, so on, sex had more to do with a social movement then individual contemplation. But, just because the majority of our generation was participating, does NOT mean we ever thought it inherently "cool". It was just something done at the time which we absolutely HAD to participate in, whether we felt it was the right time or not.

Does that make sex inherently evil? No. Will waiting for marriage ultimatily make the sex more noble or virtuous? Perhaps, depending on your own personal beliefs. Yet, we must take into consideration the ever-increasing amount of divorces in this country.

Abstinence doesn't promote an enlightened intelligence; it promotes a certain moral value adhered by select people. Granted, you may be saving yourself for the "one", but that doesn't mean you'll be make the right decision in choosing who your spouse may be.

As we seem to be englulfed in a new Silent Generation, it is (as a commenter before pointed out) a breath of fresh air to see people, at least, trying to identify their own direction and follow it.
I waited as I beleived the "not till marraige" What a disaster that was. The wedding night was heartbreaking for me. I tried for 12 more years before I gave up. Never again will I marry without checking out the sensousness of my partner.
God bless you in your efforts. You have chosen a wise path and you will bless anyone and everyone who chooses to follow in your footsteps.
Congratulations! I agree with what this group is doing. Good for them! If they can convince other kids and young people (and even older singles) that it pays to wait for sex until married and that youth can have a good time together without sex, they deserve commendation!

Most of the problems in today's society stem from sex--unwanted pregnancies, disregard for the sexes, disease, lack of commitment in marriage, no desire to get married, etc. We have so many celebrities that try to show us how 'amazing' it is to be in a sexual relationship without marriage and it's such a bad example for youth and those who look to them for an example.

I'm glad there are still some in society that have some standards and morals and are advocating abstinence before marriage--the way that has proven to have fewer problems and cause less heartbreak.
I am no longer a virgin, but I can tell you that even I am tired of hearing about sex. I fully support you guys!
GOOD job, GREAT Cause, GOD Bless!!
I am so GLAD to see this story. I'm a 20+ year old woman who is waiting for marriage & in today's society, that has become downright freakish.

So many television shows strive to show diversity in sexuality & some in race, yet none feature characters who choose to wait until they are married to have sex. These values seem outdated if you follow the media, but I know people in my own church that still hold these principles.
In the past few years, our media culture seems to have shifted COMPLETELY from at least recognizing some people do this, to not even featuring any characters who have these morals or who are Christian.
For those who question any part of this group's message, you should be asking yourselves - "what is the meaning of sex, who is it for and why do people engage in it? If you cannot answer these questions with an intelligent answer, then please do not say anything bad against this group. They are promoting what this world needs - patience and real love. And they are not discriminating nor are they judging anyone else.

Sex is considered a gift to those who choose to make the ultimate and most intimate commitment to each other - marriage. And marriage is a word that stands for God's intent for a lifelong commitment of a male and female who love each other. An only-male or only-female relationship is not marriage - there should be another word to describe this as they created something different.

Something so special should not be wasted on someone you would not consider marrying and this is the exact reason why we should wait. Who knows up until the marriage day whether you will commit to this person or not?

I am 25 years old and my husband and I waited for each other. I cannot tell you how special this made the both of us feel.

Those who are on the fence - you will not be disappointed. Marriage is not based solely on this act, it is a combination of things that will carry you through obstacles and everyday life.

Congrats to those who give our future sons and daughters a role model and who will help to keep them from the frustrations of becoming a teen parent or from having their heart torn out by a boyfriend/girlfriend, just because "things didn't work out."
Seems that saying you're not going to talk about sex, is in fact talking about sex.

