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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Drawing on the Academy Awards
What happens when you combine three cartoonists, one politically charged topic and a comments-enabled blog? Well, if all goes as planned, one heckuva good conversation. Here, three I-Report cartoonists with wildly different political persuasions take a crack at the same topic: last weekend's Academy Awards.

Scroll down to see them all, then let us know which one you like best -- and why -- by posting a comment. Better yet, send your own cartoon response.

Take 1: 'Gore's win' - Cartoonist Jim Brenneman

Take 2: 'An Inconvenient Truth' - Cartoonist Dean Turnbloom

Take 3: 'The Envelope' - Cartoonist Brixton Doyle

> Update! A brave new cartoonist jumps in (March 5)
Take 4: 'An Inconvenient Truth' - Cartoonist Yoni Riemer

OK, there you have 'em. Now let's talk. Sound off by sending a comment, or pick up your pen and draw your own take on this week's topic.
cartoon #1 is just more whaaa whaaa left liberal cry-baby crap about the 2000 election...let it go already...

cartoon #2 is kinda scarey that a has-been politician-turned-snake oil salesman can win an oscar and may possibly win a nobel peace prize!! geeeez

cartoon #3 doesn't really make a lot of sense and isn't even funny..blah!
Chuck, Cartoon #1 - Are you really suggesting we should forget about one of the most important factors of our country? The voting process. Do you want us to have such short memories that, oh, 7 years is long enough already. Well in that case we only have 1 more year to forget about September 11th. Let's disband Homeland Security. Bring ALL the troops home. Stop the tighter security checks at the airport...

Cartoon #2 - Are you the last person on the planet who doesn't realize that we are destroying our only home? Maybe not the last, but I hope, if we're going to get hit with a man induced ice age that it happens soon enough for those head in the sand polluters to feel the effects. Rather than simply foisting the problem on our kids.

Cartoon #3 - Well, let's see, more and more companies are laying off employees, yet making record profits. And yet we celebrate the "achievements" of actors who in their profession, from a societal standpoint, do nothing. And it's not supposed to be funny. It's supposed to mak you think.
Mike, buddy,

Lighten up, man...are all you weenies in the "Big Apple" such big Kool-Aide drinkers?? ha..

First of all, the process worked with the Supreme Court settling the matter, even after the far-left tried to tilt the election to Gore (voter ID cards would solve that problem, but I'm sure you're against that...why should I have to prove I'm a citizen with a right to vote)...

Second, while I agree that our throw-away society is adding to the environment problem, I'm not ready to climb aboard your cloud city mentality and believe we are the root cause...talk about hubris...is the earth warming? of course, that's what it does after an ice age...it warms..we have to deal with it, not whine about it...

Point three we finally agree on something...not just that it's not funny, but that the self-congratulatory mutual admiration society (laughingly referring to themselves as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences) is truly a worthless society who contributes nothing more than pablum for the masses...the best movies are all in the past, unfortunately...
Mike...another thought...

If Big Al, Clinton's pal, is so concerned about our environment, perhaps he might consider not jetting to every photo-opportunity under the sun, stay home, and perhaps turn out a light or two in his palatial mansion...or is that too inconvenient a truth for ya...?
Cartoon #2, at least he isn't flying a 747 half way around the world to tell people that global warming is a hoax
The first one is dumb. The others I gave a wry grin to, but that's about it.
Inconvenient Truth won purely due to content, which is wrong -- the Oscar's are industry awards, it should have gone to the documentary that displayed the greatest talent in the craft, regardless of the political swing of the subject matter. Didn't happen this year - there were several more well-crafted documentaries nominated.

Now, as for the question whether the Oscar's are worthwhile... again, they are just the film industries own awards. Just as the advertising industry, asphalt industry, automotive industry, software industry, journalism, etc... each have their own societies and awards to honor achievement within the craft. The fact that the rest of us tune in to watch and care who wins is not the 'fault' of the film industry, or even thr television execs who decided to air it. They only do so because millions of individuals tune in. That's the beauty of capitalism.
"at least he isn't flying a 747 half way around the world to tell people that global warming is a hoax"

and who, pray tell us, Dave, is doing that? are you just making it up? It's not the Global Warming thing that's a hoax...it's the whole, "We can change the world" mentality Gore and his cronies are promoting that is the hoax!!

I'm all for Voter ID cards and electronic voting - as long as there's a paper trail. If you agree that we're adding to the problem, then you should be agreeing that we need to fix it. You say we need to deal with it, I agree. We need to do everything possible.

I don't really care that The academy is pointless. I'm upset that we as a society put so much stock into it. It's pitiful that actors are getting millions of dollars for being in a film and teachers get the shaft. And see? this is why cartoons aren't always funny. Look at the debates they've inspired.

Also, have you been in "Big Al's" Palatial Mansion? how many light bulbs
does he use? Do you know what measures he takes? If he stayed home then word would not be getting out as much and it needs to.

Emily, are you really saying we should sit here and wait for the end?
Jim Brenneman takes the cake this week. I almost did a spit-take when I read his cartoon.

