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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Worth 1,000 words
 A dog riding a toy motorcycle takes part in the “Rose Monday” street parade in Cologne, Germany.The image at left is a real news photo, no kidding. Facts and figures aside, what kind of caption would you write for this photo if accuracy were no object?

Here's what CNN.com is looking for:
• Be funny: We'll feature the best caption as a post on Warp CNN, the bread and butter of all things funny on the news.
• Keep it short: Aim for 20-50 words.

You know you want to be the top dog of the next caption challenge, so send us your best stuff by posting a comment below.

(If you're wondering what is really going on in this picture, here's the real caption: A dog riding a toy motorcycle takes part in the “Rose Monday” street parade in Cologne, Germany.)
Bob realized he was going to have trouble passing this sobriety test even before the officer got off his cycle.
Leash laws just got a whole lot more lenient.
"Ewoks! Ewoks! Ewoks on bikes!"
The German Police recently deployed its newest enforcers, and criminals have found the streets surprisingly "ruff".
Plans to cut city worker salaries and benefits take affect today.
"Speeding motorists dogged by police crackdown"
I know they're here - I can SMELL 'em!
Goodness, gracious, great paws alive!
Cat burglars beware!!!!!
" 'CHiP's: The Prequel' goes back in time a little too far" complain critics.
With dogged determination this K-9 Corps member vows to "Get his man".
To prevent racial profiling, today's police officers truly are colorblind.
The Abominable Snowman gives up life of harassing innocent mountain tourists and joins the police academy. Friends say he is trying to shed comparisons to the terrifying Abominable Snowman-esque wampa found on the frozen planet Hoth.
Where is the "K-9" aboard sign?
Sgt. Spunky is hot on the trail of the catnip cartel; and dogonnit' he's gonna catch them in their tracks!
Andy tried to warn Barney not to use extra Rogaine, but the feisty little deputy just hopped on his chopper and roared off.
Respect my authoritah!!!!!!!!!!
A bit from this furry patrol mutt, beats the shock from a stun gun; don�t it?
German residents are afraid that the Police are going to the Dogs.
Ruffio Caninezio bones up on the cycling skills he'll need in the pursuit of suspects attempting to flea.
Animal control officers in Cologne Germany revealed their latest "undercover program" at a parade on Monday. Since the program began, illegal feline activity has decreased by 80%.
Pinkie The Brain’s attempt to take over the world was thwarted yesterday by quick thinking from this police officer.
Dogged by rising gas prices?
Forget chasing the car; now it HAS to stop for me. WOOHOOOOO
"Looks like this cop has a bone to pick with me"
Cruisin' cutie canine collects kudos on Cologne's 'cycle circuit.
Poop Patrol
You should see me on a jetski.
Shaggy dog story: German police relax hair-length requirements
Frustrated law officer heading to what could be another prank "Cat in the tree emergency call".
Unable to erradicate Cat Burglars from the city, Police shift their focus to apprehending the more easily recognizable common cat.
Scruff McGruff's European counter-part, Shags McWags, on patrol.
leash laws? try leashlaw!
He thought he could save money with the less expensive werewolf potion.
That stupid cat used to laugh at me, but I'm much faster now.
New pace car ready for the 2007 Brickyard 400.
Even the most seasoned German Shepherds in the Department's K-9 Unit had to admit, little Fritzie was living proof the mandated affirmative action initiative was working out pretty darn well, despite the initial skepticism around the kennels.
Interpol's Newest K-9 Force Focuses On Cracking Down On Crime In Tight Spots.
Only 40,000 more skymiles and I can upgrade to a yugo.
The witness protection plan did not work for Anna Nicole's "Sugar Pie".
"Australian Prime Minister John Howard defied recent remarks by U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama's recent remarks that the Prime Minister's support for Iraq was 'just a bunch of empty rhetoric' by sending an elite group Motorcycle Polizei to Baghdad to help with the surge."
Now let me find the cruise control, its been 20 minutes since my last nap.
STOP! Or I'll send the man!
The wicked witch of the west unveils her new and improved army.
Note to self: cut back on doughnut intake. Belly is getting unmanageable.
Eat my dust, Lassie!
Sting Operation - 'Doggie Style'
So this is what Big Brother is really like...
Yeti's summer job.
Iraqi Police forces have modified standard police uniforms to assist the Coalition in identifying "friendlies" from the enemy in Baghdad.
Officials in Cologne Germany are set to take a bite out of crime!