I agree fully with the poster who pointed out that as a country, we seem to be focused on the extremes. Does it really need to be all or nothing? Such extremes are unhealthy, and send the wrong message to our youth. While I respect the individual's decision to engage or not in sex, that decision is a personal one and this group, as many religious groups do, is absolving its members of the responsibility to consider for themselves what's right. Getting young people to think about the ramifications of their actions is much more important than trying to get them to stop thinking about sex. (They're going to do that whether or not they're actually having sex!). Abstain or not, just don't do it based solely on peer pressure.
Thank you for starting such an organization. I'm proud of you guys for standing up for abstinence. I'm a virgin. I am 31 and I made a vow when I was 16 to keep myself pure for my husband--and I won't compromise this vow. I feel sorry for those who think that everyone who claims to be a virgin is really lying. It is sad that our society has made fornication so acceptable. You can give what is precious away--but true love waits until marriage--and reaps ALL the benefits. Living together before marriage, sex before marriage--all of this is wrong, God says its wrong, and you won't be blessed if you follow that path. You ROCK guys--keep up the good words!!
Great idea. The world of TV needs good quality programing that encourages our young people to make good life choices rather than glorifying the Hollywood lifestyle that destroys so many lives. Good for you.
I'd just like to say to this group, keep up the good work. Waiting till marriage is a great thing, as someone who despite hardships did just that and waited, I can say i am very glad I did. I know the disappointment and heartache so many classmates had in highschool, despite the initial excitement and rush, when one of them got pregnant it all changed.

To those naysayers that say kids just can't wait, perhaps give them a chance, teach abstinence, but also teach prevention. But if you don't teach abstinence at all, why would they wait? I've been married for 7 years and I am so glad neither my wife nor myself have any baggage of previous sexual relationships to being into our marriage.
I would like to thank "I Am Worth the Wait" for taking a stand for what is right. I too believe that sex is spoken of and televised far more than it should be. People have forgotten that sex is sacred and should only be something shared between married couples. Hopefully you all will start a new postiive trend for others to follow .
I am grateful for your organization but even more grateful to see support in the comments. It's great to know there are people out there who respect the sanctity of the body and want to only share those intimate moments with someone who is willing to outwardly commit to you that they want to meld your lives together.

I hope you get the support you need to make this campaign more prominent in society. I believe many youth feel the same, but don't know where to turn to find like minded people.
I was raised non-religious yet was raised on the belief to wait until marriage to have sex. I truly believed it growing up plus I was career oriented as a young adult to have relationships. I was 27 when I had my first real boyfriend. I had no intentions of having sex with him but after a year I made the choice to do so (he never pressured me). I don't have any regrets and treasure those times that I had with him. Now that I'm 35 and still unmarried, I'm glad I waited until I was emotionally ready to have my first sexual experience and would never dream of still being a virgin "waiting for the one". Afterall, I could get hit by a bus and never know what it was like to be intimate with someone I loved...married or not.
No one who is that uptight about sex is worth the wait. If you can't justify your opinions objectively, you shouldn't hold them.
It's great that we have yet another abstinence group becoming popular (remember "The Silver Ring Thing" anyone???), more power to young people embracing their individuality of choice.

However, it always makes me wonder (and a little nervous) if it's yet another group that is going to put factual, sex education to the back burner. No matter if you're waiting for marriage or just waiting till your next hook up - everyone needs to learn the facts of sex, safe sex, and options.

Safe, factual sex education is something worth NOT waiting for and that needs to be talked about.
These kids are sick of hearing about sex? Well, I'm sick of hearing about religion. I'm sick of the effect the Puritanical roots throughout this country have had on sex. We are obsessed with it whether having it or not. This movement is just another example of the obsession in another direction. I'd love to see people quit pushing their religion on others.
As I read these comments, it's so disappointing to see how badly our moral compass has moved. So many of these people are puzzled at why a person should wait, like that idea is foreign to them. Think back 40 years ago. Sex was never mentioned in public. If a young couple was caught in the act, they were an outcast. Censorship on radio and TV made it possible for everyone to sit together as a family and watch a program together. I cannot literally sit down at 8:00 and watch any prime time sitcom with my children and not have to shut it off because of all the sexual inuendo's.

