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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Drawing on gun control
The latest installment of "Drawing On" finds three I-Report cartoonists offering their own unique takes on the long debated, politically charged issue of gun control. (Check out the earlier rounds here: Don Imus, Barry Bonds, "300" , U.S. attorneys, Gas prices, Walter Reed, Academy Awards, Iran and Iraq, Anna Nicole Smith.)

Scroll down to see them all, then let us know which one you like best -- and why -- by posting a comment. Better yet, send your own cartoon response.

Dean Turnbloom Take 1: 'Gun Ban’
From cartoonist Dean Turnbloom
See more of his work

Brixton Doyle Take 2: 'Old Gory'
From cartoonist Brixton Doyle
See more of his work

Jim Brenneman Take 3: 'Self control'
From cartoonist Jim Brenneman
See more of his work

OK, there you have it, now let’s talk. Sound off by sending a comment, or pick up your pen and draw your own take on this week's topic.
Again, like the VT 'cartoons' which you posted no comments about, these are sick. In fact, like the English professor who tried to get help for Cho because of his plays, I would suggest that the cartoonists, as well as the people who chose to post these, need serious mental health evaluations.

Sick and offensive.
Actally, linda, the third one isn't as offensive as the other two are. The truth is that we, as a nation, have come to a point where we don't have any self control when it comes to gun control. If you go through any one neighborhood, I bet you'll find at least a few fire arms in one form or another. Maybe even more in the same household. Not only that, but unstable people like Cho can purchase a gun without a problem. We need to nip this gun control in the bud right now. Enough blood has been spilled and enough graves have been filled over this. At this rate, the next tragedy might be worse than VT. Well, that my two cents.
While the first cartoon seems to want to change the topic from one issue to another, the second is somewhat offensive, but only because the problem is offensive. The fact that Cho could legally buy a gun with his background shows a national problem the founding fathers never meant to protect with the 2nd ammendment. And the third one just makes us look at ourselves to find the solution because we need to give up the silly notion that we all need assault weapons for personal defense or hunting.

Linda, like the VT 'cartoons' These are comments on serious issues. If the artists were poking fun, I could see being offended but I thought the artists showed tact & good taste in presenting their feelings.
Hitler tried gun control. Then the gov'ts SS had no worries. In this country called America, the criminals will have no worries if the communistic Hitlerite Left gets control. Gun deaths compared to all other deaths are a small percentage that would get smaller if criminals new they would have opposition. The self-control cartoonist did the best.
Let's see. 11,000 gun deaths a year.

Hundreds of Thousands of abortions in that same time.

I don't see the comparison.
Does anyone really think this nation would crumble into a morass of criminalization if a waiting period for a background check and training in proper gun use, storage and safety?

I enjoy target shooting and I have a wife and kids at home to protect. If I wanted a gun and could legally get one using a process similar to that used for cars, I'd be fine with that. ANYONE who can't wait, or who can't take a background check, shouldn't be armed in the first place.

I don't need some over-eager, gun toting, John Wayne wannabe blasting away when he thinks there might be a problem.

"ANYONE who can't wait... shouldn't be armed..."

There are thousands of women every day who live in fear of their lives from abusive spouses. The day they finally draw up the courage to leave their life of abuse behind, they absolutely cannot necessarily "wait fourteen days" to get a gun to protect themselves.

Every day people get up the courage to leave physically abusive and violent partners, and they deserve every opportunity to defend themselves from the moment they walk out the door.
Chris, How many death due to car accidents, smoking, drugs, illness? does that make them all the same issue? No, Abortion is an issue that deserves debate as much as the separate issue of gun control.

Derek, So, it's vigilante justice? Those women need to seek out the police. We cannot have some frightened woman who just got up the courage to leave blasting away. Using a gun is a serious thing you need to know what you're doing. What's in the area of the target? What's behind the target? Are you in danger of shooting a child who may be nearby? Or someone outside if you miss? Abused spouses absolutely need help but if she can get to a gun shop, she can get to the police station.
In 2005, over 43,000 people died on the highways of America...yet, I don't hear anyone calling for a ban on automobiles.

In 2004, there were 29,569 people who died from firearm-related deaths - 11,624 murders, 16,750 suicides, 649 accidents and 235 unknown intent. Of the murders and suicides, how many would have found another way or found an "illegal" gun is difficult to say.

Approximately 1,370,000 elective abortions occurs annually in the U.S. That's over 117 times the number of "murders" by firearms and over 46 times all of the deaths by guns.

Whose hands are bloodiest, the NRA or the "pro-choice" proponents.

Mind you, I'm kinda pro-gun. I've fired many weapons in my time, I've gone target shooting as well as hunting, with both rifle and bow. I believe people should have the right to own a gun. The problem with the gun issue, not abortion, car accidents or stubbed toes but the Gun issue is the NRA. In order to have legal guns available we need effective gun control laws, regulation and tracking. Not the watered down, confused variety of ineffective laws we have now.

Every time a reasonable debate begins on gun control however, the NRA mucks it up and makes it useless. That doesn't help. Try sticking to the topic rather than mixing in other issues (like abortion) and then we may get somewhere.

Then tackle abortion as it's own issue.
Chuck, I think you are right on. You can use statistics to try and prove anything. Context shed much more light. Just because people die from the hand of guns does not mean that we need to be banning guns...
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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