As Paris Hilton came into view, FiFi took the first available mode of transportion she could find, regardless of her personal safety, and headed the other dirction!
Dog the hound hunter
Increasd feline activity in Cologne has sparked a crack down by the elite motorcycle mounted canine unit.
One day I'll get off of this beat and promoted to Cat Burglary!!
Hey, are you gonna pick that up or do I have to write you a ticket?
So... Deputy Dawg is real! Or is that Chuckleberry Hound?
Police dogs get new look, new equipment in Germany
"German undercover cop heads to dog smuggling sting."
If he didnt get this bust he would be thrown of the force for sure, since his grooming habits have been getting in the way of his job.
European police dog motorists to follow the rules of the road.
maybe the government shouldn't have cut funds to the police department after all.
No fair! I got stuck on this kiddy ride while the German Sheppard got the chopper!
New police recruits have gone to the dogs!!!
"I am not an animal", Gerhard, Germany's hairiest police officer, told interviewrs, "Stop judging me!"
"We must protect our country at every level."
Sir, step away from the fire hydrant!
A member of the Abominable Snowman Police Force works to control the crowd at the North Pole; an estimated 10,000 Arctic creatures showed up Tuesday to protest against global warming.
They'll be no hot dogging on my watch!
What? You never seen a cop before? Pull over.
new police recruit "yap-prehends" criminals
It's the last time that Feline will eat from my bowl!Pull over!
Geez, I thought piloting a plane was ruff...
"Okay buddy, step away from the cat"
German dogs forced to try new methods to catch cars on autobahn.
German government seeks alternative sources of labor during widening civil employee strikes.
I wish they would pave these roads I'm running out of Preperation-H.
City celebrates success of Canine Coppers on Choppers.
"Doggone it Chief, why do you always stick me on the motorcycle de-tail?"
That Jogger doesn't got a chance now. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!
German officials continue to deny allegtations that gene-splicing technology developed between 1942 and 1945 was used in the creation of a "super man" strain for the purpose of law enforcement. Officials quoted: "Big Brother does not exist."
Officer Fluffy was recently placed on desk duty until an investigation into his involvement in the shooting death of three cats in a Chevy Suburban in New York City. Officer Fluffy claims it was self-defense because the cats had what appeared to be weapons but were, in actuality, were weird grooming devices.
Sniffin' butts and takin' names...
Recent recruits for Canadian border patrol
Photo: Cost of Traffic Cops have Police going to the Dogs.
Excessive inbreeding creates smarter, but less intimidating, German police dog...
Officer Reinhard Hirsch has overcome a rare genetic disorder, characterized by abnormal hair growth and small stature, to become a member of Germany's world-renowned tricycle response unit.
German police officer Skotski seen chasing down chiuaua after public "tree peeing" incident.
Cheney and his hunting hounds are at it again!
Faced with overwhelming pressure to withdraw troops from Iraq, Germany's administration committed less "important" soldiers to the forces there.
Do I smell bacon?
Where's the frickin' donuts?
Fuzz: Italian Style
Italian Police are going to the Dogs! Due to budget shortfalls, Fido is being used to assist in illegal street parking in downtown Rome. With their own wheels, they keep the streets clear of violators.
I was told girls like guys in uniform.
Rosie the canine cop was dogging the scent of beer drinkers and parade poops.
Stop, or I'll shoot. Wait, I left my gun in my other backpack.
With troop reserves at an all-time low, Italy has unveiled its secret weapon: Giorgio the black-hearted killing machine.
A serial cat-burglar’s rein of terror in our community is soon to come to an end because Officer Fuzzy Beans has agreed to take the case.
After several accidents in the patrol cars the canine units were forced to use alternate modes of transportation.
New methods of cloning creates super smart dogs who can now fight crime on their own.
NATO responds to "Washington calls" to keep its troop commitments in Afghanistan.
Can Bumbles really bounce back? Heinz Guntart, 56, is best known for his role as the abominable snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Struggling to find work as an actor, we found Heinz working as a meter maid in Schenectady, NJ.
German Police introduce new "Wiener" Schnitzel delivery service.
Oh honey! Being a police officer is not child play.Why, look at that officer over there...
Today's new police dog is more compact to handle crime in crowded city streets.
An ex-police dog deals with the mid-life crisis of his owner. The owner is presumed to be overweight and lonely.
Police Academy Standards: The New Low.
I Am your worst nightmare little kitty I am a dog with a badge.
Germans are least likely to report crimes during a full moon.
We finally know who let the dogs out.
out of my way i'm out of dog biscuits!