If a parent isn't promoting abstinence, why would the child think it's such a great idea? Sex has become so much more than the possibility of getting pregnant. Now it kills. If a generation of young adults could abstain, and marry a person that had also, the buck stops there. Short of any type of blood transfusion etc, neither of those two people would ever have to worry about any type of STD.

I believe in Jesus Christ, and that the Bible is our moral instruction booklet. What God has meant for pleasure between a husband and wife has become Satan's greatest victory. Satan wants us all to fall victim to his temptations, and the reward our children get for falling is death. Do you think all this disease comes from God? He has given us free will, and he's now allowed us to live with those choices. Shame on any parent that doesn't try to teach abstinence to their children. I pray it won't come back to haunt you.

God Bless this group.
With all do respect, it doesn't take a Christian to figure out that men should be with women and women should be with men. I am open-minded, and I am not prejudice or judgemental against homosexuals at all, but seriously, those of you asking questions about how homosexuals are supposed to take the "wait until marriage" message, given that marriage isn't legal in most of the world..i think its pretty self explanatory.
I too am sick of all the sex in the news. I am also sick of people who think that abstaining from sex is something glamorous, you aren't worth any more or less just because your hymen is intact and guys I'm sorry but your best years are between 17 and 25, after that things start to go horribly wrong.

So you don't have sex big deal. Sex in and of itself is a proven healthy activity,it's an effective stress reliever, a great form of exercise and provides hormonal balance to my body. I will gladly continue to partake in one of lifes sweetest and most glorious of gifts both before and after I get married, if I ever decide to get married. Marriage is so yesterday anyway, who needs it.

Anyway I am glad you are happy with your decision......well done.
You guys are great!! I am very impressed with what you are doing. You are also serving as a positive role model for younger kids. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks a million times over for sharing this group with your readers. I am thoroughly tired of the over sexualization of our youth. Yes, they're interested in sex as a topic of conversation and, sometimes, as a course of action, but it is not ALL that they are interested in. Our teens and 20-somethings deserve better from music companies, tv and movie producers, and the fashion industry. Stop making everything about sex!
Sex was God's idea, but it's not His only idea. There are other things for youth to talk about and become active in :) Kudos for "I Am Worth The Wait"...
That is soo amazing. I am soo glad there are still teenagers out there that still have those beliefs. I support yall 110%! Good luck!

Anna from Georgia
Surprising, isn't it? The blatant double standards of people, Christian or not?

Everyone on here falls into one extreme. Some say, "Screw marriage, just have fun, its all good." Others say, "Sex leads to complete destruction, protection only goes so far, abstinence is the key."

As a Christian and a logical person, neither position will promote a healthier society. The former leads to blatant immorality and were the logic applied to other areas of life our society would cave in on itself. The latter neglects to equip those who might disagree with your position which only helps in the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancy.

Instead why not present young people today with the benefits and consequences of each position and let them make the choice? This seems to be the only thing that is going to work, since we've already seen how neither of the extremes work.

Thats not the say this group shouldn't exist...I'm glad they do. In my experience, the pendulum as swung to the side of mindless immorality of every kind and this group is just one more effort to bring some sort of balance.

Anyways, I'll be hanging around. I'm pretty interested in this discussion, so feel free to comment and lets have a little debate, shall we?
First, most of these abstinence groups are Christian based and do not support or condone the gay/lesbian/bisexual lifestyle, therefore their intimate interactions are all (whether under a legally recognized marriage or not) not acceptable.

Second, the problem with these exclusive abistance groups is that many of them are not virgins to begin with and also that they neglect to discuss or educate on safe sex practices for those members who may "slip up" and decide to have sex before marriage. In addition, just because you are married does not mean your spouse wouldn't cheat, and you should at minimum know the signs/symptoms of all STDs for your own health benefit.

