Monday, September 17, 2007
Ben Goldhirsh
Whoever said, "what's in a name?" didn't meet Ben Goldhirsh. I guess we'll never know much about those who spew what's now a cliché, but Goldhirsh's name is good to know.

So is the name of Goldhirsh's magazine, appropriately titled GOOD. The magazine is just that -- stories about culturally-conscious young people and their take on energy, politics and business. The subscription fees all go one of 12 approved charities such as UNICEF.

And, there's a lot to the name of his film company. Reason Pictures makes films with, you guessed it, a reason -- socially relevant stories sans the sex, gore and drugs that often hide a deeper message.

Endowed with a ginormous inheritance from his father, Bernie Goldhirsh, who started and sold Inc. magazine, the 26-year-old Goldhirsh is making his own name, while upholding the good that was already synonymous with the one he had.

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Good man, eventually positive media will catch on. People need to know that there is GOOD in this world since all we hear about is the BAD.
The quote, "What's in a name?", came from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Act II, where Juliet, from her balcony, says, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

--From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)
-Good For You Ben...a very great idea. The best of luck to you.

Mark Johnson
Laguna Niguel, CA
It is so refreshing to hear about the GOOD people are doing in the world. It really depresses me to hear all the political bickering and violence in the world. I am going to get a subscription to this magazine and show it to other people to help inspire them to do good too!

Chicago, IL
THIS is a great story. You should move it up towards the headlines. Thank you for spreading the awareness of this publication and the works of its founder!
I am a proud subscriber of GOOD magazine. It empitomizes my idea of a cultural magazine that is both educationally broadening and entertaining. The writers have a way of making issues that I would otherwise take no interest in, very inspiring. I have already bought subscriptions for two other of my friends and recommend it to anybody that is looking for a sigh of relief from the fear-based journalism we so often read.
I am an intern at Human Rights Watch and we had an event this past weekend for which Ben Goldhirsh donated many of his GOOD magazines. I, along with most other guests, took one home and am very impressed. It is so refreshing to read about the good that is going on in this country since the news is so often skewed to the bad. It is also very inspiring. I'd like to say well done to Ben.
GOOD is a thought provoking magazine. Well worth a read.
As a Journalist, I'll say this has been a long time coming. Bravo Ben!
I was once doing media research for a client of ours, and GOOD Magazine was one publication we came across. Great articles, great editorial, great mag.

I encourage anyone if they see a copy - buy one, and you'll be hooked. Awesome stuff

Matt, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Really folks...someone please tell me why I should care what some rich guy does with all the money he doesn't need. Tell us a story about an immigrant mother with three kids and two jobs who uses every ounce of energy and fortitude she has just to keep a roof over their heads. Let's talk about reality for a change. I'll raise my arms and applaud her before I'll slap the back of some Ferrari-drivin' philanthropist. Get a clue.

Ben, Chicago, Illinois
I love GOOD magazine! It is well worth the time to sit down and read, share with your friends, make everyone aware.

Thank you for creating something that appeals to a yunger audience.
Rich, sexy and brilliant! I wish all men came in packages this size! I look forward to my first copy of the magazine!
My cousin!!! GREAT JOB BEN!!! kepp up the good work!
I wish more people would understand that news sells, not just bad news. thanks Ben~!
This is such a great idea. It's good to see young people doing good in the community.
That is the best magazine, The most phenomenal piece of artwork I have ever seen in my life, for a magazine. Good Job!!!!!!!!! I read every little word in there like a book. Much inspired! I plan on buying a lot of people this magazine subscription. And on top of that I aspire to place my future goals to help the environment inside this magazine. Many Ideas!

I am 23.
Hi Ben,
Well, this link took me to GOOD Mag's website, and I've created a profile and will be a frequent visitor from now on. What caught my attention was your piece on Motorbike Doctors. Great service that they are providing, I'm so glad you've given them the credit they are due.

Cheers from Sunny South Africa

26 yo - Johannesburg, South Africa
I think I need a little more GOOD in my life. Thanks Ben.
I think this is great! Hey Ben from Chicago (see comment below), what is so bad about somebody who has been blessed with wealth doing something to promote "Good"?
You must be the Ben Goldhirsh who lived across the woods from us in Lincoln! Your dad took our daughter to school everyday for a year when he drove your sister. I still have the glass bowl your mom gave me. I'm not surprised that you have created a positive magazine as you come from a wonderful family. When I tell people about GOOD they are so pleased to hear that someone is finally publishing good news and helpful information for young adults. Its even more incredible that you are donating the subscription fees to charity. Well done Ben!

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