Poochie had realized his puppyhood dream by becoming a policeman. Now he was returning to Italy to get the man who had shot his paw.
Uniform, what uniform?
Local officers in agreement that Lieutenant Larry's bark is much worse than his bite.
Oh Shih Tzu!!! It's the cops!
Guten dog!
You know what they say about Police Officers....There Bark is worse than their Bite.
Erik Estrada? He ain't got nothing on me..I'm too sexy!
With the German canine units having been trained in motor vehicle operation, now comes the arduous task of writing speeding tickets.
Taking a cue from her infant son, Britney�s recently chopped hair celebrates its newfound freedom by jumping behind the wheel of the first vehicle it sees.
He parked by my hydrant? Where's the tow truck?
"I've got the hots for that Greyhound!"
Hans naively misinterpreted his first undercover assignment after being told he would have to figure out how to infiltrate 'some long-hair motorcycle gang'.
Westminster Dog Show organizers today announced a sharp decrease in security issues this year, thanks to their new elite security team.
The German Government today unveiled its new elite security detail in anticipation of a future visit from U.S. President George W. Bush.
ok, now give the award to my human for this stupid dog trick. Sheeessshhh.
Police Impliment New Dog Training Technique;Cutback On Police Funds Continues.
Don't miss season two of "Armed and Famous, the German Beat" featuring Benji.
Woofthansa debuts its new four-on-the-floor security vehicle.
Deputy Bob Shih Tzu, pictured above on patrol, has gotten used to suspects cursing at him. Strangely, they always use the same four-letter word.
"One more 'Deputy Dawg' comment, & someone is getting their butt bit!"
Release the hounds.
Who thought they were serious about the threat of being put on hydrant patrol if I peed on the Chief's tires????????
Officer Fifi pursues Rin Tin Tin
Featured next season on "Armed and Famous: Italy", an obviously unkempt Benji lasts only two episodes after disappearing for a week with contraband confiscated in a raid.
The Naughty have a four-legged cop on a three-wheeled cruiser, better put them hands up bro, he'll bite ya good, No bones about it!
Motorized Dogs Seize Germany Streets Making it a True Dog Day Afternoon
"The Pontiff's personal police force secured the perimter of the Vatican the moment news of Dick Cheney's arrival had been made" and in other breaking news, the Queens Royal Guard of Corgi's have broken royal confidentially and leaked all over prize rugs at Sandringham Castle.
Small dog hijacks police motorcycle. Police were in hot pursuit and caught the subject red-pawed at a nearby fire hyrdant
Better clean that kitchen carefully, or you'll get a ticket from the Mop Cop!
I just love reruns of chips'
I brake for animals,not criminals!
I remembered to turn the iron off but did I unplug it in case the turny off thing didn't work?
On-duty canine officer cited today in Columbus, Ohio for failure to wear bulletproof vest.
German Police wrap up police escort, after George Bush visits Cologne Germany, it is clear the town has gone to the dogs. Details later with Wolf Dog Blitzer in the Situation Room.
The moaner leasher.
In an attempt to trim the budget, the Cologne police department sends the K-9 unit on solo patrols.
I bet that fat Rottweiller rode this on the last shift; the back tire needs air!
Germany introduces it's first Fire Hydrant Meter Maid!
Has anyone seen Paris Hilton's dog, Tinkerbell?
Pooch on the prowl collars criminals down to the last flea!
When that bitch sees me on my new bike, she's gonna be mine!
It wasn't long after graduation that Fluffy reverted back to his old habbits of Car Theft.
Hmmm. Tough call. Should I give him a citation or just sniff his butt and let him go?
Stray Gangsta' Cats Scram Confronted by Agressive D.O.G. Police Patrol
Due to Lack, Incentives Hyped Up to 10,000 Euros to Become Uniformed Police in Germany
After months of research and millions of Marks, a new ad campaign to increase enrollment in Cologne's police academy is launched at the "Rose Monday" street parade. Meet cadet Poopzi, law and order K9.
Additional Budget Cuts result in MORE Polizei layoffs and imply more reponsiblities for an already overworked Canine Unit...PETA to investigate...
Don't you just hate being dogged by the police?
After successfully suing for discrimination against fur covered and extremely height challenged applicants, Mitzy is pictured here on her custom made police motorcycle. She is currently waiting for her custom made uniform.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the dedication of her country's police force to apprehending terrorists but admitted to reporters on Tuesday that the dog was really just a dog and not affiliated with any known terrorist group. The motorcycle, however, was confiscated.