That being said, I am all for protecting your body and your heart by waiting untill you are married, but the truth is that sex is enjoyable, it was designed that way, and most people do not last untill their marriage night. I applaud those who make a commitment to themselves to save themselves for their spouse, it will save you heartache and baggage and getting involved physically too quickly. Lets make sure though, that everyone still discusses safe sex and STD's because if the worst thing you feel you could do is mess up and have sex before marriage, how much worse would it be with an STD or an unwanted pregnancy?
I'd love to know how to contact this group and to be able to schedule them for an event!
Believe it or not some people do remain virgins until they are married. Both my wife and I did. No, I am not lying (and no, my wife is not reading this over my shoulder).

I think what these people are doing is great because young people should be encouraged to wait. Obviously a lot of people still will have sex, and obviously we need to educate them on how to protect themselves from STDs, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't encourage them to abstain.

My wife and I's decision to abstain has helped us trust each other and has made our sex life even more special and intimate. I can't help but want that for my kids someday and for every young person. Learning to abstain from their sexual desires now will help them be a faithful spouse later.
Way to go! Thank you for putting yourselves out there to defend a view that's not popular today. As someone who has waited, your message is really encouraging. May it reach many!
Of course teenagers talk about sex, and want to have sex....because their hormones are kicking into gear as nature intended them to. Waiting until marriage to have sex is a huge mistake. Doing so only leads to huge expectations and gigantic let downs, eventual cheating and divorce. IT IS NOT NATURAL to go ones entire life and never have sex with anyone but one person. Why would anyone want to limit one of the most incredible activities to just one person, years and years down the road. I choose to live my life in the here and now, and if I want to have sex i will.
I had sex at 17. I didn't regret it one bit and neither did my partner. How about you just have sex when you feel like it, when you feel like you're ready for it. One shouldn't feel pressured to do it before they're ready and one shouldn't feel pressured to wait until they're married. Make up your own mind.
I think people who haven't had sex yet (aka these people) shouldn't be allowed to promote abstinence, or sex, or anything else for that matter. Because I'm getting rather tired of people who don't know what they are talking about telling me what to do.
Virginity is so overrated in this silly christian culture. Being responible for your actions and understanding your actions is what is important. If these kids don't want sex fine, just don't push that belief on others. Once they do have sex, and they will sooner rather than later, they will realize how silly they have been. My wife waited until she was 27 and now feels she wasted time and should have been practicing sooner.
I'm an educated christain young adult female who has "CHOSEN" to wait until marriage. I'm so happy that I chose this path. The genuine beauty, purity, and cleanliness that I feel cannot be bought. I AM WORTH THE WAIT. Don't be discouraged, you can do this.
Why are people so afraid of sex? Like drinking, and most anything else, its ok when done responsibly. Young people need to learn what appropriate sexual behavior consists, and how to be responsible sexually active adults.
In many ways I congratulate your ideal. But as someone that waited, I need to warn you...Part of the point of having a premarital sex life is to understand your sexual compatibility with your partner. In my case sexual incompatibility led to divorce. There is a distinct difference between having one night stands and having sex within a committed relationship.
I am a 28 yr old male and I waited to have sex until I was married as did my wife. It is odd, but possible and definitely worth it!!
I commend groups like this!
This is probably the BEST decision you'll ever make for your future happiness. NO ONE has ever reached their midlife years, or the end of their life, and said that they were so happy they had lived a life of promiscuity and sexual irresponsibility. Instead, they usually express regret over misspent years and failed relationships. I know - I am 54 years old, and would erase every sexual encounter, except the ones within marriage to my wife of 28 years, if I could do so. Be strong and firm in this commitment to remain sexually pure (even if only from today forward) until you're married, and you will NEVER regret your wise decision.
Thank you so's about time that truth is shown in the light it deserves.

As a 25 year old male who is college senior - I have seen how not following this "worth the wait" notion is helping to destroy our culture.

Guys my age are doing things like: "Banging" their girl-friends on the weekends,
Spending their money like there is no tomorrow,
Staying up all night on their computers playing World of Warcraft,
Downloading free porn of the internet, and
WORRYING about how to get a new 20 inch sub-woofer in the back of their retarded cars.

