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Monday, December 04, 2006
The Once and Future Iraq

Courtesy cartoonist Brixton Doyle

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This is a 100% accurate portrayal of the absurdity of the current US administration's take on foreign policy and war in general.
Gee Chris, have you served your country lately? Your county, your city? Hope so. Sleep tight.
Funny, yet sad. Unfortunately, there are neighboring countries that already have generations fighting next to each other. Heck, we already have kids within our boarders carrying such weapons. There ya go...when the cops catch someone carrying a gun, send them to the front lines in Iraq!
Sad, and hopefully we can stop the cycle. Given my weird thought process, I wonder how many families have sent how many generations to serve in Korea.
What have you done to earn your freedom. Sounds like you like a free ride.
Dear JP

In response to your comment deriding me, I serve my country every day - by intellectually questioning the brevity of the decisions being made by those who lead my country, my state, my city. In doing that, it has become clear to me, and to many who recently voted, that the leaders of our country are not acting in the best interests of our country and are putting our soliders and us in ever-more danger. So I do sleep tight know that my service may bring our soldiers home soon, break the cycle, and stop the conduct that is fueling more and more violence in Iraq and elsewhere abroad.
Glad that you "intellectually question" things. It's the easy way to serve. Talk is very cheap and much easier than placing your hide on the line for something you believe in, because someone else will keep you safe and protected.
It's ironic how leaving Iraq and bringing our troops home may actually improve our freedom. Currently we're losing more and more freedom as the fight against 'terrorism' continues to diminish our personal liberties here at home. I ask - how is the war in Iraq preserving our freedom here in the US? I can't find the connection myself.
Mr. Doyle has, with his ironic image, captured the absurdity and dangerous nature of the current situation in Iraq. Is this another Vietnam, or can we tell our children that we collectively made a mistake and can move on?
With all due respect to JP and Major Don, I don't recall the passage in the Constitution where freedom of speech only applies to those who have served in the military. And frankly I am offended by the notion that those who have not served are somehow getting a "free ride."

I wonder - does a cop contribute enough? Is he paying for his "ride?" How about the fireman, nurse, doctor, or EMT? How about the worker paying his taxes that pay for that military budget? How about the businessman who employs that worker and thousands of others?

All free rides?

I hardly think so.

In this country we are allowed to criticize anyone or anything outside the limits of libel and slander. That is the American way, and that is one of the guarantees our military is paid, trained, and expected to defend.
Chris, I agree with your reply to the previous comment.
My added comment is that this whole mess in Iraq makes the study of frenology at this time seem promising. The fact is that we are presently playing a game of wait and see with Iraq which is oppurtunistic. The fact is that the army needs to stop their ram rod crap and jaw jutting and go back to brass tacks and chop off this war at the knees. This would include, removing the resources which the terrorist use to fight the war and that means finding out from who and where they get the implements to build their various bombs and destroy the sources. It could even mean adding a new elements to the fertilizer that they use in the bombs to make it not explosive. The next thing could be the removal of the young men of Iraq who do not want to fall prey to terrosist to safe environs where they and members of their family can live in peace and that it be advertised in such a way that will reduce the ranks of the terrosist quickly. This means that in a few months when you look at a place like Baghdad you know that there are only terrorsist and maybe a few victims being used as human shields. This then would not be a hard war to prosecute.
So Chris I side with you because anything else only reminds us of the ignorance of so called brave mindless men who think that bullying and posturing is a true show of strength.
funny,but sad.i hope that we live in a world without any war.i think people on the earth should be friend,not be enermy.
I would like to say that I agree completely with Chris and that I have and continue to contribute to this nation. I am a four-year veterean of the US armed forces and former military bomb technician. No one is obligated to agree with the government just because you are or were military. We don't fight for a crown, we don't fight for a dictator we fight for what is best for each other and what is best for each of us to establish and preserve freedom and civil liberty here, in the United States.
The comic has a good point as does Chris. I applaud Joe for his extremely good points as well. Everyone paying taxes, everyone working for and in this country, is contributing to each other in some way be it large or small. Military duty is just one job amongst many. In this most recent conflict, your enlistment was a choice just like my Plumber choosing to fix pipes.

Heaven forbid the government decide to throw wave after wave of blindly devoted citizens enlisted in the military into a cauldron of fire and then justifying it as "preserving our freedom" with vague inference as to how that actual accomplishes anything.

Think for yourself, if you can. I think that is the issue here.
As a former Marine, I agree with Chris. Sorry, JP, not everyone just accepts the coolaid, but instead questions the motives that caused us to go into this conflict.
I have , JP. 50% disabled now. Gee, maybe that has something to do with me not sleeping too well tonight.
Jim Brenneman
A former Marine and current cartoonist who penned this, this, this and this

Jake Novak
CNN producer by day, comedian by night

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