After Girls Gone Wild, Germans Go Domestication.
Take the lump of coal off my head and point me toward a fire hydrant !!
Sorry, can't chat. Gotta respond to an urgent call: hydrant urination without a permit.
Now for the REAL Snoop Dog!
"Just cruising the beat on my Big Brother and blowing off some fleas! That's me...Polizei Pup"
An elite German K9 unit closes in on a renegade band of feline robbers (i.e., cat burglars).
A member of the "Village Canines" arrives in style at a music event to promote the groups new single "A-L-P-O".
Enchuwa was introduced to the local village on Endor as the latest edition to the Ewok Polize force. His new Motorcycle was provided from siezures from illegal Empire gun running faciltiies found locally.
"Ok, first it was 'Fifi, go fetch my slippers!", which I didn't mind at all. Then it was "Fifi, fetch the paper!". I had no complaints about that either. But the 'Fifi, go cover my shift until Thursday!'..yeah, that's taking things a bit far."
Step AWAY from the hydrant
"Just one more ticket, and I got my quota", Said the K-9 police.
Dogs Rule while Cats Drool
i wonder if they know who's really sniffing out those terrorists...
Officer Schwine Hundt,shown above,on hydrant patrol, was suspended for an indefinite period while an investigation was made into his attack on firemen connecting hoses to a hydrant.
Tired of being the country's "murder capital", New Orleans finally hires police officers that aren't corrupt & can actually drive a motorcycle sober.
Fashion Police dog Fritzy was seen at the red carpet opening of the Academy Awards ceremony.
She arrested two for wearing faux fur collars that turned out to be former police dogs.
When asked if the two will be impounded she said "Oui!"
Police get a leg up on crime
Dognuts? Where?
This is the Pooch Police Department. Freeze with your paws out!
I said "Pooper Scooper"!!
"Who says I can't run with the big dogs??"
Hot dog on hog!!
First sasquatch comes out of the closet.
I told you not to park in front of that fire hydrant!!!!!
Pull over or I'll chew your tire off!
The police force has really gone to the dogs lately, but how can hardened criminals be frightened of Fluffy? Seriously!?
And today in Germany, police revealed a new line of uniforms designed to strike fear into hearts of criminals and provide extreme warmth simultaneously.
I always get my cat!
If all dogs go to Heaven, then Officer Von Dogmeister wonders how he ended up in Hell.
"NOW I can catch speeding greyhounds!"
"I have to hurry and catch those speeders, and give them a ticket, or dad will not let me be a police dog."
Ever wondered where we got the police nickname "the fuzz"?
Poor Shnoodle could never get any one to pull over...they always FELL over laughing first!
Brave Fivel was hot on the fellon's tail, when he was forced to call in a 2-27; "Pebble caught in plastic tire."
This is an emergency!! where is the nearest fire hydrant?
This dog became a policeman since he was rejected from fireman school for lewd behavior towards a fire hydrant.
Excerpt From Convict's Report: "...I so frightened when the shaggy officer in a feathered fez pulled me over. His black eyes bulged beyond recognition. And his talons of terrification sent tremblings up my spine!"
Italy approves motion to deploy more security forces to help combat insugents. Italy does not have a draft proram and is falling short of resources.
Times where hard and Fluffy needed to take on a second job to make ends meat.
Rogaine. Why do you ask?
"The Breeder of the Pack, Vroom Vroom."
Sgt. Princess, seen here learning German counterinsurgency techniques, was one of the first called up for the newly enacted Animal Draft. A spokesman for the White House remarked, “Pets have been getting a free ride for too long, and this is only the beginning, imagine a python with an M-16”
The things my owners make me do! Can't they just let sleeping dogs lie??
Will these humans ever learn...??
Valedictorian Mut Lands Three-Wheeler for Top Grades.
Well, it's official. Not only am I more intelligient than my owners, but I also possess a higher level of motor skills.
Dont let big brother sneak up on you!!!
This was NOT just another Sunday drive...Sparky was heading out after one too many 'dress ups....time for them to have a kid', he thought, 'I thought the Halloween hot dog costome was bad'.
New study links donuts to uncontrolled hair growth.
German Pooch Police Face Budget Cuts - Due to budget cuts, police dogs must now drive themselves to work. One K-9 officer was heard saying, "Money is tight. We're all boned."
I hope that they don't check my license...
About time Italy put sensible drivers on the scooters!
American troops stationed in Iraq are becoming unimpressed with coalition forces (pictured here), which have gone to the dogs.