By all means we want a paper trail...so we've come to a consensus on that.

Now as far as the environment is concerned, I'm of the opinion that our impact is so minor that it shrinks to insignificance. Not that I'm endorsing continuing on the same path of careless waste and excess. I'm not. I'm just not going to get my knickers in a knot over that when there are so many more important things about which we can do something. Take for example the mass immigration into the US. Ever hear of Roy Beck? Ever see his talk about immigration numbers? That's scarey, directly affects every US citizen and is something we have some control over. Go to google video, google numbers usa, watch the 14 minute video by Beck and then tell me the environmental problem is more pressing. It's just a distraction, Mike...just a distraction.
Chuck, again we agree, immigration is a problem. Although no one will like the solution.

As for the environment, What are you basing your view on. Many former detractors have now changed their tune. So is your view based on any actual data, or a gut feeling?
Of course I have to vote for Jim Brenneman mainly because I think he's very talented and I think his cartoons are just plain funny. Having the same last name may figure in a little... but all in all, He's just trying to poke fun at the world today. I feel really sorry for the people that just don't see that. Rant and rave all ya want. Then go out and get a sense of humor mmkay? I enjoyed the other cartoons as well but ya know, I sorta have to vote for Jim. :)

My "gut" feeling is that scientists who are funded by organizations that stand to make money from a "global warming" scare may tend to skew their data or pull conclusions or overstate the certainty of their data.

To paraphrase Dennis Miller, 'I find it fascinating that Al Gore can speak with such specificity about what the temperature will be in Nome, Alaska on a winter day in the year 2057, but when asked about the vote count in Florida back in 2000, he says the figures are still a bit fuzzy...'

But, getting to specifics, a National Research Council study shows:

"There is a high level of confidence that the global average temperature during the last few decades was warmer than any comparable period during the last 400 years.

Present evidence suggests that temperatures at many, but not all, individual locations were higher during the past 25 years than any period of comparable length since A.D. 900. However, uncertainties associated with this statement increase substantially backward in time.

Very little confidence can be assigned to estimates of hemisphere average or global average temperature prior to A.D. 900 due to limited data coverage and challenges in analyzing older data."

Also, as a matter of fact, the "Little Ice Age" occurred between 1500 and 1850 and it is not beyond reason to suggest we are still warming up from that.

Another global phenomenon we may have to contend with (but can do nothing about) is a magnetic polar shift. Scientists tell us that, on average, the earth's magnetic poles shift about every 200,000 years. The last such shif was 780,000 years ago. So, we may be due. Scientists that study this type of thing say that the earth's magnetic field is 10% weaker now than when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss first measure it in 1845. This may signal a reversal may happen in the near future.

All I'm saying, Mike, is "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Stop tilting at windmills when there are so many real dangers to fight.
Chuck says,

"Ever hear of Roy Beck? Ever see his talk about immigration numbers? That's scarey, ..., watch the 14 minute video by Beck and then tell me the environmental problem is more pressing. It's just a distraction, Mike...just a distraction."

Did you watch the video? Know what Mr. Beck's main point is? That there's nothing wrong with immigration, just immigration numbers. WHY? Because the overwhelming numbers have....get ready for it.....an adverse ENVIRONMENTAL impact! THAT'S Beck's point, yet Chuck states the environmental problem is "Just a distraction". Did Chuck even WATCH the video he cites? Hell, the video begins with the founder of Earth Day, US Senator Gaylord Nelson making an environmental impact statement for heaven sake. Seems Chuck just wants to cherry-pick to suit whatever it is he has on his agenda.

Cartoon 1 attempts to frame the year 2000 presidential election fraud as liberal-minded non-stop whining from the losers point of view. While it is acknowledged that some who comment on this matter do fit the bill, is inaccurate to portray all dissenters of the election results in this light. Some of us simply don't like our U.S. Constitution being trampled over.

Cartoon 2 paints Gore as a wasteful consumer even as he wins awards for his green efforts. This is simply inaccurate and ironically is very much like cartoon 1 in painting a conservative whiners point of view.

Cartoon 3 however takes a non-partisan stance and attacks the disparity of the upper class to the shrinking assets and opportunities of the middle class and poor.

I like cartoon 3 for its accuracy and sharpness.

You are free to like whatever cartoon you wish...this is still America. But do you really believe that Al Gore got the Oscar because he has done so much for the environmental cause? Ha! He got it because his liberal Hollywood pals couldn't deliver the 2000 election to him, despite their efforts. The Oscar is a consolation prize.

I especially liked that the others pointed to his 30year commitment to saving the environment. What about the eight years he was Vice President? Did he take a hiatus from his environmental work then? Or was he just tired from inventing the Internet?
Al Gore did NOT get the Oscar because of all he has done for the environment and bringing awareness to the scientific FACT of global warming - in point of fact, the documentary got the Oscar for being the best documentary of the year (in the eyes of the Academy).

And then Chuck treats us to the "Al Gore says he invented the internet" canard that those who can't get their ears away from right wing talk radio love to make themselves feel clever with. It just ain't true - but why let facts get in the way?

