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Monday, July 09, 2007
Prison Time
Brixton Doyle
From cartoonist Brixton Doyle
See more of his work
This aptly points out the lies this administration tells every time they claim to support the troops. This administration only supports itself.

Mr. president, it takes more than a statement of support to help our troops, it takes action.
Poignant and insightful.

What must it be like for these men and women, sent thousands of miles from home by poseurs and equivocators? Each time it seems like the half-truths and sleight-of-hand can get no worse, the administration sinks to new lows.

History will characterize these years as a low-point for the US; I only wish more of our men and women in the armed services will be around to read about it.
Poignant and insightful? What a load of crap! How does this guy think he can speak for the troops in the field? 'Cause that's what he'd be thinking? Ha! That's why he's sitting safe and sound, whining about something he knows very little about....patriotism.

Thank you for your observation that my opinion of this cartoon is "a load of crap." It is good to see that tolerance and respect for the opinions of others are still alive and well in your America.

I will try to make this simple and use small words you can understand. First of all, how is ANYTHING portrayed in this cartoon "whining about ... patriotism"? It seems that with the pro-war pro-Bush crowd (and I am making the fairly obvious leap that you fall squarely in this ever-diminishing camp) anyone who expresses doubt about the validity of the war is labeled as unpatriotic.

Despite the rantings of our president and his cabinet of misfit toys, patriotism does NOT equate to blindly agreeing with everything that the government says. Look it up; patriotism is "love of, dedication to, and willingness to sacrifice for one's country." Not dedication to the policies or idealogies of the country's leaders, but to the country.

So, if a country's leaders fabricate rationale to go to war, give false progress reports to the country's citizens about the progress of the war ("Mission Accomplished!?!?!?" ... Hardly!), constantly change the reasoning behind prolonging the war, all the while putting the country's young men and women in uniform in harm's way to fight the ill-conceived war, then tell me, Chuck, who are the patriots? The apologists like yourself who hurl insults at citizens (like me and the cartoonist) who express their dissenting opinions, the leaders who mislead and misinform, or those of us willing to stand up and let our voices and opinions be heard, in hopes that our country's people, resources and policies will once again serve as an example - and not a lightning rod - for emerging democracies and human rights around the world?

I am confident that I know your answer, and while I will gladly give my life defending your right as an American to have a differing opinion, I would be just as happy if I didn't have to hear it.

We are all less "safe and sound" these days because of the misguided leadership of an inept few and the mindless jingoistic support of a short-sighted and uninformed mob. The mob is dispersing, Chuck - the patriots are standing up to the near-sighted hawks, and the tide may finally be turning.

I suggest you and Scooter Libby make a date and start weaving welcome home baskets for our troops - it is likely to be the only tangible benefit they will receive from the current administration once their time in harm's way comes to an overdue end.
Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,

Do you really think ALL the troops are rah rah about getting killed for the president's lie?

Personally, I would want to know why my president would play stupid vengeful games with an intelligence officer. Don't they get us info that may help us? Help keep us alive?

Also where is it written that to be patriotic we can't question or doubt our leaders, that we must follow blindly their orders without question...Oh right! Wasn't that Mein Kampf? Or was it in Mao's Little Red Book?

I forget which.
I am sure Chuck is right. I am sure that all the troops are so happy that their glorious leader saw fit to grant clemency to Scooter Libby for lying to the grand jury about the events surrounding the "outing" of a CIA undercover operative. I'll bet they had parties celebrating Scooter's newfound freedom and would be dancing in the streets if they weren't so busy avoiding getting shot at.
Wow...it's kind of interesting how ably I can push a few buttons and get all the lefties to fall out of the closet.

Andrew, I don't respect your opinion, I'm sorry, I just don't believe it is well informed. First of all, I am not "pro-war"...isn't that a bit like saying someone is "pro-abortion"? Think about it. I am, however very pro-America and preserving America as a free country, where even you are able to spew your "poignant", if ill-informed opinions.

Whether you like it or not or even believe it, we are in a war with extremist jihadists who, despite the claims of the left, are not "protesting" American foreign policy, they are aiming to create a worldwide caliphate, where you will not only be unable to speak your mind, but you will not even be able to exist unless you follow their religious beliefs....but I'm sure you don't believe that...oh no...so how do you and your ilk respond? by telling those brave men and women who are protecting your 'ass'ets they are being used as pawns...great for morale, but you don't really care about them as long as you get your point across...

...and as for Michael and the comment about the Mein Kampf and Mao's litter red book, why don't you pull out your dog-eared copies and look it up!
Chuck, once again, misses the mark.

The cartoon is primarily a comment on the pardoning of a convicted perjurist. Chuck sees fit to spin this into one of his repetitive screeds on why anyone who has the temerity to disagree with current foreign policy is either anti-American, or at the least not "supporting" the troops. His accusations don't stand up to scrutiny and are in fact wrong.

"Pro-war" in the context of my comment means "supporting the war in Iraq as a righteous and justified war" - but then you knew that, and you were using cheap semantics to make a weak point.

I do not disagree that we are at war with the religious fanatics - that war arrived on our doorstep forever on 9/11 and was building up for years before. What I believe is absolutely 100% false and is a classic example of this administration's revisionist history is that the invasion of Iraq was a step in some grand plan to fight this global war.

If ANYONE in the Bush administration could articulate anything close to a comprehensive plan for fighting a global war on terror, I'd be behind it 100%. However, "liberating" Iraq (as great as that may have been for the oppressed Iraqi people, and the jury is still out on that) and policing Afghanistan falls far short of waging a global war on terror. We have managed to allow Iraq to spiral into a civil war while barely making a dent in Al Qaeda.

I am grateful for the sacrifices made by each member of the armed services, and it is immature and underhanded of you and the rest of the conservative apologists to equate disagreeing with the rationale of the war with not supporting the troops. The crime here is that our troops are being asked to fight an utterly ineffective, badly planned, mis-guided, mis-directed war.
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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