Monday, September 3, 2007
Clayton Lillard
When Clayton Lillard was in the fifth grade, he saw a pair of bikes on top of a trash heap. Lillard had a bike, but he knew there were other kids in his San Antonio, Texas, community who didn't. So, instead of leaving them there, he fixed them up with the help of other neighborhood kids.

That year, Lillard teamed up with the local church's prison fellowship representative and radio station to repair 100 bikes and give them to kids whose parents were incarcerated at Christmas. The movement peddled so fast that it needed a name: Clayton's Backyard Crew. Over the last eight years, the crew has given out more than 900 bikes.

Lillard, now 18, has seen his impact with the community he established with the friends who help him work on the bikes and families who received them. "A mom with eight kids couldn't stop crying because she couldn't afford presents, much less a bike, and the kids were laughing and shouting with joy," Lillard says. That joy keeps Lillard going every year as the captain of his crew.

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My question is can this be taken a step further and have the inmates actually working on the bikes? It would be good for them to know they're directly helping the child of someone else who's in the same situation they are.
Wow Clay!!! You do rock!! What an awesome man you are.
Clayton is an amazing example for kids today!!
What a great idea. You are a selfless and caring young man who is giving so much to your community and helping to change lives. Kudos Clayton -- you make Texans proud. mr-austin
-Clayton...awesome idea. Your parents, family, friends and community should be very proud of you. I am.

Mark Johnson
Laguna Niguel, CA

You do great work, keep it up. Just wanted to let you know of a potential source for additional 2 wheelers, the local police station. For example, Stafford County VA has a lockup with at least 100 bikes just rusting away as unclaimed stolen property. Give the Sheriff a call and maybe you cn bust them out and doo some more good!
The world needs more inspirational people such as yourself. keep doing those good deeds , so many people are being touched by what your good heart has to offer. You and your friends should be proud
Wow! You're just the kind of leader that we want and need in our schools. Keep it up!
I am from San Antonio but stationed here in Ft. Campbell KY. Good job Clay, keep San Antonio on the map!!

You are an amazing young man!! How proud of you your parents and community should be. I commend you for your compassion and ingenuity, as well as your parents for what a bright, caring young man they have raised!! Keep up the good work, others should follow in your footsteps!
My son is a 5th grader with a similar heart - always looking out for those that can't help themselves. Because he's young, he sometimes thinks he has to wait until he's big to do something big. I will print this article for inspiration for him. Thanks for setting such a good example!
I wanted to say this is such a selfless act... I know that the people you have helped enjoy and appreciate what you have done. I myself have not received anything from you. I however would like to thank you for putting smiles on the families faces that received these bikes. that is something I always want to do is to make people smile... It seems you have done that to a lot of people already in your life. Good for you!
Wow Clay!!! Hey everybody, what kind of world will it be if everyone of us DOES SOMETHING ???
we do spend too much time critizicing others and not being a positive influence in the world ...

Great Job. May many blessings rain down on you. You are truely a blessing to others and are highly favored for your good deeds.

The Eckermann Family

ps. Let me know if you need more bikes. I work for a major corporation and may be able to reach out to my coworkers for bike donations for you.
Great job Clayton!
I think this is good because idont think young kids can have fun without bikes.
I thnk that what lillard is doing is awesome! every movement to help people starts with someone observing he problem, and developing a good thought on how to help others. keep up the good work!
I bet you changed alot of little kids life in really good way. You are a very generouse man:]
i think this is one of the nicest things i have ever heard, i know some people would take a bike out of the trash and fix it up for them selves, but i have never heard that someone would do that for people they have never even met that is deffinately a sign of good character, he really does rock, he has helped many kids and is truly a good hearted person.
i think that clayton is an awesome person doing this for his community since he was 10 that rocks
That's quite a number to keep up. And it was all for the better good.
I think thats a good thing that you give people bikes and repair them. Your doing something good for people. Keep it up. Good for you.
Amazing! You inspired me with your selfless act. God bless you.

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