"Under-cover Hell's Angels member infiltrates local police department"...Film at 11.
The United Nations has finally decided to send a "Policing Force" to Iraq to qwell insurgent violence.
Police academy funding cuts makes training people nearly impossible so cities are looking for alternate means to fill the void.
Ruff times ahead as makers of built in radar detectors on German Police force bikes deny alegations
of radiation side effects.
The popularity of the recent James Bond movie, "Casino Royale" has sent European college graduates of law enforcement prorgrams flocking to the MI5 at an all-time high rate. Conversely, Scotland Yard and other police forces in Europe have had to resort to drastic methods to keep the city streets well patrolled.
President Bush's new plan to increase security in Baghdad.
To counter terrorism, European police have enhanced their bomb-sniffing dog programs to enable speedy deployment and tailing capabilities. Unfortunately, the proliferation of car bombs has led to a shortage of Scottish Terriers.
Now pop a wheelie and let it ride. yeah POP, POP, POP, a wheelie BIG WHEELIE!!
Think your getting away from me....Not on my last doggie biscuit!!
Dog finally finds an OFFICIAL way to chase cars.
"Doggone it, at 6miles/7dog hours - the cool wind sweeping up against my skin, I must say exhilarating! I just hate it when Jeff boy blows into my face."
Minutes after this photo was taken, Officer Schmidt forced the speeding lamb lorrie to the curb, and arrested the inebriated German Shepherd.
Catch me if you can, but I am not wearing that helmet. It messes up my hair!!!!
ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAWS WORK! - However, some employers argue that they should be able to check on the species of job applicants.
In an effort to improve community relations, Italian police officials have begun recruiting cadets from among naturalized alien populations. Shown above is an rookie Ewok.
Butcher Denounces Corruption When Police Dogs Raid Business and Take Bones as "Evidence"!
Sensing unrest in the among the officers concerning the "department look" mandates, the restrictions on facial hair and general appearance is lifted.
law enforcement really is going to the dogs.
U.S. adds more border patrol agents....
These people need to get out of my way....the dog bakery closes in 10 minutes!
Stay! Lie Down! NOW! Put your paws on your head! Roll over and PLAY DEAD! NOW! You're under arrest!
In a strange series of events this morning, a Yorkshire Terrier, after donning a poorly concocted Cockapoo disguise, escaped from the Berlin Municipal Animal Shelter, stole a Police motorcycle and led authorities on a three hour chase before being apprehended. When questioned as to his motive, he simply replied "Arf!".
I know what you're thinking. "Is that a real cop or just a stupid little dog on a toy motorcycle?" Well, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?
Born to be wild!!!
Just one more speeder and I'll have my quota for the week!
OK my four-legged friends, make sure the upright leash holders have their pooper-scoopers in hand - they're giving us a bad rap when we're just doing our "doodee" - how about they do their "doodee" as well!
In an effort to prevent global warming European nations have taken the lead in cutting back on use of oil and have gone doggone mad.
K-9 Patrol
Gotta hurry to catch those cat burglars!
@$%@!!! If they think this bike is supposed to help me keep up with them...they got another thing coming!
I pulled you over because you were spotted urinating in public - show me your shot record and lift your tail please...
What's next, Bloodhounds in Homicide, Dobermans in SWAT, St. Bernards in HRT, and Chihuahuas in DEA?
Scooby-Doo's German counterpart, Schnitzel-Doo pictured here, is on his way to solve yet another mystery.
Shouldn't the tag read"Pelosi" instead of Polizi?
Under the German Minority Hire Program, the first Yeti Police Officer takes to the streets.
This new addition to our police force has helped soften the hearts of the most hardened criminals, in some cases making them fall down on the ground laughing, making for a quick arrest by his partner, a large St. Bennard with a huge tongue and drooling issues.
Bobby was use to being stopped and having his sobriety questioned, but he feared that the officer behind him tonight wouldn’t be satisfied just to smell his breath.
With a dogged determination that comes naturally to him, Franz turns everything he tries into success.
Finally noticed, signed and put on tour with the water skiing squirrel, Larry felt much closer to the fame deserved.
Oh, zee humanity!

Security Specialist (SS) troopers are unhappy their BMW's were replaced with "cost-efficient vehicles."
New on FOX! Bark and Order: Special Puppies Unit.
I'm here to kick tail and chew rawhide; and I'm all out of rawhide.
Cats everywhere have taken to the attics. Some have already begun diaries.
Bad boys, bad boys! What are you going to do. What are you going to do when I come for you!
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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