Global warming is not an invented theory/conspiracy to benefit liberal scientists - it is something that is truly happening and that the vast and overwhelming majority of climate scientists believe is caused by human activity.

You say David is free to like what he wants and then begin to attempt to tear him up. That's the problem with this neo-con phase this country's in (hopefully getting out of) first every one else is presumed to be wrong, then the proof used is nothing more than vague statements and incorrectly used information. Then when logic is applied there's always a fallback on God as if God is somehow illogical enough not to know the truth.

See Thomas's comment, even look at your own. All your statements from "a National Research Council study" speak quite nicely to human interference in Global Warming.

You're using Dennis Miller to support your argument?

Are you reading what you're writing? "...organizations that stand to make money from a "global warming" scare..." Like who? The only organizations that stand to make money from global warming are those that contribute to it. Like maybe the Oil conglomerates making record profits in the year when Katrina hit and supposedly hurt their capacity. Isn't that why we had to pay more at the pump?

Get real.
In point of fact, the exact Al Gore quote is "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." He said during an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN's "Late Edition"...I believe that was March 9, 1999, although the date might be a little off. Therefore, my dear Joe, your characterization is a canard, not my comment.

By the way, I don't get my facts from rightwing talk radio...I read, I watch, I listen, I think...you should try one or two of those for a change, instead of merely regurgitating the latest liberal talking points. If you truly believe that Gore's movie was the best documentary of the year, then you probably also believe that Scorcese did the best job of directing this year, instead of the academy throwing him a bone for all the "near misses" he's had. You, my friend, are naive in the first order.
Just like with Michael Moore, the Academy once again gives an award to a "documentry" that has more fiction in it then an episode of Star Trek. It's time the world woke up to the fact that global warming does not exist. It was created by greedy scientists looking for fame and government money. My father has been in the fuel industry for years working on enviromentally friendly fuels. He knows for a fact that "global warming" is a bunch of bull hockey and that soon scientists will be whining about the "coming ice age." Grow up, Gore, and stop lying for once in your life. And someone please put some people who actually read and study on the Academy panel because they DO NOT know anything about anything.
Chuck - thank you for quoting Gore's exact statement, which happens to be true. Did he actually write the source code for packet switching? Of course not. Did he spearhead the funding, draft many of the bills, and chair several committees that turned the military ARPAnet into the backbone of what is now the Internet? Yes.

If he doesn't get credit for creating the Internet, then we should probably rewrite the history books that say Lincoln ended slavery or FDR created social security, because they weren't the ones physically cutting the chains or signing the checks.
Come on people? Where is the love? You will only get madder the more you talk AT each other.
Some highlights:
"all you weenies in the "Big Apple" -chuck
"Are you the last person on the planet..." - michael
"Seems Chuck just wants to cherry-pick..." - thomas
"left liberal cry-baby crap" -chuck
"has-been politician-turned-snake oil salesman" -chuck
"Chuck treats us ... canard" -joe
"your characterization is a canard, not my..." - chuck
"those who can't get their ears away from right wing talk radio love to make themselves feel clever with" -joe
"merely regurgitating the latest liberal talking points" -chuck
"You... are naive in the first order" -chuck

"I'm of the opinion that our impact is so minor that it shrinks to insignificance" (Chuck). Food for thought: deforestation, fisheries collapses, Superfund sites, CFC hole in the ozone (that we fixed), air pollution (pre-Clean Air Act). These are all human impacts we can measure and undoubtedly affect the environment/our health "significantly."

Everybody: In terms of voting, how about a nation-wide popular vote? We still use the electoral college, which is an outdated system designed for the US when it still had frontiers and voting was difficult for rural communities. We aren't using rotary telephones or the pony express anymore, right?
You all have missed the forest for the trees on this debate about global warming. Air pollution is real. Smog is real and causing real respiratory illness in many Americans, including children, whose health care costs are being transferred on to everyone. Reducing our use of fossil fuels will be a major step in saving thousands of lives each year. In turn we will do our part to halt global warming.

And a note to Chuck; you maybe correct in your feelings that Humans can't destroy the world but we have proven an uncanny ability to destroy ourselves. Nuclear weapons are the most recent manifestation of our destructive power. So you maybe right the "miniscule" fraction of pollution we are contributing to the atmosphere won't end the world but as can be seen in LA, Atlanta, NY or just about any other major city throughout the world, our emissions are already destroying us and our society. So please, remember as you cut down that last tree because you can't remember what the forest looked like, there is a bigger picture then politics or Oscars or whatever the F you all are talking about.
To Chuck and Mike,
Facts and statistics from any scientific study can be presented to support what ever side of the arguement you want it to. One fact is curtain, high levels of CO2 will warm the climate. One only has to look at our closest solar plantary neighbor Venus and see what extreme CO2 levels will do. Now is the time to find alternative energy. Fossil fuels will not last forever.
I have a question for both of you. If the US was no longer dependent on foreign oil and gas, do you think the US would be fighting the war on terror? Food for thought.
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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