Monday, July 2, 2007
Adora Svitak
Adora Svitak types 70 words per minute, reads two to three books per day and writes about 100 short stories and poems per year. And per our calculations, that makes Adora one prolific 9-year-old.

Adora has been known as a "literary prodigy" since her first published book, "Flying Fingers," which contains stories, poems and a step-by-step instructional manual for parents and teachers to encourage kids to write.

As the representative for Verizon's literacy campaign, Adora reaches thousands of people around the world with a message: Young people should love reading and writing.

Her passion is evident from each story she puts out on her blog or Web site -- from fantasy adventure to contemporary stories to historical fiction. Oh, the only thing she wants one of per lifetime is a Nobel Prize in literature.

Update: Watch the Live interview
Hi Adora,
As an old lady, I'm curious if you have a favorite historical era in which you like to set stories? How do you research other times? Have you anything historical published on line that I can read?
Ancient One
Adora is, indeed, a young person who rocks!
Hey Adora - What's your website or blogsite? I'd love to read some of your stories. dobie

what you are doing is great and you are right, kids should want to read and write. So many times math is looked upon as the most prominent subject, but i refute that argument. Literature sparks knowledge which leads to enlightenement, which leads to change. Keep doing your thing girl!
How do we inspire our kids today?

What's your favorite book? Your favorite author? Who inspired you to read and write?
Is this the same Adora that attended H.O.M.E. program?

Thank you for being a great role model! We wish you and your family well.
Best Regards,
A H.O.M.E. Family
To Dobie Dolphin : Here is Adora's Blog -
Hi Adora,

How did your family encourage you to read and write when you were younger? I would like to do the same for my child.

An Expecting Father
Who is your favorite poet, and why?
When did you start writing?

Truly an amazing child. What would she say is the single most motivating factor in getting a child to want to read?
Considering how much you've accomplished as a child is there anything you look forward when you become an adult?

Some people say that homeschooling makes it hard for kids to deal with the real world but you seem to handle other people extremely well. Do you think you've been so successful because you're homeschooling or in spite of homeschooling? What would be your advice to other kids who want to school at home so they can concentrate on something like writing?

Wow! That is so cool! I am 12 years old and am writing my own fantasy novel, and was wondering what company would publish work by a homeschooled 12-year-old girl. You certainly worked your way past that problem!!! Kids should certainly want to read and write, as I think it is the doorway to every other subject. A question... Who is your favorite author? Go, young writers!!!

Signed, Maggie
It is a great inspiration to read about you and all your acheivements as a young 9 years old girl. In the early 70s and 80s, the Catholic nuns were mostly involved in running orphanages all over African continents especially Nigeria in West Africa. It is also a wonderful thing to know that a lot more social assistance have been and currently extended to the underserved/underprivileged children of Africa.

I represent Children's Orphanage and Youth Foundation assisting these underserved children of the world especially in the African Countries. We are currently working on promoting children's education in Nigeria and strictly working with Catholic Nuns and Anglican/Catholic Bishops. We may need mostly children's books if you can assist us. I can be reached at

Congratulations in all your good course acheivements.
Hey Adora!

It's me! Your pen-pal! My computer FINALLY let me see your interview. I loved it! You really inspired me.

Keep writing! You rock!

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