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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Hillary's New Deal
Dean Turnbloom
From cartoonist Dean Turnbloom
See more of his work
Ain't it the truth...that's the way it is with Democrats...Hillary giveth and Hillary taketh away!!
Well Anon, that's easy to say so flippantly. Yes, the democrats, so fiscally unsound.

Wait a minute, who got us into a pointless war spending uncounted hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars without a clue where the money's coming from? Oh, that's right, the "fiscally conservative" republicans.

How dare anyone on the right say anything about budgets. We had a surplus, it's now a deficit. Who do you think is going to pay for the last 5 years of war? That's right, you and I will. But it's going to fall on a democrat to break the bad news to the people that taxes need to go up because the republicans don't have the guts.

Now I'm no fan of Hillary but there is no question that "King" George is a far worse manager of the purse strings.

It's been awhile since I've dropped by, but I see you are still as clueless as ever.

Pointless war? The point of the war was to remove a madman from power who, by all intelligence accounts, had weapons of mass destruction and who would not be hesitant to allow some malcontent third world jihadists unleash them on your unsuspecting a**. After all, he'd used them on his own people, at least twice, not to mention having used them on the Iranians.

...and how do you even know what the politics of Mr. Anon is? All he did to incur your rancor was to observe and appreciate a very cogent and well articulated cartoon.

I do agree that the Republicans have been very poor at putting a cap on spending, but I don't think Hillary or her crew would be any better...in fact, far worse, which brings us back to the cartoon, which is not only funny, but highly prophetic should she take office and implement the "Baby Bond".

The war, was not about removing him from power. The war as sold to us was about removing the weapons of mass destruction that we "knew" were there. Despite the fact that everyone else said otherwise and that the UN inspectors had said weren't there. Oh by the way, they were right inspections were working.

The war was to stop an "IMMINENT THREAT to the United States" There was no threat and everyone but a few people in power seemed to know it.

As for Anon's politics, they were clear as I'm sure he intended when he dumped all democrats in the same category. In any case what do you think will happen if a republican is elected? He'll have to raise taxes because the country is broke.

Maybe that's why there are no good candidates on that side. They may want to lose the election so as not to take the blame for what has to happen.

Would you equally lambaste a republican for raising taxes? Somehow I doubt it.
I agree with Chuck a good bit there.

Democrats are the 'Robin Hood' party...The rich and powerful politicians taking from the middle class and giving to the poor. I EARNED everything I have. Why should I be FORCED to give my money away when I don't get the choice of who to give it to? Since when does ANYONE get the right to FORCE me what charity to give to?

I want LESS government CONTROL OF MY LIFE.

Wake up Donkeys!! Socialism will not work.
Hillary is doing nothing more than taking a stab at less educated voters. The idea that the Govt can dispense these funds while telling us that OUR Social Security is in jeopardy is ludicrous. Meanwhile the GOP pundits refer to SS as an "entitlement" as if it were a bad thing. We've all who work, pumped money into the SS system only to have stupid politicians invade the fund and place our old age in peril. As far as I'm concerned, the 5000 dollars can be placed into our Social Security fund and the best and brightest can prove themselves by earning their own way through this life.
Okay, I get it.

It's BAD to take our money and give it to the poor without asking us, Bad Democrats.


It's GOOD to take our money and give it to rich executives with government defense contracts without asking us, good Republicans.

Come on people, listen to what you're saying.
As a parent of teenagers that is dealing with the downside of the entitlement issues that our youth cultures have manifested, Hillary's "idea" to give kids money at birth is especially thoughtless.

Perhaps she could work on an idea to reward productive societal behavior by those that commit to the nation’s common goals.
Hillary's hustle
Right now, I am sitting here scratching my head, trying to figure out how Hillary Clinton, if elected, or anyone who is on this ridiculous bandwagon, can mandate that everyone in the United States will be required to have health insurance.

To paraphrase a quote I read: "It will be the same as drivers being required to have car insurance." Yeah? She should know from personal experience that not everyone drives; but everyone lives! So, if you don't purchase health insurance, will they revoke your birth certificate?
Kyle Culley
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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