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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Caption challenge: Cat opts for bird's-eye view
Loco news interviewWe're reviving the caption challenge, Warp CNN readers. Take a look at this cat. The one at the top of the pole. His name is Vampire and he stayed up there from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on September 16.

What do you think is going on here? What is this feline doing? Did he decide that he needed to get closer to the birds, or was this simply a scratching post scratch gone awry? From the looks of it, Vampire has exceeded the height of the bird at the top of that weather vane.

We're asking you to inform us of the true nature of this situation. Post a comment below and we'll feature the best caption as a post on Warp CNN, the most trusted name in news satire. And if you don't, we can't say we'll stick you on top of that pole, but let's just say that you don't want to mess with anything involving vampires.

* Be funny: Take us to new heights of laughter.
* Keep it short: Aim for about one line, or something short enough to fit in the limited space allowed by the Warp CNN Caption-o-Matic.

Loco news interviewHere's some fodder for your funnybone: Larry Richardson of Booneville, Arkansas, is the owner of 7-year-old, 20-pound Vampire. The image at right is a close-up shot of Vampire at the top of the pole. Richardson says the cat's name comes from his extra front teeth, which give him a "saber-toothed" appearance.

It was the wrath of Richardson's feisty rat terrier, Pete, that drove Vampire up to a comfortable perch on the pole. Richardson says Vampire even dozed off for a bit while up there. The cat finally came down on his own, but Richardson didn't see this occur. He found Vampire chilling out on the back porch like he normally does.

So with these elements in place, elevate your humorous senses and post your funny caption ideas.
One of these days I'll be the supreme ruler and you all will bow down to me!
"Dang, I've never seen a WHITE polecat before." (rimshot)
Cat is a papparazzi trying to imitate birds' activities..hehehe..
hmmm maybe I should turn my blowdryer to "lo" next time
"As soon darkness falls I'll spread my wings and you'll be sorry... (geez, I hope I don't get my fangs caught on that power line)"
You think I am eating that cat food from CHINA? Try and make me...
You didn't think I got the name Vampire by chasing yarnball, did ya?
"Darn, I climbed the wrong pole"
Meow, ... Meow. What do you mean I'm not suppose to be up here. This is where all the other birds are.
I wish I had an exit strategy.
Can somebody tell me why I am sitting on this giant lincoln log?
Hmmm.It really is lonely at the top.
Dive bombing deviants beware!Pigeon patrol prepared to pounce.
Wow, that was a close call with Fido...I'm just as white as a ghost!!
In an attempt to save taxpayers money, the city of Podunk utilizes their CAT scan as a red light surveillance camera.
After several months of surveillance, police finally figured out who was splicing wires and stealing cable tv. It was none other than Vampire the Cat.
I'm on ur pole, stealin' ur power.
"The GPS says this is the right spot, but there's nothing here." (A tense scene from Animal Planet's new show, "Geocache Cat".)
Hey there's my catnip toy! Good thing I came up here. I knew I brought it outside.
You think this is bad, you should see the Beagle on the next pole!
At 3 pm on September 16, the wind finally changed direction and Vampire the cat won the staring contest.

Paul T., Zeeland, Michigan
"I said my name is Gandalf and you're supposed to fly over here and rescue me!! HELLO??!?
And here's young Vampire, testing to see if the old saying, cats always land on their feet, can be proven true. We know you can do it Vampire! But of course the bouncehouse on the ground is always a liability to fall back on.
That's odd....the brochure made this place seem so much nicer.
Sadly, in his later years, Mr. Mistoffelees became less and less magical.
Although the view was certainly impressive, Felix found the brochure made it seem better than it really was.
"I'm stuck on top of this power pole, and I've got this nagging feeling that people have made at least 26 comments about my predicament."
Says the cat… “Bwah hah hah haa... I got the parakeet, and now you can’t reach me to do anything about it. I purr in your general direction.”
10 to 12. They said 10 to 12. I don't see no cable trucks. I better get something free.
Vampire suddenly realized that that cats can only climb up.
"You lookin' at me ? You lookin' at me ? Like you never saw a polecat before ?"
So now you want me to walk the tight rope?
The flood water is gone,,, I guess FEMA isn't coming!
Geesh, I ran away to join the circus to walk a TIGHTROPE...not to be a cat on a hot (tin) wire!!
fe - line
If that bird moves one more time I'm having lunch.
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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