Monday, June 25, 2007
Michael Sessions
"I run this town." It's usually a line from movies and the young showoffs saying it don't actually run anything. But, at 19, Michael Sessions really runs a town. He runs Hillsdale, Michigan, a community of some 8,000 people in southern Michigan.

Last year Sessions beat out the 51-year-old incumbent mayor to officially become the youngest mayor in the United States while he was still in high school. He registered to vote the day he turned 18 and became a write-in candidate with an energetic, successful campaign the very next day. Now, Sessions is in his first year of school at Hillsdale College and his second year as mayor at City Hall.

With media coverage from all around the world, Session remains humble and friendly as can be. "I run this town" are words that probably wouldn't come out of his mouth. But if you're ever in Hillsdale, Sessions says feel free to e-mail him anytime for a personal tour.

Update: Watch the Live interview
That is so cool that he is the mayor and he is only 19 years old. Some day I hope that I can be president. I dont care if I am a girl. Maybe one day I can really make a difference just like him.
Congrats!! Keep up the good work and never let your energy diminish.
I hope more young people follow your example.

Hey Anonymous can be anything you want to be...don't EVER apologize for being a girl. Don't EVER let anybody tell you it is a hinderance. If Mr. Sessions inspires you, let him inspire you to be the best "person" you can be. I hope this reaches you and other younge people that think anything in their lives might hold them back...plow through it all and be the generation of poeple that unite the world! We need all of you!
Most impressive things i have ever heard. Good job and keep it up!!! we need youngester like him.
Town of 8,000? I'm not impressed.
To the person who is "not impressed" I have three questions for you: 1) How old are you? -2) What have you done with your life?
3) And have your choices ever affected 8,000 people?

To this young mayor...congratulations and good luck. You are a great example to young adults around this country.
wow, it's so incredible that he's the mayor at 19! my mom would be so proud, she's all about initiative. well, michael, keep up the good work and run that city right!
I had to do a double take on the date of some of the comments here.
The mayor plead guilty to committing computer crimes against his campaign manager and harrasing his mother, on July 2nd, 2007. Strange but true.

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