We need young people like myself and these in your presentation to begin to lead by a REAL example.

So thank you once again for shedding light on the "Silent Majority" - we are no longer silent....get use to it!
HOORAY for your movement of sexual purity!!! This is wonderful. I'm sure that God is smiling on you! Keep making Him proud.
I think this is great. I do not think this is a thing of the past. A lot of people have sex with each other just because they believe that all of their friends are. It's a terrible cycle. Just think if a lot of people are open about not having sex many people will feel less preasured to be having it.
I AM WORTH THE WAIT!!! If someone truly loves me, then they'll be willing to take it to marriage. That incompatibility stuff is nonsense. Sounds like people are just having sex and not making love... just boning.
It makes me sad when I hear that marriages don't work because couples have never have had sex before. There is so much more to marriage than the wedding night. You need to be emotionally and spiritually "in tune" with your partner before marriage - and you can find that out without having sex. When a couple gets married, you are proclaiming that you are now bonded as one before God, no matter what. You are accepting your partner's weaknesses and are prepared to be with her "til death do you part." Sex is a celebration of that commitment. For people who claim sex is the reason marriages fail, I suspect that a)there is a deeper reason for the divorce, b)they didn't know their partner well enough, and/or c)they just weren't prepared for the commitment. The important thing is not to jump into a marriage just for the wedding night! Know your partner and realize that marriages take work and sacrifice.
The problem with the world is that sex isn't talked about enough!

If things were put simply and without all your supposedly "moral" constraints, problems like teen pregnancy, rape and abuse, and the spread of terrible and mostly deadly STDs would almost be in control.

CENSORING EXPRESSION IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE THE WAY! You don't even realize it, but the true problem is that you fear sex. You fear sex because it is the last animal impulse that remains in your being! Thousands of years ago we began constraining and repressing sex because we had no better ways of teaching each other that incest was wrong. I'd like to believe that we have come a long way from that and that we can talk about and discuss things to be able to understand them, not shutting them up and making them taboo!

Wanting to have sex is the most rational, true, honest feeling and need that a living being can have because it is in its nature to have to keep its own kind alive. It is in the deepest corners of our nature which we have buried under thousands of years of de-naturalizing ourselves. Do not and never forget that beneath all the layers of socialization that cover us, we are still animals!

Why not talk about the things that make you sick of hearing about sex? Why not question why those things exist in the first place? Why not go a step further and start asking yourself what kind of a society we live in which transforms sex into a commodity, into a tool?

Our "rationality" teaches us to repress it; it teaches us to feel embarassed by our sexuality. The only thing we have to do is learn how to understand it, to educate our children about it, bring sex out in the open and embrace the very thing that brought you and me into this world!

The root of all prejudice begins with the prejudice that the human species has towards itself.
Worth the Wait truly Rocks! Finally a group that promotes purity! I am on board and this is coming from a delivered "lesbian!"

Worth the Wait is not just about waiting until marriage. Its about maintaining a life of righteousness and purity! What's the motiviation behind it?? It's simply God Pleasing! I made a decision to please God before my own "fleshly" desires. When I made that decision HE began to move in my life! Now I can say that today I have been out of the gay lifestyle for a couple of years and I'm living a life of purity until marriage. And guess what?? I have absolutely NO desire to return to my former ways. Worth the Wait is simply for Purity as it pertains to the Word of God. Everyone may not feel that they can get with that and hey that's your choice! But defintely give props to a group that's doing something out of the norm for todays SEX filled and SEX crazed society.
I admire anyone who can abstain from sexual immorality and make decisions to stand up for righteousness in a society that speaks against it!

Great job Worth the Wait!
This is stupid. Research has shown time and time again that abstinence programs don't work and that people who engage in sex before marriage have better sex lives during marriage. It's just another deluded Christian event and that's evident from all the "God blesses" in the comments.
I might venture to say (and I'm sure my husband would agree) that it was my sensible and responsible sexual experience with previous partners that made me 'worth the wait'. I wouldn't advocate promiscuity by any means, but I can hardly agree that it's 'worth waiting for' someone who has no clue how to please you in the sack.
It's great to see young people putting out such a positive message for our peers. There seems to be so much negativity out there and rarely anyone wants to tell us what we really need to hear. If someone my age had told me that I was worth the wait, I may have taken it more seriously than older people who seemingly just want you to do what they want you to do.

Thanks for bringing some positivity into the world again!
WHY are you saving sex for marriage? Why bother?

How is it physically and emotionally possible for you all to postpone sex until marriage when most young people, and even adults, don't think it's humanly possible for singles, especially young adults, to HAVE CONTROL over their sexual drive?
What is the group's view on those of the asexual orientation, such as myself?
Oh,so cool an organization,why not hear about eaier? 2 year ago, i met my boy friend on after nearly one year, we got married. indeed we take each other just as this organization said "I Am Worth the Wait",my husband even took more sensible and responsible sexual experience...we have search such an orgnization, but never know it was exsited. we may jion it.
Why should healthy, rational, educated, consenting adults be encouraged to abstain until marriage? Having had limited sexual experience upon marrying neither increases nor decreases a partner's "value." That someone is willing to wait to have sex with someone else in no way evidences that potential partner's "worth," and it offends me when groups like this try to attach a "value" to virginity. People who abstain until marriage are not "worth" more than people who do not, and I am sick of pro-abstinence groups attempting to convince this nation's youth otherwise. Premartial sex does not diminish a person's value as a person or as a potential spouse.

And by that, I mean, it was worth it to wait until I was emotionally and physically ready. no one should have sex until they decide for themselves that they are ready. THIS is what young people should be taught. the decision to wait until marriage has its religious reasons, sure, but it certainly doesn't mean that that is the universal point in life when people are ready to have sex.

As someone who's not religious, I see no point in declaring an event as a signal for being ready for sex. If you guys do, alrighty, go for it. But just because you waited until this arbitrary event to have sex does NOT mean that you have better or worse judgement than anyone who decides to have sex before marriage. You just made a DIFFERENT decision, that's all. I'm not judging you for waiting - it's not my cup of tea, but I'm not judging. Don't judge me for having sex.
This organization is sooooo hot! They are fly with style and represent for the kingdom like no other. Its great to know that there are people out there who love GOD and won't compromise their beliefs, morals and values for the "standard". They have proven that integrity, obedience and character is not a thing of the past. No matter what anyone says, keep it going worth the wait!
Is a partner worth waiting for, or is he/she worth practicing for?
I just wanted to add a different view point. I dont believe in marriage. I think it's an archaic tradition that came about out of a need to control women and their off-springs. So, while I admire that you want people to be safe, abstinance until marriage is just not a good option for everyone. I simply don't belive that getting married magically makes you able to handle all the issues that come with sex. Having sex at a young age can be damaging, but the answer is not abstinence, but education. We must teach scientifically accurate sex education to all young people to help them make the best choices, which for some people will be sex.
OK everyone...Lets keep it very real...

First... Folks SERIOUSLY... RELAX!!!! no need to get all WORKED up!

Secondly... Life is FILLED with choices. You wake up every morning, and you're faced with choices.. Do I brush my teeth, do I take a Shower... Do I go to work today... Humm.. Decisions Decision.

Some choices are easier to make than others. but EVERY choice carries a consequence (ie, a result) be it Positive or Negative. THAT'S ALL this group is offering, a CHOICE.. an alternative to what has become "the norm."

And you too have a choice... To take it.. .OR LEAVE it. No one is forcing anyone. No arms are being broken, no fingers being twisted or ears being squeezed. It’s really quite a simple process this "choice" thing!

(That goes out to all the comments suggesting that this group is FORCING their beliefs on others...)

Thirdly-- ANYONE who is ALIVE can make the argument (if we want to go down the "forcing stuff on folks" route that anytime you see a billboard or a commercial, SOMEBODY IS FORCING SOMETHING on you! Its part of this BILLION DOLLAR industry they call... Uhh.. what's the name.. Oh yea, that's it.. MARKETING! Wow! AMAZING! It's the reason why you have your polo shirt on with your collar popped, it the reason why you're drinking your DIET Coke EVERY MORNING, or grabbing a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks... Did ANYONE FORCE you to do that? its debatable, but like this group.... they presented you with an option, A CHOICE... and guess what... YOU TOOK IT!! Would you LOOK AT THAT!

I'm worth the Wait... You, should try it sometime

PS (that Doesn't mean that I live in a bubble and DON'T think about Sex at all! Quite the contrary. There are too many BEAUTIFUL men in this world not to think about sex...but here's what I do with that thought... I DON'T ACT ON IT... (I know…Mind-blowing right?)
This group is Amazing!! People let thier fleshly views dictate and justify the fact that they are disobeying "GOD" It's easy to make excuses and justifications for doing whats wrong... It takes a real man or woman to stand up for "GOD's" laws and not make excuses for being WEAK and ruled by your flesh...
Good Afternoon,

Dr. Marsh and the Worth the Wait pioneers. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and standing up for the right thing. All people need to hear this!!! So many of the bloggers are focusing in on young people and what they can't do but they are not abstaining because they don't want to, they are not being taught it is possible. Dr. Marsh and friends do not become discouraged by people who do not agree what the job and the message that the Lord has set before. Keep forth in the name of JESUS!!!! BE BLESSED and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Keep up the Good Work to all the Worth the Wait staff and participants!!
I think it is a beautiful things to practice abstinence until marriage.

This is the way God has intended it to be. I am now 50 still waiting, and I am very proud to say this.

These Young people are so beautiful and so am I.
This is what I'm talking about! Young people standing for something worthwhile! In an age of blantant disregard for sex, it's AWESOME to see young people holding fast to God's principals concerning not only the sanctity of sex within marriage but sexual purity as a whole. This speaks volumes to today's society.
I am worth the wait!! Something I have believed for many years in of my life. This is not just a club, group, but it is a movement, a REVOLUTION!! That gives a whole new meaning to the concept.

I have read and heard many comments referring to those (us) who choose to wait as scared of sex, or pushing our beliefs onto others. Guilty conscience!! Who in the world said we were scared, how about smart and wise. Just because we decided to take a more spiritually, focused, emotionally intimate route according to the Lords way does not me we are scared. We are just different and we understand that, we know we are set aside, a peculiar people, choosing a different path. Let it be known, we are just waiting, not scared.

Second, no one is pushing his or her beliefs and values on anyone; we are just making a statement. What you do with that is totally up to you. We have chosen to follow the Lord's call and plan for our lives with joy and others in one accord. Now, if you are convicted, maybe you should seek the Lord, look within and maybe you will find that "still small voice" whispering in your ear, "come onto me", "turn your life around", etc. Now what you do with it should not be taken out on others.

We are a chosen generation set aside for such a time as this, who has decided to wait to have sexual intimacy with our loved one, give to use from the Lord, until our wedding not as the Lord planned in that orderly fashion.

I hope you first choose Christ then choose to wait, because without Christ, things can seem impossible, but with Christ are things are possible.
Just watched the show on CNN. Appalled by the statement of the 23-year old virgin on curing homosexuality in their organization. it's definitely a wrong approach, the organization is VERY small and they are already excluding members. it's also ridiculous how they state that not having sex before marriage COMPLETELY prevents from STI/HIV, which, of course is not true. Together with their abstinence campaign, they should advocate abstinence from extra-marital sexual relations, which unfortunately, happen often. just an unrealistic short in members campaign that is doomed to fail. now instead of having sex, they are wasting their effort and time on not-having it. their mind is not clear, in fact, they are thinking abtou sex all the time.

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